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The Sorcerers

by Shrub 1/08/05

Here's an obscure little 1967 trip directed by Michael Reeves (Witchfinder General) featuring the legendary Boris Karloff as Professor Montserrat, a beleaguered hypnotist trying, with his wife, to scrape by in their final years. Professor Montserrat is considered a bit of a quack by the local population due to an expose written about his practice some 30 years prior. He has devoted his life to regaining his good reputation with some big scientific breakthough in his field.

We witness the professor and his wife's excitement at the arrival of some high tech hypnotic equipment that they have ordered which they cannot wait to try out... this could be their big moment. One problem, they need a guinea pig to try it out on. They decide to seek out a kid who is bored with the world and seeking out a new experience. There happens to be a perfect candidate, Mike, who frequents a local club (which features some kicking live music by the way). His friends don't understand his "artistic temperament," but the professor sees in him the perfect test subject. Marcus Montserrat and wife Estelle, lure him with promises of "ecstasy with no consequence" and next thing we know he's strapped in the chair with a whir and zoom of cameras, light, and noises.

Marcus and Estelle are able to concentrate and control his actions, and discover that not only that, but they can feel what he feels. Marcus, desiring his good name restored, wants to use this new skill to allow shut ins to experience things such as vacations. Estelle however, bitter from years of her neighbor's scorn, envisions more selfish uses. She convinces Marcus to have their subject break into a store and steal her a fur. Just this once...

Now drunk with power, Estelle realizes that her will is stronger than her husband's and she can control Mike all by herself and he is unable to stop her. Marcus threatens to deprogram Mike after Estelle takes him on escalating adrenaline rushes that go from out of control, breakneck motorcycle rides to fist fights with his friends. Of course, Estelle will have none of that so she whacks her husband with his cane, ties him up and smashes the equipment to bits. Estelle is now in total control, goes on a drinking binge and sends Mike on a murderous spree and a bound Professor Montserrat must summon the will for one final showdown with his unhinged wife.


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