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The Eye

by Rene A. Moncivais 8/19/03


Well, I saw The Eye last night. Pretty scary stuff. It started off with a really cool opening. I won't give it away because it is pretty startleing. The story is as follows, a girl named Mun is blind and she has an operation to get new corneas so she can see. Things begin to get strange once she regains her sight. She begins to see certain things of a supernatural nature. She begins to see people that no one else can see. I know what you're thinking this is a "Sixth Sense" rip off, but it's not, it's better. This movie really creeped me out in the beginning, but towards the end it began to lose it's muster. All in all it has some really scary imagery. Part of this is because the photography was done so well. The Pang brothers, who directed the movie, did a good job at showing the viewer what the world looked like through Mun's new eyes. The blurry photography made you feel like you did not know what was real and what wasn't. Overall this is a very well made film, even if the ending is kind of heavy handed. If you can catch this movie at the theatre please go see it, I don't know that the beginning would work as well at home. Oh, and you should go see it because it is quite possibly the only time you will ever see an Asian albino man caught on film.


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