Rene A. Moncivais

2006 at the Movies (1/28/07) Tony's 4th annual Top Fifteen picks.

Well, another year has passed and it's time for another Top 15. I just want to say how hard this list was to compile. There were so many films that I liked this year that I had to pick the ones that really did something for me. So here goes nothing....


15. Slither - Wow, what a great horror/comedy film. This comes from ex-Troma man James Gunn. This film is really funny and we get some good performances in it as well.

14. Little Miss Sunshine - A lot of people dislike this film. I don't know why. This film reminded me of when I used to go on Summer Vacation with my family. My parents had an old VW van like in this film. Really funny film and just about anything is good that has Steve Carrell in it.

13. The Fountain - I thought this was a really great film that moved me quite a bit. This is one of the best performances by Hugh Jackman I have seen.

12. Half Nelson - Ryan Gosling gives probably the best performance of the year in this drama about a school teacher addicted to crack.

Half Nelson

11. Casino Royale - This is the best Bond film since From Russia with Love. Daniel Craig is great as Bond. I really loved that they made this film a lot more believable than the other James Bond films.

10. The Departed - Martin Scorcese does a great job on this remake of a Japanese film called Infernal Affairs. Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon give good performances, but I really liked the bit players more.

6. Borat - Quite possibly the funniest movie to come out in a long time. Sascha Baron Cohen takes uncomfortable humor to a new level in this film. My chest hurt from laughing so much at this film.

5. The Prestige - This was the better film about magic that came out this year, the other being The Illusionist. This film was so great. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman do an amazing job as competeing magicians. Also it's cool to see David Bowie as Tesla.

4. Pan's Labyrinth - Guillermo Del Toro has a fascinating imagination. This film is beautiful and although it has a kind of bummer ending Del Toro manages to still make you feel good.

Pan's Labyrinth

3. United 93 - Paul Greengrass' film about United Flight 93. This an amazing piece of filmmaking. Instead just dramatizing the events, Greengrass just let's the camera roll in a sort of Documentary style. I can't imagine any other 9/11 film would ever be this honest.

2. Children of Men - Alfonso Cuaron's film about what our future is most likely going to be. What a piece of filmmaking. The best cinematography of the year as well. I wish more people would see this film.

1. Little Children - I did not think that I would be putting this at #1 when I went to go see it. I had a smile because I was so giddy about the way this film was made. I can't wait to see what the director Todd Field does next.

Little Children

8. Stranger Than Fiction - Will Ferrell does an awesome job in this comedy drama. I thought this film was going to be complete crap but it turned out to be a really good film about how change is good. .

7. Brick - This is a very well shot film noir set in High School. The characters even talk like they are from the 50's. It's a very original and beautiul film to look at.

I would like to mention that one of the best horror films I saw this year was The Descent. Also the biggest piece of shit I saw was the very disappointing Black Dahlia.


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9. Miami Vice - I know people will think I am dumb for putting this on the list but, I have to say I wasn't expecting much from this film and boy did it deliver. The drawback of the film is Colin Ferrell's performance is not the best but it's good. I really liked how gritty Michael Mann made this film.