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- Added listing for the 2011 Saturday Nightmares in New Jersey. June 2011



- Added listing for Imagi-Movies, the Famous Monsters of Filmland film festival, in L.A. April 2011



- Added listing for the 10th Kreepfest haunters gathering in Harrisonville, MO. August 2011

- The second Underground Horror Film Fest will be August 13th, 2011 in Tulsa. Full details to come.



- Added listing for the Canadian Haunters Convention in London, Ontario. May 2011



- Added listing for the 2011 Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville. July 2011



- Added listing for Flashback Weekend in Chicago. August 2011



- Added listing for A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Sydney Australia. March 2011

- Guest lists updated for Motor City Nightmares, Monsterpalooza . April 2011



- Vendors: Days of the Dead in Indiana is holding a black Friday sale (through 12/10/10) for 2 for 1 vendor tables. July 2011



- Added listing for the 10th annual Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival in Nashville. This year they are adding a film festival to the action. May 2011



- The 'Noog gets a horror con. Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Fest will hold 2 shows this year, adding Chattanooga, TN to go along with their annual Nashville event. March 2011

- Added listing for Stoker Weekend in Uniondale - Long Island, NY. June 2011



- Added listing for the 2011 Mask Fest which will again coincide with HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis. March 2011

- Speaking of HorrorHound Weekend we've updated their listing, and it's big show! Guests will include a Suspiria reunion with Argento, an 80's Slasher fest, and another Horror Host tribute, this time to Zacherle. March 2011



- Added listing for the 2011 Monster Bash in Butler, PA. June 2011

- Added listing for the first of four Monster Mania conventions in 2011. This one is in Cherry Hill, NJ. March 2011

The other 3 Monster Mania listings are coming soon but so you know, they are in June, Aug & Sept.

- Added listing for the second Con-Tamination in St. Louis. June 2011



- Added listing for Days of the Dead in Indianapolis. July 2011



- Added listing for the Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival. June 2011

- Added listing for the one day Horror Realm Spring Break Massacre & Zombie Gras in Pittsburgh. March 2011



- Added listing for The World Horror Convention this year in Austin. April 2011



- Well now that Halloween is over, we've got some serious catching up to do on the convention section. Take October off the calendar and it looks a little slim. Keep coming back, were going to be on it for the next little while, we've built up a bit of a backlog of 2011 shows to list and will get to it as soon as possible.

- Added listing for the re-scheduled Wolf's Den Convention in Peabody MA. March 2011



-POSTPONED - Carnival of Fright, scheduled for this weekend in Hudson Valley NY. October 2010



- Keep an eye out for The American International Film Festival, coming summer of 2011. New and Classic films, an after party and "The classic AIP monsters will be there too". Exact date and location TBA. LINK to their facebook page.



- Big News from Chiller Theatre. Daria Nicolodi has just been confirmed for her first convention appearance ever as part of their "Italian Invasion III." October 2010



- A DVD from the first Saturday Nightmares Expo is available to purchase HERE.



- Here's a preview of the Knoxville Horror Film Fest next weekend from Rue Morgue. October 2010



- Trying to get official confirmation but the word is that BloodaPalooza in Dallas this weekend may have been cancelled. Their website is down. We'll update this if we can get any more info. October 2010

*It's Official, this year's BloodaPalooza is cancelled, a "casualty of the economy" and they hope to do it again another year.



- Added listing for the spring Cinema Wasteland in Cleveland. April 2011



- A trifecta of Phantasm guests announced for Texas Frightmare Weekend. Angus Scrimm, Michael Baldwin and director Don Coscarelli. April 2011

- Added listing for the Horror Society Film Festival in Chicago. October 2010



- Added listing for next year's Saturday Nightmares in New Jersey. March 2011



- Added listing for Cult Fiction Drive-In. A new con in Jacksonville FL. May 2011



- Texas Frightmare Weekend has added Robert Englund to their guest list. April 2011

- Added listing for the 2011 Transworld Haunt Show in St Louis. March 2011



- Lots of New York City Horror Film Festival news. They've announced the actual dates (November 10-14) and we've tweaked our listing accordingly (hey we had the right week at least). They've also got a couple of special events coming up before the Film Fest itself:

- On September 20th, they are throwing an "I Spit on your Grave" party in NYC. See the new remake and the classic versions at the same time, for FREE! Tickets are first come, first serve - HERE'S ONE - But you have to Email NYCHorrorfest(at) to confirm your seats!

- Also, they will be in Boston October 1-3 for The Wizard World Convention and running their touring "Killer Shorts Sudden Death" Competition - Link with Details.

- In Shriekfest news, they've announced their roster of 36 films! The 2010 lineup includes the west coast premier of "Cyrus-Mind of a Serial Killer" (starring Doug Jones, Lance Henriksen, Danielle Harris, & Tiffany Shepis), and the world premier of "H1N1: Virus X" (starring Sybil Danning and Domiziano Arcangeli). September 2010



- A couple of celebrity guests (Reggie Bannister, Debbie Rochon) have been announced for the Texas Blood Bath 2 Film Festival. November 2010



- Added listing for South African Horrorfest a film festival in Cape Town. October 2010



- Updated the listing for HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati with more guests including a Re-Animator 25th anniversary reunion and a Halloween 4 reunion. November 2010

- The Weekend of Horrors listing has been updated with recently announced guests and this amazing event, Jeffrey Combs reprising his role from "The Black Cat" as Edgar Allan Poe in the one man play, "Nevermore" directed by Stuart Gordon! October 2010



- The second Saturday Nightmares, scheduled for Oct 22-24 in New Jersey has been postponed to May 2011, exact dates are to be announced. In October they will be screening their official featurette. Trailer



- The Wolf's Den Convention, scheduled for Oct 9-10 in Peabody MA has been postponed as they decided ther dates conflict with too many other shows. New dates are to be announced. October 2010



- Added listing for Terror Thon '10 near Boston, MA. September 2010

- Texas Frightmare Weekend starts off their guest list on a Hellraiser note with the announcement of Clive Barker, Doug Bradley and Ashley Laurence. April 2011



- Unfortunate cancellation for HorrorFind Weekend, Clive Barker has had to drop out due to another throat surgery. September 2010



- Chiller Theatre will include the Italian Invasion III: a City of the Living Dead 30th anniversary reunion! October 2010

- Added listing for Texas Blood Bath 2 Film Festival. November 2010

- Added listings for May 2011:

- The rescheduled Camp Blood: Friday the 30th in Dallas.

- The West Coast Haunters Convention, Salem OR.

- And the recently announced new show from Spooky Empire, May-Hem in Orlando.



- Boofest, scheduled for September in Pennsylvania has been cancelled. They're going to try and do it next summer.

- Added listing for Motor City Nightmares. April 2011

- Added listing for Texas Frightmare Weekend. April 2011



Our October listings grow even more unweildy with the addition of three more events today:

- Added listing for the Halloween Horror Expo in Niles, OH. October 2010

- Added listing for the Monster Bash Movie Marathon in Ligonier, PA. October 2010

- Added BloodaPalooza, an "extreme in every way possible" horror and art event in Dallas TX. October 2010

- Added listing for the tenth HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis IN. March 2011

- Added listing for TromaDance in New Jersey. April 2011



- Bruce Campbell will be at Flashback Weekend which will be screening Evil Dead at the Drive in. September 2010



- Updated the Horror Realm guest list which no longer contains John Saxon but makes up for it with a Basket Case reunion plus Night of the Living Dead & Dawn of the Dead reunions. September 2010



- We're starting to add listings for 2011 today. This will be the 3rd year for The GOBLINHAUS Horror and Haunted Attraction Convention Calendar.

- Added listing for the second Underground Horror Fest in Tulsa OK. March 2011

- Added listing for the 2011 HauntCon, which this year is in Louisville KY. April 2011

- Added listing for the third Monsterpalooza in Burbank CA. April 2011



- Updated the Rock N Shock listing with guests including George Romero and Ruggero Deodato. October 2010

- Added listing for The International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival in Tempe, AZ. October 2010

- Added listing for Sci-Fi Horror Weekend in Tulsa, OK. October 2010

- Boo Fest is moving from the Hotel Conneaut to Dockside building, but will still have the ghost hunt at the hotel. September 2010



- HEADS UP anyone planning to attend the giant CAMP BLOOD: FRIDAY the 30th convention next month in Texas. **It's been moved to MAY 2011**. Keep you fingers crossed that it happens next year.



- Added listing for "Dark Woods Con 1.5" in Kentucky. October 2010



- Updated the listing for our hometown event, Knoxville Horror Film Fest. Also they've launched their new, more detailed website, check it out for full details. October 2010



- Added listing for the 2010 Flashback Weekend which, due to their original venue undergoing renovations, will take place at a drive in in Dixon, Illinois. The Weekend is set to return to the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare in 2011. September 2010

- John Carpenter has been added as a guest at Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando. October 2010



- Last call for film submissions to The 10th annual Shriekfest, the Los Angeles International Horror/Thriller/SciFi/Fantasy Film Festival and Screenplay competition - The final entry date is July 10th. September 2010

- Ken Foree and Lori Cardill (Day of the Dead) are cancellations at Famous Monsters Con, Bela Lugosi Jr. and Danielle Harris have been added. July 2010

- Horror Realm has announced their Night of the Living Dead Costume Ball to feature costume contest & charity auction, sponsored by Magic Hat Brewing (ever had their beers? They’re craaazy man!). September 2010



- The Dark Carnival Film Festival has announced a call for short screenplay entries for the 2010 festival. Screenplays should be submitted online at The 4th annual Dark Carnival Film Festival will be held in Bloomington, Indiana from November 19 – 21, 2010. Winner of best short screenplay will have their script produced by Dark Carnival to be screened at the 2011 festival. November 2010

- Added listing for Boo Fest in Pennsylvania. September 2010



- Added listing for Vampire Film Festival in New Orleans. October 2010

- Added listing for Salty Horror Film Festival. November 2010

- Added listing for Big Bear Horror Film Festival in California. October 2010



- Word's just in that Flashback Weekend in Chicago WILL happen this year. Keep checking back, details to be announced.

- Did you notice that we have the dates for The New York City Film Festival for you even before they have been announced? Cool. November 2010

- The new Horror film Emerging Past - starring Brooke McCarter (Lost Boys), Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night), Steve Dash (Friday the 13th Part 2) - will debut at the Famous Monsters Convention. July 2010

- The Legendary Count Gregore, who first appeared as a local horror host for "Shock Theatre" in OKC in 1958 and has horror hosted for over 50 years will be at The Oklahoma Horror Film Festival in Tulsa. September 2010



- Added listing for The New York City Film Festival. November 2010



- Added listing for the Drive-In Super Monster-Rama in Pennsylvania. September 2010

- Added listing for Necronomicon in St Petersburg, FL. October 2010



- Added listing for Carnival of Fright in Hudson Valley, NY. October 2010



- Added listing for MonsterFest in Chesapeake, VA. October 2010



- Legendary Famous Monsters Of Filmland cover artist Basil Gogos has been added to the guest list of the Famous Monsters Convention. Perfect. July 2010



- Added listing for Knoxville Horror Film Festival in Knoxville, TN. October 2010

- Added listing for Spooky Movie Horror Film fest in Washington, DC. October 2010

- Added listing for Chiller Theatre in New Jersey. October 2010

- Added listing for Mr. Hush's Weekend of Fear in Matamoras, PA. October 2010

- Added listing for the B Movie Celebration in Indiana. September 2010



- Added listing for the Wolf's Den Convention in MA with Joe Bob Briggs & more. October 2010

- Added listing for the next Weekend of Horrors in LA with Bruce Campbell. October 2010

- Added commercials to the listings for the Famous Monsters Convention (July 2010) and the Sac Sci-Fi and Horror Show (September 2010). Go watch!



- In Monster Mania news, some real good guests have been added to both shows. New Jersey has John Carpenter and Barbara Steele (August 2010) and Maryland has Ingrid Pitt (September 2010).



- Updated the guest list for Cinema Wasteland in Cleveland. October 2010

- Venue change for Camp Blood: Friday the 30th in Lewisville TX. Moved from convention center to a sports bar. August 2010



- Added listing for Zom B con in Seattle. October 2010



- Any readers out there feel like writing about the conventions you are going to attend? Or one you recently attended? If so - CONTACT US HERE - there's free stuff in it for you.



- Added listing for Dark Carnival Film Festival in Bloomington, IN. November 2010

- Added listing for Shriekfest Film Festival in L.A. September 2010



- Added listing for this year's Rock and Shock in Worcester, Mass. October 2010

- Added listing for the next Saturday Nightmares in Jersey City, New Jersey. October 2010



- Added listing for Paranormal Scarefest in Murfreesboro, Tenn. August 2010

- Updated guest info for Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando. ANOES reunion and more. October 2010



- Tickets for The Chicago Horror Film Festival are on sale through 7/31 for only $3 a day! September 2010



- Added listing for The Chicago Horror Film Festival. September 2010

- Updated the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear listing with some guest announcements including the guest of honor David Cronenberg. August 2010



- Added listings for Ghoulardifest and the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and Cthulhucon. October 2010



- Wrapping up the Texas Frightmare Weekend coverage. Check out the photo gallery.



- Our around-the-clock, live coverage of the Texas Frightmare Weekend continues with night two of the Film Festival, Thursday -which included screenings of Romero's Survival of the Dead, and 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, and day three, Friday - when the Convention Floor opened. READ HERE The convention is going on now.

- Any readers out there feel like writing about the conventions you are going to attend? Or one you recently attended? If so - CONTACT US HERE - there's free stuff in it for you.



- Our guy Evan is on the scene for Texas Frightmare Weekend. Read his reviews from the first night of the film festival HERE. The convention is going on now.



- Added listing for Terror Film Fest in Philly. October 2010

- ScareFest in Kentucky has announced some guests including George Romero. November 2010

- HorrorHound will be back in Cincinnati, added listing. November 2010

- Tim Curry cancelled his appearances at both Monster Manias (August 2010 in New Jersey and September 2010 in Maryland).

- The Famous Monsters convention (July in Indianapolis) will be holding a contest to win free passes. One winner will even get VIP passes to all events plus a room for the weekend. You do have to register on their website to win. Register HERE.



- Added listing for the Atlanta Horror Film Festival. They are currently accepting submissions. August 2010



- Added listing for Ghoultide Gathering, a Halloween Art show near Detroit. October 2010



- Added listing for Great Lakes FrightFest, a campout weekend for haunters in Michigan. June 2010

- And a listing for another haunter get-together Kreepfest, in Missouri. August 2010



- Updated the Horrorfind Weekend listing with the new location and some guest announcements. September 2010



- Added listings for the next two Monster Mania Cons. August 2010 in New Jersey and September 2010 in Maryland.



- Saturday Nightmares in New Jersey must have gone well. They've announced the next one will be this October. Stay tuned for details.



- Added listing for The Oklahoma Horror Film Festival, Labor day weekend in Tulsa. September 2010

- Texas Frightmare Weekend will be screening the North American premier of H.G. Lewis' The Uh-Oh Show for free! April 2010

- The Underground Horror Filmfest also in Tulsa has announced some of the titles they will be screening and the emphasis is definitely on the Horror. Flicks like Hack Movies CockHammer, Sewer Chewer and Incest Death Squad. July 2010



- Added listing for the Killercon in Las Vegas. The horror literature convention is coming back for its second year.. August 2010



- Texas Frightmare Weekend is turning out to be quite a film festival on top of already being one of the premier horror cons in the nation. Director Steven Monroe and cast members will hold a Q&A and premier clips from the I Spit on Your Grave remake. April 2010



- Added listing for the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear in Toronto. Add that to the Toronto After Dark film festival the same month and Toronto is a good place to be in August.. August 2010



- Updates on some September shows. Horror Realm in Pittsburgh has added John Saxon. September 2010

- And last year's From the Land Beyond in Sacramento is this year's Sac Sci-Fi Horror Show. Guests include Derek Mears and Ed Gale. September 2010

- Added listing for Horrorfind Weekend, no real details yet other than city (Gettysburg PA). September 2010



- Listing added for Arcana. Convention of the Dark Fantastic that's been around since the 70's. October 2010

- The Underground Horror Filmfest has a date, July 10, 2010 and place, The Marquee in Tulsa. Stay tuned. July 2010



- Texas Frightmare Weekend has announced that it will screen the North American premier of 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (with director and stars in attendance) as well as the uncut and re-mastered version of Dark Night of the Scarecrow - which will be its only screening prior to its DVD release this fall. April 2010



- Motor City Nightmares is on for April 23-25th with PJ Soles, Kane Hodder, Tom Savini, seminars for filmmakers and more. April 2010



- Updated the Chiller Theatre listing with guests including a very rare Daria Nicolodi appearance as part of their "Italian Invasion". April 2010

- Also updated some guests for the Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival in Nashville including a Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 reunion. April 2010

- Still no real info on Motor City Nightmares which is also supposed to be next month, we'll try and do some digging.



- POSTPONED: This weekend's Paranoia Horror Film Festival in Long Beach lost their venue and is in the process of rescheduling at a new date and place. March 2010

- On the other coast this weekend, will be a special edition of the Charles Band Full Moon Horror Road Show at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ. March 2010



- Added listing for this year's G-Fest, a convention for Godzilla and Japanese monster fans in Illinois. July 2010



- This weekend's Dark Woods Con in Kentucky kicks off two HUGE months of horror cons, now through May 2nd, there's something happening every weekend. Check them all out here: MARCH & APRIL.



- The Pretty Scary Blood Bath Film Festival is this Saturday, February 27th in Addison TX. Tickets HERE.



- Word's come in that the The Underground Horror Fest in Tulsa was a big success and they're already working on another show for July - The Underground Horror FILMfest. Watch this spot for details.



- The Texas Frightmare Weekend film festival will be extended to 4 nights this year, beginning on Wednesday, April 28th. It will feature more than a dozen official selections headlined by Survival of the Dead -- George A. Romero's sixth and newest zombie flick! April 2010



- The Famous Monsters Convention website is now live. They've also announced a large batch of additional guests including Mick Garris, H.G. Lewis, Tom Savini, Bill Moseley, Heather Langenkamp and more. July 2010



- The Weekend of Horrors in L.A. has started announcing more guests and events. One is a 25th anniversary reunion of Re-Animator with Jeffrey Combs and Stuart Gordon! May 2010



- The Famous Monsters of Filmland convention has announced its venue as well as the first guests, Thomas Jane (The Mist, Punisher), a Night Of The Living Dead reunion, and the cast of the 20th Century Fox release Predators. July 2010



- The Paranormal Scare Fest (February 20th in Columbus Indiana) isn't a horror event but you might want to check it out for the Horror Hosts salute to Sammy Terry.



- Texas Frightmare Weekend has announced a few new guests including Elvira. Also John Stockwell has been added to the Christine reunion. April 2010



- Added listing for this year's Eerie Horror Fest film festival and convention. Guests announced so far are Joe Pilato and Stephen Geoffreys. Currently accepting film submissions. October 2010

- The Horror Host Continuum is working on getting to 100 horror hosts for the Vampira Tribute event at HorrorHound Weekend through their myspace page. While we're on the subject, The Vampira Tribute has a new website with some good videos from hosts. March 2010



- Added listing for BlobFest at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA. July 2010



- Horror Realm has announced some guests including Ken Foree, John Amplas, Debbie Rochon, Joe Knetter and Mike Watt. September 2010



- Added listing for this year's TromaDance film fest which is moving to New Jersey this year. April 2010

- Right on the heels of the announcement of the re-emergence of the magazine, we get word of the Famous Monsters of Filmland Weekend, which will be this July in Indianapolis! More info to come, just the dates and city so far. July 2010



- Added listing for Con-tamination, "St. Louis' first Horror, Sci-Fi, & Pop culture convention." April 2010

- The Eyecon Bloodlust Vampire Festival in Orlando has been moved from January to May 7-9, 2010.



- The Underground Horror Fest in Tulsa has added director Lucky McKee (May). February 2010



- John Carpenter's appearance at Texas Frightmare Weekend will be part of a Christine reunion with stars Keith Gordon, Alexandra Paul and a screen used car. April 2010


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