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After reluctantly leaving Michael, we continued our pursuit of cool pictures with cool autographs and passed up the Kane table for Bill Moseley. Bill had the best selection of merchandise. Pictures, full size posters, pins, dvd’s and metal head plates as seen in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 where he played Chop Top. We didn’t really talk to Bill that much. He doesn’t really seem like a schmoozer. Michael Berryman said Bill has written for the magazine Scientific American. He did seem like a bright fella, just a little more reserved than the other two guys we had talked to before him. However, he did have the best autograph. “Lick my plate, you dog dick. Bill Moseley”. Glad to have met him. Wish we coulda got a better idea of what he’s like.

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We took a break after Bill and walked around some. We walked around for quite a while before going back to meet Reggie Bannister. Shrub and Tony talked to Reggie for a while, but I only became really interested when the discussion turned to Bubba Ho-Tep and Joe Lansdale – one of my all time favorite authors. I asked Reggie about meeting the late, great Ossie Davis. He told us how Ossie gave the eulogies for Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. How he was so well respected and honored, yet he would be so cool as to play JFK in Bubba Ho-Tep. That’s really cool if you think about it. Told us how Ossie was a remarkable person and he was happy to have the opportunity to meet him and get a chance to work with him. Reggie also told us that out of all the movies he’s been in, he’s the proudest of Bubba HoTep, even though he didn’t have a big role. He said that movie “Lifted all boats.” I’m going to have to agree with him on that one. He was a cool guy. Tony is the only one who bought anything from Reggie, but we all enjoyed talking with him.

All in all, we met some really cool, down to earth guys. (down to earth? – well, maybe not so much Ed) They were all really nice to us and we had a blast talking to them. We also got some pretty cool photographs, including me (the GH mascot) with Michael Berryman and Ed Neal. They made our Hauntcon experience.

When we said our goodbyes to Michael Berryman, he says to me, “Be cute.” Thanks Michael. I’ll do my best. Mmmwah!

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