Hauntcon Celebrity Row - By Kara

When we first walked into the Hauntcon lobby area, we saw Lisa Loring who played Wednesday Addams in the 1960’s TV show, the Addams Family. There she was, sitting all by her lonesome, except for her (escort?) close by her side. No adoring fans paying their hard earned $20 for an autographed picture of her childhood career. I must say, the black and whites were rather adorable, but that was pretty much the extent of any intrigue for us. She had removed herself from all of the action in the showroom. Said it was too loud in there. DOOOD – this is a haunted house convention. That noise and action are what these people are here for. We left her table saying – yeah, we’ll stop by later. We just got here. We never stopped back by.

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Inside, we walked around the showroom floor, but not so gradually made it to the back wall where we found celebrity row. There we found Reggie Bannister, who starred in the Phantasm series and played a small role in the masterpiece that is Bubba Ho-Tep. Next in line was Bill Moseley from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and House of 1000 Corpses. We didn’t stop. Not because we weren’t interested, but at this point, we were keeping our distance. Observing from the sidelines. Next we passed Kane Hodder who played Jason in Friday the 13th parts 7 and 8 and also Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X. We had actually met Kane a few years back and Shrub got a cheap hockey mask with an autograph. We kind of breezed past his table and never looked back. Then we paused to take a gander at the cutey patootie, Michael Berryman. You’d probably know him best from The Hills Have Eyes. I’ve personally never seen the movie. I don’t know where I’ve seen him before, but he has a face one doesn’t forget. We kept on trucking and strolled past the Ed Neal table. You may remember him from your nightmares. He played the psychotic hitchhiker in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Even without a chat, it was almost like we could feel his energy emanating towards us. At the end of celebrity row was Jami Deadly, a Marilyn Monroe look alike who apparently hosts a horror TV show? We didn’t talk to her during the course of the convention, but Tony got a couple of postcards with the scantily clad vixen on them. Hot tamale.
While Shrub was deciding who to talk to first, we walked around the showroom, taking in the scenery. We didn’t waste much time before heading back to the star studded section. Shrub approached the different tables, checking out the photos and asking prices. Turns out this was like a “Everything’s a $20” store.
First, we approached Ed Neal. Ed was the person Shrub most wanted to meet. His favorite movie is Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We’ve already met the adorable, very huggable Gunnar Hansen and Shrub was almost as excited about meeting Ed. When we go up to Ed, we notice he’s wearing a T-shirt that says, “tastes like chicken”. While Shrub was deciding which picture to buy, I asked Ed if he wanted one of the lollipops I had been handing out around the showroom floor and he politely accepted. The lollipops had little Goblinhaus flags attached to them. Ed Neal read the flag and in his best German accent asked, “GoblinHAUS? This is German?”. He proceeded to speak to us in what was either really good fake German or the real thing. I dunno. We stood there chatting with him and I for one was blown away by his energy. He seemed like a really nice guy. Found out his T-shirt really represented him well. Kind of corny and left us standing there not knowing what to say. Talks about his kids and how they’re the ones who yell at him to turn down HIS music. He signed a photo for Shrub and we stand there and talk to him a while longer. Shrub eventually picked one of our awkward silences to say – well, we’ll see you later and we moved on to another table. We both felt bad because we really wanted to talk to the guy some more and found him to be really funny in a wacky dad humor sort of way.

After leaving Ed’s table, we shyly approached Michael Berryman. We were looking at his pictures and talking to him a little while and before long, were carrying on some great conversations with him. He signed Shrub’s picture, “Shrub, let’s go camping”. We stood there talking to him for about 20 minutes I’d say. Found out he’s in a group dedicated to saving wolves. Told us stories about having to break into cars to save dogs from dying from the heat. About the owners of those cars coming out and being furious at him for breaking their windows while he’s standing there telling them they almost murdered their dogs by cooking their brains in the scorchingly hot cars. This conversation somehow moved along to atom bombs. He’s read in science reports that atom bombs annihilate pure energy. So, he wonders, if humans have souls and our souls are made of energy, and we were killed by an atom bomb, would that cease our existence completely? Would it make humans completely disintegrate including our hypothetical souls? Ultimately an atom bomb would be able to annihilate an idea. THAT CONVERSATION moves along to him and comedy. And how he’s going to start a stand-up comedy show this winter in California. If it goes well, he’ll tour. Man, I hope it goes good. He shares our appreciation of comedy greats George Carlin and Lewis Black. He’s such a brilliant, funny and SUPER CUTIE guy. Knows a lot about movies, science, the Simpsons and doing good for humans and animals alike. I wish we could’ve talked to him over a few drinks. Later on in the day, we returned and gave him a Goblinhaus Tshirt. He said he’d wear it on the plane home the next day.