Hauntcon 2005 Tradeshow

The show floor of Hauncon consisted of a mix of vendors catering to the haunt industry. Vendors ranged from designers, prop builders, makeup gurus, noise and lighting gadgets, decor and promotional type services. Follow us on a virtual tour of some highlighted vendors if you will. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

- Main

- Tradeshow 1, 2

- Hearse Rally

- Costume Party

- Celebrities

- More

First up, the prop that seemed to generate the most buzz had to be the suspended man by PHOBIA PROPS which periodically shook as he was jolted by some hidden sadist's high voltage.
JS PROPS had some of my personal favorite's with their decayed brides and grannies which had glowing eyes and startling pop-up action.
SCREAMLAND PRODUCTIONS from Portland made an appearance with some real high quality looking props including these two animated monstrosities. A deceased baby in a coffin and (pictured with a couple of Screamland fellas) The Pipe Prowler.
The makeup category was strongly represented by the WOLFE BROTHERS Face Art & FX. In addition to their booth, where people lined up to have their faces painted, they gave a seminar where they demonstrated how to create Uncle Frank of Hellraiser.

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