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by Shrub 8/6/03

Watched May. Another movie that came recommended. It’s kind of hard to put my finger on it. Maybe I need to watch it again. My feeling though, is that it was intended to be shocking, but it wasn’t. I appreciated the dark theme. I just didn’t feel disturbed by it like I’m assuming I was supposed to. It certainly was a disturbing enough story. It just came off kind of dry. I’m not sure if this was due to direction, acting, or both. There was a cross between shocking subject matter and blasé acting. Was this intended? Maybe I should have listened to more of the commentary. The bit of the commentary I heard was more about staging and whatnot. I didn’t hear much about intent for the tone. Maybe we’ve just seen this all before. The slightly odd loner who turns out to be calmly psychotic. I imagine the first time a disinterested killer was watched dismembering their victims while coolly grinning, it was a bit unsettling. May finally cracks at the climax with a demented cry/cackle. Too familiar. Apparently an early effort for writer/director Lucky McKee, and he did stick an Argento shrine in Jeremy Sisto’s (Wrong Turn) house, so maybe we’ll have to give him another chance.


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