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By Kara & Shrub

Kara: I had the most fun at Reindeer Manor this year. We went on a Sunday night and the line was tiny. We only stood in line for 10-15 minutes. While we were in line, we got to witness the hanging of an accused witch and we were also entertained by the ghouls and zombies walking through the line and cemetary, not to mention the pyro show that'll not only keep you occupied, but also warm your bones.

Shrub: Yeah I thought the witch hanging was really wicked (as in wicked awesome!). I'd never had the chance to see that before. That was more to my liking than the goofy lumberjack/chainsaw thing on the roof but a lot of people seem to like that so it's cool. I like how Reindeer Manor puts a little thought behind the outside entertainment as opposed to just roaming monsters only. Definitely a plus.

Kara: The butcher shop was fun. I liked being part of the show. That special sauce is tasty! Even when you think you're done with the house, you still have some haunted woods to walk through. There's ghouls everywhere - by your side, above you, below you. And Reindeer continues the use of pyro in the woods. I kind of think the ending of the house is a little disappointing. It's so anti climatic. However, I'd rather it end like it did rather than having a chainsaw try and chase you out.

Shrub: Yeah they've got some limitations with the old building, but I like walking through the sprawling woods for a while after you exit. Outdoor haunted trails are a lot of fun and should never die. There are a lot of younger monsters out there. Maybe it's a training grounds for future stars of the show indoors. Reindeer Manor is really a whole lot of fun to visit, and maybe most importantly, it's DIFFERENT. A unique experience from the eerie old building, to the theatrical type presentation and the impressive construction and design.

Kara: Kara: We started walking towards the midway and we kept saying - Oh my gawd. That was so much fun! That was so great! When you combine the Reindeer Manor with Uncle Stinky's and 13th Street Morgue, you can't get any better than that. That is an exceptionally fun evening. It was the most fun I had at any haunt park this season. To think about it now even makes me happy. It was that much fun.

Shrub: I agree, this is my favorite set of haunts to go to. It's so fun at Reindeer Manor. It's dark and creepy outside and really feels like Halloween. Uncle Stinky's Playhouse is just beginning and there's not a whole lot to it yet, but as a "bonus" haunt it's fine and I'm sure with more time it will round into shape. 13th Street Morgue is great, growing and getting better, and Reindeer Manor is the fully defined classic that keeps on truckin' and evolving. Everyone out there seems so into it and really loves what they are doing. It's the perfect Halloween celebration!

Kara: True, true.


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Dallas / Fort Worth Haunted House REVIEWS

Kara: When we were told it was our turn to go inside, I thought maybe they'd send smaller groups through since it wasn't as busy as usual. No such luck. They sent us in with a group and we got stuck with one of the most annoying people ever. This woman would not shut up. I wanted her to get chopped up by a chainsaw. Anyhow, so we went in and the first room with actors had improved so much. Their new vampire is younger and he doesn't have meat breath, which is a plus since the actors will get in your face at Reindeer. Keep in mind too - you don't hear anything from the Reindeer staff about - don't touch us and we won't touch you. You still shouldn't touch them, but they're going to touch you. It's part of the experience!

Shrub: I agree that the vampire room was much improved this year. Last year the speech drug on a bit too long and lost its creepiness. The touching thing is weird when little vampire girls start running their hands under your chin. It's smart that they do it right off the bat though, because then you are that much more apprehensive going through the rest of the house because when someone chases you, you wonder what happens if they catch you? Keeps you watching over your shoulder.

Kara: It definitely makes for a much more intense experience when kids are screaming and grabbing your arms or when people are pulling you out of the room to move on through the haunt. The house continues - room after room - to give awesome performances by the actors. Even if you've been to Reindeer before, it's still exciting to see how they've changed the scenes, how new actors interpret their roles, and how they find new ways to shock the audience.

Shrub: The actors were great this year. I'd point out "Iggy" who was a great looking character and he worked it perfectly. Other favorites of mine were the old hag at the pond and the guy sweeping up in the butcher shop. Both were crack-ups. All the characters, inside and out, really make this place a blast. A great mix of humor and horror. They get you to relax a bit before they getcha! And that flaming pond is such a great scene, the actors that work in that water show some real dedication.