It Came From the Drive In... The 1st Annual Horror on the Boulevard October 14-15, 2011, Kansas City, KS - By Sam Furst of Monsters are Good.

This past weekend marked the first annual "Horror on the Boulevard," an event that is sure to become a staple in the Kansas City area for years to come. Not more than two months after the let down that was the first Kansas City horror convention, Horror on the Boulevard became more than anyone could have hoped for. Starting out as just a horror movie triple feature at one of the 3 drive in theaters in the area, Timothy Sweeten the guy who organized this entire thing, continued to add vendors, special guests, and contests until the event became more of a convention than a simple night at the drive-in.

The featured guests at the event were Ari Lehman (Young Jason from Friday The 13th) along with his band "First Jason," plus Ari Bavel (Zombiegeddon) and Alan Kayser (Night of the Creeps) and the girls from "Midnite Mausoleum." The movies to be shown were the first "Friday the 13th," "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Army of Darkness" all of which were very exciting to see on the big screen.

Friday night started out slow, mostly vendors, guests, and a few scattered patrons could be seen wandering around. The crowd slowly began to grow as the sun disappeared over the horizon of the mid-century drive in. To kick off the festivities local spooky rockers "the Haunted Creepys" played a set of great surf inspired gloom punk that would put Danzig to shame. Once the band was done, the movies began.

First movie on was "A Nightmare on Elm Street” and the night was off to a pretty decent start. I was of course for the most part stuck at my booth but got to explore here and there. It was a fun environment where people were able to either sit at their vehicles or wander around and check out some of the booths set up around the concession stand. Friday came and went and truly went beyond my expectations, but the best was yet to come, since the majority of the planned events were to take place the following night.

Saturday started out similarly to Friday but there were already more people. There even were a few vintage cars and trucks that showed up. Once again the bands kicked off the evening. The Haunted Creepys kicked it out again but this time were followed by Ari Lehman's band First Jason (in case you didn't know who he was). His 2 piece band consisting of a drummer and Lehman on keyboard (a keyboard that is mounted to an oversized machete and held like a guitar) describe themselves as "Monster Metal." Now I guess that could be taken in multiple ways, but I am not sure what to make of it really. I suggest checking it out for yourself.

Art is Dumb

The night pressed on and the crowd grew and grew. There was a multitude of things to check out while enjoying the fine cool October evening. There were a lot of Zombies walking around thanks to the air bush face painting by Red Circle, one of the many booths open for business. There were fried tacos available from Amigo's, a local restaurant who was one of the sponsors. There was a comic stand and the usual kinds of booths of local artisans selling their hand painted boxes and jewelry for the horror crowd. A few of these I would like to highlight as standing out from the rest.

First is a company called Lugnut Industries, an unusual one for a horror based event, but a regular at hotrod and motorcycle shows in the area. His usual products include work jackets and shirts printed with his own brand of collaged art, but he held his own at the show, offering up hand painted shrunken heads and metal cut outs of devils and tiki faces.

Show organizer, Timothy Sweeten

Next up there was a fella by the name of Landon with his brand "Art Is Dumb." This guy makes some of the coolest stencils I have ever seen. Super detailed, and just great looking. He sold canvas prints and shirts featuring monsters and horror icons. Hope to see this guy doing more events in the future.

Over all, the crowd, the vendors, the guests, and the movies all made for a very enjoyable event. I hope that Horror on the Boulevard will continue to happen each year and if you get the chance I highly recommend you make it out!

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