Justin Powers, writer/director of Pot Zombies.

Kara: In suspiria, one of the characters dies when she gets tangled up in razor sharp barbed wire. In Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, LG is skinned alive. In Saw 2, one fella is burned to death in a furnace. What movie do you think had the most horrific death scene? What was the scene? Justin: Out of those movies? K: No. J: Oh, in another movie. K: Any movie. J: Horrific death scene.... uh, in Terror Firmer when the fat guy gets killed by the, the escalator. That's pretty horrifying. Especially if you're that big. K: She uh, my sister Jana had a deathly fear of that when she was little. J: An escalator death? Oh, sorry. Jana: I still do!

K: The Blair Witch Project – a landmark of the genre or all hype? J: All hype. All based on hype. Which is good because they made a movie and then they hyped, they sold the movie big time, you know? But it's all hype. K: Were you scared? J: No, but I saw it in the theater in the daytime. I was disappointed. I wish I wouldn't have done that. I was mad at myself when I walked out in the daylight.

K: Are you more of a creepy, gory or shocking kind of fella? J: Um, I like the creepy more. But Pot Zombies is more of , you know, shock and gore.

K: Who would you rather make out with – Leatherface or the Pit Witch from Army of Darkness? J: Pause... the witch, the witch. K: Why? J: I just well, uh, I thought about Leatherface for a second, cause I thought it might be cool, then I just figured - I can't do it.

K: Okay, now some rapid fire questions.
Dracula or Nosferatu? What?!?!
Dracula or Nosferatu? Nosferatu is the movie, but I like, I like Bela Lugosi so much.
Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee? Bela Lugosi
Hitchiker or Chop Top? Hitchhiker
Ed Wood or Herschell Gordon Lewis? Herschell Gordon Lewis
Lon Chaney or Tom Savini? Tom Savini
Candyman or Pinhead? Pinhead
HP Lovecraft or Clive Barker? Lovecraft
Hammer Horror or Universal Monsters? Universal Monsters
Night, Dawn, Day or Land of the Dead? Dawn
Sadako or Karen Cooper? What?
Sadako or Karen Cooper? Karen Cooper


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