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Product Description: Strange Dreams and Graveyard Scenes await in, “Transylvania Mania”, the new 13 song full length record by MONSTER A GO-GO! A ripping return to the pogo-ing days of Misfits, 45 Grave and The Damned… “Transylvania mania” is available exclusively on the CD format and marks the debut release for the recently formed GOBLINHAUS RECORDS.

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Track Listing:

1. Transylvania
2. In A Coffin
3. Into The Nite
4. Dracula’s Daughter
5. Surf-Bat
6. Dark Red Lips
7. Transfusion
8. Haunted Castle
9. Sick Green Light
10. Is It So Strange?
11. Catacomb
12. Vampyr
13. I Drink Your Blood

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