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by Rene A. Moncivais 12/6/04

Sorry you haven't heard from me in a while, but I got Halo 2 plus XBOX live so you have to forgive me. I recently went to go see the film SAW. I was pretty amped to see this considering it looked to be a new twist on the serial killer genre. What I found was a poorly made film that used some camera techniques that reminded me of a Nine Inch Nails video.

The film starts with 2 men in what appears to be an abandoned bathroom. Both men are chained to a pipe against the wall. This so called sadistic killer doesn't actually kill his subjects, he makes the victims kill themselves or kill each other...I guess the audience is supposed to think this insane somehow. Yet failed to be drawn in by it. To me it just felt like this guy was to much of a wuss to even get his hands dirty. Most serial killers actually kill their victims and not let them kill themselves, that would kind of defeat the purpose of being called a serial killer. This movie just plain got on my nerves, even though the people that sat all around me seemed to enjoy it. I didn't even understand what the point was of even having Danny Glover's character even in the film. He was pointless.

When something crazy happened I heard all of the people around me actually utter these words, "Oh shit!" I just thought to myself this movie is shit. In the end I felt this film had done absolutely nothing for me, with the exception of Cary Elwes who actually does some somewhat convincing acting. Now if you want to see a good serial killer film watch Suspect Zero.


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