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Dawn of the Dead (2004)

by Rene A. Moncivais 3/26/04


Let's all just face it no re-make is going to be as good as the original. After seeing the commercials for this film I started to think, "Oh no not another re-make!" I was glad to see that this film didn't get the same treatment as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre re-make. Instead we get a well done film about zombies. There are going to be many comparisons to 28 Days Later. I will go ahead and say that this is a better film because it doesn't take itself seriously. There are no Army people trying to rape girls in this film, mostly just zombie goodness. The film starts off with Sarah Polley working in a Hospital and she goes home to her husband and goes to bed. Her husband wakes up to find there daughter standing at the door and he notices there is blood on her nightgown so he immediately gets up and runs to her. Needless to say she is a zombie and she turns her father into one. Polley makes a good escape. The film just keeps going from there. I was entertained the whole time I sat in the theatre.

The whole time I was in there I was thinking the filmmakers are doing everything right in this film. They put good actors in it, most natable is Sarah Polley and Ving Rhames. Both these actors do a good job and don't ever really over do it. They also put some of the characters in situations that are pretty crazy and there is some really cool camera stuff going on.

The other good thing is some of the characters actually show some emotion after they realize what has happened to their friends or families. There are some cameos from some actors from the original. Tam Savini has the best one. Also there is a fat zombie in it. I recommend this film, and I think a lot people will have a good time at it. The one thing I didn't like was the Rock and Roll soundtrack.

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