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UNIVERSAL MONSTERS KESHI SURPRISE Wave 1 - Single Blind Box Monster - $4.99

UNIVERSAL MONSTERS KESHI SURPRISE Wave 2 - Single Blind Box Monster - $4.99


THE SLAUGHTERED LAMB Matchbook (one) - $0.99



THE SLAUGHTERED LAMB Matchbooks (pack of 6) - $4.99



WITCH CHARM - $0.99 each


SKULL CHARM - $0.50 each

A Nightmare on Elm Street STICKERS

From 1984. Each pack has 6 stickers. Unopened.

1 pack of Stickers, $2.00

Sold Out

A Nightmare on Elm Street STICKER ALBUM - $5.00

Unused 33 page album for collecting all 264 Stickers! 1984.

Sold Out


HOSTEL Toenail Clippers - Promotional item, never for sale in stores $7.99
(only one in stock)



Fright Flicks Trading Cards

From the late 1980s. Each pack has 9 cards, 1 sticker and one stale (toxic?) stick of gum. Four different packages, Unopened.

1 pack of Fright Flicks Cards, $3.00

4 packs of Fright Flicks Cards, $10.00


Hell Bank Notes

Burn these to send money to the dead. For spending in the afterlife (you know where).

Free Single Hell Bank Notes just ask

$3.00 Hell Bank Notes packet of approx. 50 (back in stock, new design)



$1.00 Trick or Treats!

Add-on more Goblinhaus trick or treats in $1.00 increments. Minimum of 3 will be given per $1.00 paid.





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(all transactions include a free trick or treat!)






Freddy Krueger Deluxe Glove- $19.99


Halloween 5: Revenge of Michael Myers, Thorn temporary tattoos - $3.99


Sam's Lollipop from Trick 'r Treat (replica prop, approx 12 inches long)- $19.99



Switchblade Comb - $3.99

MISFITS FLAG - 30" x 43" fabric poster Crimson Chost / Skull design. $13.00

3D GLASSES - $0.49

Vampire Teeth - $2.50


Cousin Itt Finger Puppet, $1.50




Vintage plastic MONSTER RINGS (kid sized)

Sold Out



HALLOWEEN (Rob Zombie's) Carboard Michael Myers mask on a stick - Promotional item, never sold in stores

Sold Out

MONSTER PINS 6-pack of full color buttons in a carded bag. Includes Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, The Creature, The Phantom and Wolf Man, $6.00