Hauntcon 2005 Hearse Rally

An annual event at HauntCon is the Hearse rally. A chance for hearse collectors and restorers to parade their prized funeral cars and a chance for the rest of us to admire their fine work.

The Dallas Trocars club made up the bulk of the show in addition to hearses from some area haunted attractions including Thrillvania and Cutting Edge of Fort Worth (who presented the Monster hearse, complete with a rapid firing, roof mounted machine gun). The hearses ran the gamut from classic, clean machines, to fully pimped out rides. From commercial vehicles to behemoths that looked like something out of a Mad Max movie.

A "pimped" hearse

Complete with sound system

BeyBeyond Thunderdomeond

The "Monster" hearse

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Two classic "stock" hearses

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