Exclusive Hauntcon 2005 coverage

HauntCon is an annual haunted attraction convention and tradeshow put on by Haunted Attraction Magazine. This year it was held in downtown Dallas, Texas. A Goblinhaus contingent spent Saturday and Sunday (April 23-24, 2005) there soaking it all in and rubbing elbows with other Halloween and Haunted House fanatics.

There were multiple aspects to the show. I’ve been trying to decide how to tackle the coverage and I think that instead of one mega-article, I’m going to break it up into installments covering some of these different areas. So look forward to installments on the Tradeshow floor (and choice vendors), the Hearse rally, the Costume party, the Celebrity guests and more. All with a bunch of exclusive pictures.

- Tradeshow

- Hearse Rally

- Costume Party

- Celebrities

- More

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