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The House By the Cemetary $7.99 (buy)

Someone - or something - is alive in the basement, and home sweet home is about to become a horrific hell on earth. One of Lucio Fulci's last great films. Color, Widescreen, digitally mastered. 1981, 87 mins. Anchor Bay. Includes trailers and TV spot.



House of Dark Shadows $7.99 (buy)

Dan Curtis, the creator of the "Dark Shadows" TV series, produced and directed this feature-length film based on the characters of the popular cult show. 1970, 1 hr 38 min.

Rated PG


House on Haunted Hill $4.99 (buy)

Vincent Price has one of his juiciest roles in this haunted-house thriller as millionaire playboy Frederick Loren, who invites five guests out to a genuine haunted house, offering them each $10,000 if they spend the night. Produced, directed by genre master William Castle. 1958, 75 mins.



I Bury the Living $4.99 (buy)

A newly appointed cemetery chairman discovers that, merely by inserting a black pin into a wall-sized map of the cemetery, he can cause the deaths of that plot's owner. B&W, 1957, 1 hr 20 mins.



The Man From Planet X $4.99 (buy)

One day a new planet shows up in our solar system, and the next, strange invaders are rocketing to Earth. Lauded low-budget auteur Edgar G. Ulmer directed this sci fi classic with his patented mixture of brilliant camerawork and budgetary restraint. B&W, 1951, 1 hr 11 mins.



The New York Ripper $6.99 (buy)

A blade-wielding psychopath is on the loose in the Big Apple. One of Lucio Fulci's most savage and controversial thrillers. Color, Widescreen. 1982, 93 mins. Anchor Bay. Includes trailer.



Nightwatch $7.99 (buy)

The shocking original version, packed with all the black humor and savage suspense that made it an acclaimed horror hit around the world. Widescreen, Theatrical trailer, Danish w/ English subtitles, digitally mastered. 1994, 107 mins. Anchor Bay.



Phantom of the Rue Morgue $6.99 (buy)

Based on "Murders in the Rue Morgue" by Edgar Allen Poe with Malden as Dr. Marais, the zoologist harboring dark obsessions behind a veneer of respectability. 1954, 84 mins.



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