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Jeepers Creepers 2

by Rene A. Moncivais 9/13/03


This is a very tension filled film. I must say that if you liked the first one you will most likely enjoy this one. There is more of the Creeper in this one. There are also some funny parts in the movie. The Creeper actually has some funny moments. In this one we get to learn a tiny bit more about the Creeper, such as how he uses the people's body parts after he kills them. There are some complaints. The special effects could have been a bit better, some of the scenes where the Creeper was flying looked kind of cheap. I also have to agree with Shrub, the Creeper is kind of superheroish, but he mostly wears the hat and trenchcoat through out the movie which is good. The acting wasn't great but Ray Wise, best known for playing Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks, is great. He plays the father of a child who gets taken by the Creeper. This film is also shot very well. The opening sequence has an over-abundance of yellow which looks really cool and gives you the feeling of how hot it is there. When the Creeper picks up some of the victims it is shot out of focus and in the background, which makes the viewer feel like they are actually in the movie with the characters. The whole movie takes place in and around a school bus with football players and 3 cheerleaders. Most of these characters are disposable, and one of them has a psychic ability which is kind of dumb, but it helps move the film along. Overall this film was very enjoyable and tense.


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