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Jeepers Creepers

by Shrub 8/27/03

Not bad at all. My main area of ambivalence for this one is the Creeper himself. Loved the initial images of him. I enjoyed the crazy giant truck with cattle catcher on the front and the tall, narrow tires. I liked seeing him in the distance, hat and coat, tossing shrouded bodies down the pipe like they were hay bales. I REALLY like the concept of the demonic entity roaming the earth every 20-some years collecting bodies and sewing them into an enormous ceiling collage. Very dark. But then you see the guy’s face and then his body and he looks like some sort of comic book character. Looks less evil and more X-man to me.

I appreciated the morbid ending too. Still… he was less scary sitting there at that table. The hat and coat look was more intimidating I think. The movie is good how it doesn’t waste too much time developing an unnecessary plot. Just kind of right to the action. This is a real, scream at the characters type of flick. You know… “Run, go! RUN!” Once it gets going it never really slows up much, and that is good.

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