. Water Stars Woods .


by Brianna Hamilton

One day a young girl named Lucy was playing in the Water Stars Woods when she saw a cloud floating right above her head. At first she didn't think that a cloud could be as low as her head but once the cloud started to change its color, Lucy realized that these woods must be magic. So she got on. She was having the time of her life with the wind blowing in her hair, the fresh smell of flowers and the sound of birds singing. The birds made a flower shaped figure above Lucy's head.

When the cloud stopped, Lucy gasped as she saw where she was. Lucy was staring at a waterfall. The waterfall was so beautiful Lucy could not believe her eyes. There were big shiny rocks, a rainbow that went across the falls, and birds, deer, horses and other animals were drinking out of it.

Pegasus' came flying out of nowhere. Pegasus went down to Lucy so that she could ride him. So Lucy got on his back to go fetch the rainbow. When Lucy touched it, it felt like she was touching an angel. When she touched it, the sky seemed brighter than ever. She smiled as Pegasus let her back to the ground. But right when she was just about to take a drink, the sky turned black and the sky was spinning. Lucy screamed and ran toward the cloud, but the cloud turned gray and had lightning coming out of him. A witch came down and captured Lucy. Lucy screamed as loud as she could, but noone could hear her.

Pegasus and the cloud were trapped in a glass room. Lucy was so terrafied, she started to cry. But when the witch took her to the castle, Lucy was not as scared. The witch said some magic words and a flash of smoke went right past Lucy but nothing happened. The witch had the wrong spell. While the witch was looking for a spell, Lucy asked, "Why did you capture me?" The witch said, "You let in more light so now you must pay."

Meanwhile, Pegasus was trying his best to free him and the cloud with his tiara. While the witch looked closely at her potions, Lucy was slowly untying the ropes. Once she had untied the ropes from her hands, she got up. Lucy was walking over to the potions as quiet as could be. Lucy carefully tipped over all the potions on the witch. Lucy ran out the door as she heard a BOOM! POP! POP! BOOM! The witch was popping like popcorn. A flash of purple smoke came through the chimney.

Meanwhile, Pegasus and the cloud were looking for Lucy following the purple smoke shouting, "Lucy! Lucy!" when the purple smoke stopped, they thought there was no hope when they heard something strange. It sounded like a popping noise. So they followed it. As they got closer, they could smell the purple smoke. The cloud flew up high to see what it might be. When she looked up, she could see the chimney. So they both flew to the witches house. When they got there, they saw the witch blowing up. They asked two monsters where Lucy was and the two monsters told them that Lucy had left. So Pegasus and the cloud split up.

About twenty minutes later, Lucy ran into the cloud. Lucy was very glad to see the cloud. Lucy got on the cloud and they both went back to the waterfall. Lucy went over to take a drink of water. Then they went up high in the air to look for Pegasus. A little while later, they ran into Pegasus. Pegasus was glad to see Lucy. So they all went back to the waterfall. When it was getting dark, Pegasus flew Lucy home.

Twenty years later...

Lucy went back to the woods. When she got there, the cloud had two children named Lucy and Puppyblew. Pegasus had one child named Pega. When they saw Lucy they were excited. Lucy said that they should go back to see the witch. When they got there, the witch was still popping! Rumor has it, that to this day you can still hear the witch popping.




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