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By Shrub

Comparing haunted houses is admittedly an apples to oranges proposition. Do you want atmosphere or action? Do you prefer detailed scenes or intimidating darkness? A cohesive story or endless variety? One man’s trash is another’s treasure and any other cliché you want to use… it ultimately comes down to taste. However, while this is the most aesthetically pleasing haunt to me personally, I think that others are beginning to recognize that 13th Street Morgue is the best at wrapping all of these things into one tight package.

GOBLINHAUS is naming 13th Street Morgue the best haunt in the metroplex for the second year in a row. It is officially our favorite. Last year it was a small haunt. Presumably considered a side attraction for the Reindeer Manor crowd. But it hit us in the gut. We walked out and knew we had seen something special. We only had a passing acquaintance with the operators at that time, but it was apparent that this place was a product of true, passionate haunters. It was clear that these people weren’t putting on a haunt as entrepreneurs, but because it’s in their blood. These were naturals. I’m not using the term loosely when I say that they are artists bringing a dark vision to life.

Put together the Morgue’s elements: the story, the sounds, the lighting, the subdued acting, and (this is HUGE) the lack of store bought, mass produced props and we have a recipe for success. While other haunts often are just a collection of mismatched parts (granted this is a practically a necessity for the mega-sized attractions) the cohesion and execution of these elements is what makes 13th Street Morgue the best.

Now I’m not knocking the other haunts in the area. Not at all. I love the large majority of them and think they are doing great jobs delivering for their visitors. I am just so impressed with the 13th Street Morgue that I am writing what I feel and my impressions of what makes it so great.

Have I convinced you yet? I hope so as these guys and gals have clearly proven themselves at this point. And I haven’t even mentioned the great VALUE of this place. At only $8.00, it is practically the cheapest around, priced higher than only the smaller and far less defined Uncle Stinky’s Playhouse and the mini-haunts that supplement larger attractions such as Hangman’s. Now that’s a no-brainer (however if you’re going to 13th Street Morgue, I highly recommend buying the combo ticket with the also very entertaining Reindeer Manor).

It’s been a real thrill to watch this masterpiece unfold for the last two years. Way to go!


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Dallas / Fort Worth Haunted House REVIEWS

This is what sets 13th Street Morgue apart. To try and explain I’ll say that the difference between them and other haunts is like comparing the experience of watching a really good scary movie to the actual deep chills you feel while home alone at night and thinking you’ve just seen a ghost out of the corner of your eye. This place comes the closest yet to feeling like exploring a true haunted house. The kind of place that as a teenager you and your buds would drive an hour out into the country to creep around with flashlights because you grew up hearing stories about it.

The great news is that the Morgue is bigger and even better this year. Everything makes such an impression beginning with the outstanding soundtrack. The soundtrack is peppered with radio broadcasts, which allow the audience to put the pieces of the morgue’s story together while they wait to enter. The tale of the tragic events that occurred at the morgue (which also includes the residence of the doomed family of the owner/operator), make the trip through that much more effective. The physical layout is based on this story and is amazingly well thought out, start to finish.