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Pot Zombies

by Kara 2/10/06

We met Justin Powers, the creator and director of Pot Zombies, at Frightmare Weekend on February 4th. He seems like a pretty laid back guy. Nice too. I asked if I could do a quick interview with him for the site and he agreed. See the interview here.

I had been looking forward to seeing this movie for a few weeks since I read about it on the Texas Frightmare Weekend website. With a tag line like - "When they get the munchies, it's your ass!" - how could I not?

After we took our seats, I sat there thinking - maybe I shouldn't have told Justin we'd review the movie and put a blurb about it on Goblinhaus. Now I've met the guy, he did an interview with me - what if it's totally stupid or boring and I hate it? Then I'm going to rip the guy?

I'm not going to rip the guy or his movie.

It started off with a good laugh and within 5 minutes, you get the premise of Pot Zombies. Every scene follows the same premise - over and over again. Same premise, different people, different dialogue, same outcome. But where is a movie called Pot Zombies supposed to go? You can't kill zombies, you can't stop someone from becoming a zombie, you can't stop them from wanting blood and guts for a snack.

It wasn't the same scene again and again though. It was very amusing to see how every transformation happened and the gore that ensued.

I'm pretty secure in saying this movie isn't supposed to be taken seriously. It's a comedy with some classic ? monsters providing the humor. The movie has it all - drugs, rock n roll and sex. In that order. There's some really funny cartoons and stereotypes. And I'm pretty sure a few puffs of cannibus would make the movie even better and funnier. Duh.

It's got a rockin soundtrack with a physical appearance by the Dwarves. I wouldn't say Pot Zombies is breaking any barriers or anything. But it's fun to watch and it teaches us all an important lesson. Just say no to toxic marijuana.


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