. The Excuse .


by Brianna Hamilton

I was walking home from the park when I saw this house. It was very big. It had a big gate that had some words on it. I couldn’t read it because it was in some other language. The gate opened and the wind started to blow. I heard a scream and something pulled me inside. I could barely see anything because it was so dark. I heard bats fly by me. It scared me so I fell to the ground and my hair got caught in spider webs. Then I saw something. A light coming down the stairs. It was followed by a goblin. Then a witch came out and was saying some magic words. Then a pot of water surrounded by skulls came out. The skulls eyes glowed. The witch and the goblin were walking toward me. I got up and ran out the door. The house disappeared as I ran out. And that is why I was late for dinner.


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