By Kara

We visited The Cutting Edge, located in Fort Worth, on Saturday, October 1st. We were skeptical about going to a house that charges customers $21.38 (including tax) for less than an hour of good, wholesome fun. For $5 more, you can get into the VIP line, which gets you into the haunt much faster. Needless to say, we were very disappointed to find that customers will also have to pay ANOTHER $5 for parking.

After visiting another Fort Worth haunt that wasn’t very busy that night, we were surprised to find long lines at The Cutting Edge as we were approaching the ticket window. They have some very cool props outside that set the stage for what you’ll find once you get inside. You’ll see dragons, gargoyles, creepy old ambulances, and a monster truck hearse complete with a BANGIN sound system and fake missiles. There are several opportunities to get wet at this house, which can be avoided fairly easily if you keep your eyes and ears open. I would steer clear of the port-a-potty’s as you may have someone peeking through the holes in the back of them at you or shaking you, and the toxic waste, around while you’re trying (if you’re a girl) to hover over the seat. There are long slices down the back of them where a man will come around and stick a chainsaw in there while you’re trying to do your business. Not cool.

Now the last time we went to The Cutting Edge was a few years ago. It was one of the most expensive haunts then too. We haven’t gone back in several years, because we weren’t impressed back then. It was a bunch of dark hallways with some animatronics that would peek over the wall at you, light up, and make a loud noise. The 2005 Cutting Edge has DARKER – pitch-black – hallways that you must keep your hands running along to guide you. You will get bumped into, stepped on, and quite possibly a splinter or two. Most of the way through the haunt, I couldn’t help but think, “What if there’s a fire or chaos and the crowd starts trying to get out of here all at once? I will probably get trampled or burn to a crisp”. So that got me pretty worried. The pitch-black hallways do make it very discombobulating when you do make it to a room where there’s some action and scenery. Your eyes can’t focus fast enough to fully comprehend what’s going on.

Most of the rooms were not very well lit, but there was one room that was very properly lit and it freaked me out. I believe it was called club Kaos. It includes very lush private booths the patrons were using for whatever their sick minds could come up with. It was, for me, the highlight of the house. Be careful at the end of the pirate ship room when you’re walking back into the darkness. About 4 feet from the door, some kind of ghoul will come flying out at you. It hit Shrub in the eyeball. Hard. Very dangerous, guys.

It probably took us somewhere around 40 minutes to go through the haunt. We ducked out early as to avoid the maze and the sudsy finale. So it’s possible the haunt could take upwards of 45 minutes to complete the whole thing. We heard a lot of people behind us who weren’t exactly impressed with their haunt experience. It wasn’t exactly a scary haunted house. But the loud, pounding music throughout the entire haunt will keep your energy up and you should have a good time. We danced our way through a lot of it, despite the sometimes overwhelming heat that engulfed us about 5 minutes in till the end – not that that isn’t common throughout all haunts. They’re just hot.

All in all, this is not your classic haunt. Which could be a good break from the ordinary. The actors were okay. They’re actually not a big part of a majority of the haunt. One clown in the circus room was full of energy and did a good job of acting rabid. When we skipped the maze, we were redirected through a part of the haunt I’m not sure a lot of their customers see. It contained the most actors and they tried the hardest probably. They didn’t have a lot of scenery to rely on for their scares. For the most part it was a fun time (minus the blinding poke to the eyeball Shrub received). If you or your parents can afford the price-tag, I say BUY.

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