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Billy The Kid vs Dracula

by Shrub 12/31/04

Now this show is a blast. Oh it is bad all right, but some perfect Saturday morning fun. The story revolves around John Carradine's Dracula character, and this is one devilish Drac. A top hat wearing, pointy goateed, heartless old fella. His face resembles many an old halloween devil mask minus the red color (although it is bathed in red when he casts a devious gaze upon a victim).

Basically this is a western movie that has been infiltrated by Count Dracula who flies in as a bat. No explanation is given for what Dracula is doing in the wild west though. Billy the Kid is a bit disappointing as he is hardly an outlaw. I suppose for the film's purposes he is the hero so they had to clean him up a bit. In the story, he is reformed and running a ranch and ready to settle down with his fiance to a life on the straight and narrow. Reduced to a fancy pants sharp shooter, he even loses a fist fight to a ranch hand. Billy the Kid? Oh well.

Of course Billy's fair fiance is the Count's next intended victim and bride. He poses as her uncle (that she has never met) who inherits the ranch after her mother is killed by an indian ambush. Billy has to convince his girl and the sherriff that he's not nuts and that her uncle is not what he seems. And he almost blows it by assuming he can take the legendary bloodsucker with his six shooter.

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