. Dark Woods .


by Brianna Hamilton

One dark Halloween night I was walking through some dark woods, when I heard this evil laugh. Suddenly the wind started to whistle and two big dogs came out of nowhere. I ran as fast as I could. And soon I came to a house. The house was spooky because there were old trees everywhere and there was a graveyard. I went to knock on the door. An old lady opened it. This lady was very strange. She wore all black and she had 50 broom sticks. Her house was very old there was spider webs all over it. And the stairs squeaked. The old lady let me go up stairs. I looked in a room there was a coffin in it. I slowly walked over to the coffin, I opened the lid. There was nothing in it. The door opened and wind went by. I looked back at the coffin. A vampire was in it. The vampire’s eyes opened and they glowed. He sat up. I screamed and ran out of the dark house and into the dark woods. I was still screaming when I got home. And now I know never to go in the dark woods alone.


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