. End of Life .


by Danny Nicholas

I had to do it. She looked so sick. She was very frail looking, struggled to walk, and her eye site became dimmer by the day.
The drugs and alcohol were destroying her. At times she became violently ill. Dishes, ashtrays, and knives were tossed at me. Luckily, these objects failed to hit me. Then there was the constant use of foul language ranging from bad names to threats. Poor sick old woman.
The woman I speak of is my wife of 35 years.
There was a time when our marriage was great. My wife had set up shop in the basement, owning her own Bookkeeping business. I was a building contractor. Eventually, a child came into our lives. He was healthy, athletic, and got the highest marks in all studies. Then one day life went downhill.
Happiness left. Pain and sorrow barged in.
It was in the early hours of a foggy dismal day that my wife made a horrible discovery. She screamed and cried for hours. After all, who wouldn’t if they found their child with a noose around the neck hanging from a tree in the backyard?
Cause of death: suicide. No traces of a suicide note or any type of influences were ever found.
The incident caused my wife to go mad. Even before the funeral she began to take cocaine. Hash oil and marijuana were next. The bookkeeping business ceased. I gave up contracting so that I could nurture her.
No luck. She drank, swore, fought, and escaped to her drug world. Death was getting closer.
I stood there watching her. One push is all it would take. The misery would end. No more suffering. No more violent episodes. Just one push down the stairs.
Just a bad fall that’s all. Believable. The town knew of her monstrous ways. She was so drunk and high that she lost control of her balance and fell.
I dashed forward and pushed her. As soon as I did, my body went through her like she was a spirit!
I was falling. Falling through what I reasoned to be eternal darkness. Then I saw the flames dancing about.
Splat! I landed on a lava floor with people all around me screaming.
No, not people. Tortured souls!
Souls of the damned. Once cold-hearted criminals, now paying in agony. They were forever rattling chains made out of bones.
I looked to my right. To my surprise my wife stood there staring at me.
No, not at me. Through me.
Suddenly I heard a hissing noise from above.
A giant bat-winged creature hovered over everyone’s souls. The creature had bull horns on the top of its head, a red scaly body, and a green serpent-like tail. The face was sullen looking, complete with orange beady eyes and razor-sharp teeth.
“Allow me to show you what happened. The creature rasped.
The figure opened one of his hands that had long-black sharp claws. In its hand was a see through egg-shaped object.
“Look into the Egg of Life. The creature said.
The egg made it perfectly clear.
It showed my wife and I at the top of the stairs in our home. We were fist fighting with each other. We were both trying to push each other down the stairs!
Suddenly the Egg of Life showed us falling. We both fell to the bottom of the stairs and died.
It all made sense to me now. The spirit of a man trying to kill the spirit of his wife. Now we were both in Hell.
“That was your past! Shouted the hideous creature.
“This is your future. You and your wife will fight and burn forever!”

The End.



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