. LOST! AND ALONE, At Least That’s What I Think .

Episode 1


by Brianna Hamilton

One afternoon I woke up on an airplane. I remembered the fun time me and my mom had at our vacation to Japan. I never liked flying in airplanes. The plane started to shake. I got scared and held on to my mom tight. The pilot came on the speaker and said”Put your seat belts on, there has been a problem with the engine”. I put my seat belt on tight as the lights went out. I started to cry when I saw the front of the plane fly off. I quickly put on the mask that came out from the ceiling. A few moments later I blacked out.

When I woke up I was right by fire from the crash. I got up to see if there were any survivors, but there wasn’t. After searching everywhere I heard a whimper. It sounded like a dog. Then I remembered that I took my dog on vacation. I dug through the luggage and found my dog. I gave him a bath in the ocean water to get the mud off of him. Then I realized that I needed to find food and shelter. I went farther up the beach and found a banana tree. I climbed up the tree and picked some. Then I thought I needed to make a fire, but how? I didn’t have a match and certainly didn’t know how to use a match. Then I thought of the way my big sister taught me. I needed to find a piece of glass. I went over to the pieces that were left from the plane and found a part of window. I set it down by the bananas and went to look for some leafs and grass. I found a tree with big green leafs and picked them. I piled all the leaves on top of each other and picked up the glass. Then I faced the glass at an angle and reflected the sun onto the leaves. Soon I had a fire. That night my dog and I ate bananas for dinner. In the middle of the night I heard my dog barking. This scared me because he only barked when something is wrong. Then I heard a roar. It sounded like a bear. I ran and hide behind a piece of plane. My dog growled and ran into the woods. He left me sitting there in the dark alone.

That morning I woke up covered in snow. I was freezing so I searched through the luggage. I finally found a jacket. I wanted to find my dog so I grabbed a banana and ran into the woods. I looked for him for a long time calling his name. But he never answered. I walked into a part of the woods where it wasn’t snowing. There I found a house made out of bamboo. I knocked on the door but none answered. I pushed the door open and walked in. I was terrified at what I saw. There was blood every where. Suddenly, the door closed and locked. It started to rain and I saw a shadow when I looked out the window. I sat down and cried. I heard a creek behind me. I turned around. There was a man standing behind me.

TO BE CONTINUED…. (read part 2)


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