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By Shrub

You are greeted by blazing multi-color lights with a centerpiece of a nifty projected sign beaming from the old mall’s wall as you approach “the largest haunted house in Texas … maybe the universe!” .

That’s how Chaos haunted house in Arlington promotes itself. Now I have no way of verifying if the “largest” part is true, but it is definitely a long walk. We didn’t make it to The Boneyard this year so we can’t compare it to the size of the other department store sized haunt, but if you subtract the maze, Chaos seems like it really could be bigger than Cutting Edge.

Bigger or not, there’s definitely more to see. The endless winding of Chaos is impressive in that most every area has décor. There aren’t long stretches of nothing like you would expect from a haunt this size. You encounter a wild variety of scenes and sounds borrowing from movies (Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser), history (Jack the Ripper, ancient Egypt), and staples of Halloween attractions and horror fiction (scarecrows, clowns, butchers). Maybe the most impressive aspect of Chaos was the sound system, which seemed to change up the soundtrack with each turned corner. That’s a lot of different sounds!

Chaos can be a lot to take in. Unfortunately for me the biggest negative was the lighting. We were fortunate enough to have a “lights on” tour prior to opening night and were able to check out a lot of the sets. There were quite a few with great detail (for example a room with a bunch of eerie, burned up dolls) and this detail was often lost due to poor lighting.

Our visit was on a Wednesday night when it was pretty slow and they had a reduced numbers of actors on hand. The actors that were there however gave it their all. It seemed as if their volunteers are mostly younger, but they were enthusiastic. A few of the very young ones tried valiantly, but due to their size and the sound of their voices, just weren’t that scary sorry to say.

A noticeable feature of Chaos that will probably appeal to a lot of people was that there was lots of blood! Chaos was probably the goriest haunt that we went to this year, and there’s definitely a place for that – so give them the gore award for most blood.


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They also now have a fence maze that takes you outside of the building and results in you being chased by a chainsaw man. This was creepy because of the big empty (and DARK) parking garage that went off into the distance. I kept thinking how cool and scary it would have been to have a monster out there, just at the edge of your vision, gnawing on some body parts or somesuch.

Outside the haunt part, they have an indoor midway and arcade set up in case you just want to hang out for a while – unlimited video games for $3.00. It’s a real teen-friendly atmosphere and there’s plenty of security on hand. I’d say you definitely get your money’s worth here.

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