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S: I think Ted’s name was Pavel and you’re right about the rap speak, it did get a little stale. You’re also right about Bruce, at first it looks like he’s going to be the straight man but a pipe to the head changes all that.

K: Jackie, Bruce's movie wife, was okay. I liked her better as a robot though. Is it possible that too many people played such big roles in the movie? Jackie had a few good spots - for example, her trying to kick Tatanya's (the gypsy woman) ass was funny. However, I think they could've "disposed" of her much earlier in the film in lieu of more robot action.

S: That fight was cringe worthy. The robot shtick was pretty good but very cheese ball. It was funny how once she became a robot they were able to rekindle their love.

Man with the Screaming Brain

by Kara & Shrub 7/11/05

Kara: I liked The Man with the Screaming Brain. It was so silly. I think Ted Raimi stole the show from Bruce Campbell.

Shrub: Yeah it really was funny. It continues the great Bruce Campbell tradition of "splatstick." While I can hardly argue with you that Ted stole the show, Bruce was great in his own right. Especially the post-operative Bruce. Whoever came up with that sewed up forehead look was genius. Bruce Campbell running around wild like a modern day Frankenstein, stealing little girl’s pink scooters, I was cracking up. That said, when Ted got behind the turntables and his robot danced, that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

K: At first I didn't know if I was going to think Bruce's character was funny. He was so seedy and business-like and blah. Of course a big, meaty, upside down T-shaped scar on his gigantic forehead helped the comedy right along. The only problem I had with Ted Raimi's character (why can't I remember these character names?) was the "Foshizzle my nizzle." I'm so over the white man, foreign man, old man, woman, kid, animal characters throwing that line out.

The movie covered a lot of ground. The lead character deals with his rocky relationship, thuggish gypsies, an ex-KGB cabbie, a murderous temptress, and a crazed scientist and his sidekick (and his sidekick’s sidekick). But all that led to a pretty fast pace which held my attention well.

K: Cheeseball + Kara = Love.
Didn't Bruce have to prove his love by saving her? Plus, she short circuited a few times. And her blue brain juice leaked a bit. AND - how could she resist that forehead.

Everybody in this movie was crazy looking. I didn't think that was exactly intentional. Just the casting. I can't wait for this DVD. Hope it has like 20 hours of extras.

Ewww! Remember the bathroom scene? Groatie. That seemed like an infection waiting to happen.

The movie definitely held my attention. It wasn't his best acting role to date (that's kind of a lofty goal) but it was good and I'm sure I'll see it several more times.

S: Yeah, that bathroom junk was sick and I wonder if it was a reference to Ash getting his head dunked in the mud puddle. There actually was a lot of Ash-like action where he fights with his own hand and stuff. We’ve seen that before. I really recommend this movie though. I can’t believe what a great job they did considering that it’s a made for cable-TV movie filmed in Bulgaria!

K: Foshizzle my nizzle


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