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Exorcist: The Beginning

by Kara 9/4/04


Upside down Jesus is scary. Devil kids, pretty scary – but played out. Predictable, loud noises - not scary. Exorcist: the Beginning is not exactly original. It has a slow beginning and a give up ending. The middle was predictable, but it still managed to be scary in a few parts. The actual idea of this movie, building churches solely for the purpose of burying them to ward off Beelzebub, is neat. The execution - eh, not so much. I didn’t really get the whole nazi thing. I mean, I did, but they didn’t need it. The movie could’ve been really good, but it seems like they put so much thought into the beginning, they kind of ran out of time for the middle and ending of the story. The beginning of the movie is way better than the ending, and the beginning isn’t even scary. Then they kind of had to cram all of the crazy stuff into the last thirty minutes or so.

The acting was pretty okay. The special effects were retarded and totally fake looking. They try to recreate the dirtiness of the original and it just comes off kind of blah. The makeup sucks and I don’t like the Gollum (Lord of the Rings) crawling up the wall stuff. I’ve seen that in way too many psychological thrillers.

There were some people who walked out of the movie. It wasn’t THAT bad, so I have to believe they left because they were disturbed. There are some strong (anti) religious images in this movie. Like I said before, upside down Jesus is scary.

I’d recommend seeing, it. It’s pretty fun. Not bad, not great. Just aight. Ranks right up there with some of the latter Friday the 13th movies. You really aren’t going to miss anything by waiting for the DVD. The big screen does nothing for it. Save your money.


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