On September 10th we paid a visit to Red Oak, Texas and the oldest haunted attraction in the area, The Reindeer Manor, which is entering its 32nd year of operation. The manor was hosting an actor’s workshop and open house for the local haunt industry. The main event for the evening was featured speaker Chuck Williams (actor: Bubba Ho-Tep, Groom Lake; director: Halloween...The Happy Haunting of America) who gave an acting seminar and screened his movie Dark Walker. They also served hamburgers, home made ice cream and root beer and gave lights on tours of the two haunts on the premises (the Manor and 13th Street Morgue).

The seminar was geared towards haunted house actors and operators and ran down a list of do’s and don’ts for a successful haunted attraction. Some points seemed obvious (save the best room for the last), and others less so (such as, don’t chase people to the parking lot where they then leave instead of hanging around spending more money). It was very informative, and entertaining. The guy was a real cut up.

We ate dinner and then proceeded with our tour of the haunts. This was my first visit to Reindeer Manor and it is a unique kind of haunt, where you stop for short shows as you proceed through the building’s rooms. I can’t wait to see it in action. The Reindeer guys were very accommodating and I was allowed to snap pictures throughout the tour. They have some really unique rooms and effects that they’ve come up with, and the atmosphere is what you would expect of a classic haunted mansion, but one that’s located in the south, at the end of a dirt road (think Disney gone Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

Be sure to head out to Reindeer Manor this year. You'll have a good time. Thank you to everyone there for the fun time and the hospitality.

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