Hauntcon 2005 - The Goblinhaus Mascot & miscellaneous gallery

If you don’t mind, we’re going to be self-indulgent here for a bit with some additional pictures. Kara made a life-size Goblinhaus mascot of her witch logo (which you’ve seen on the main page by now) and roamed around the hotel, at the hearse rally and on the tradeshow floor for a bit on Sunday while I snapped pictures. She’s real cool like that.

Hangin' out at the hearse rally. d

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While we were there, we made a couple of new friends too.

The teddy bear is from Creature Crates and the baby from Screamland. Kujo was seriously considering adopting one or the other. They were both so adorable, don't you think? (click on any of the pics for a larger look).