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The Amazing Transparent Man $4.99 (buy)

An expert safecracker named Faust (Douglas Kennedy) turns invisible via radioactive rays in this low-budget science fiction-crime movie hybrid, directed by cult icon Edgar G. Ulmer (DETOUR, THE MAN FROM PLANET X). Includes Trailer. B&W, 1960.

Not Rated


The Black Cat $7.99 (buy)

Atmospheric horror thriller directed by Lucio Fulci based on the story by Edgar Allen Poe. Includes Trailer. Anchor Bay, widescreen, Digitally mastered.

Not Rated


Blank Generation $6.99 (buy)

Starring Richard Hell and the Voidoids (including live performances at CBGB), director Ulli Lommel filmed entirely on location in the streets and clubs of NYC's Lower East Side in 1979. Including an appearance by Andy Wahrol. Anchor Bay, widescreen, Digitally mastered.

Not Rated


A Bucket Of Blood $4.99 (buy)

In a jumpin' java joint of kooky beatniks, poets and hipsters, an artist wannabe discovers he has a talent for modern art... and murder. Dripping with blood, social satire and "sick, sick comedy" (The Film Daily). B&W, 2 hr 14 min, 1959.

Not Rated.


A Challenge For Robin Hood $6.99 (buy)

This Science-Fiction fantasy set in 12th century England. Robin de Courtenay flees to Sherwood Forest when he is framed for the murder of his cousin. With the help of Friar Tuck and a motley band of rebels he plots against the real murderer. Anchor Bay, widescreen, Digitally mastered. Includes trailer. 96 mins. 1967.

Not Rated.


The Changeling $4.99 (buy)

George C. Scott stars in a haunted-house adventure complete with seances, nocturnal grave-diggings, and ghostly spirits. 115 min. 1980.

Rated R.


Conqueror Worm $5.99 (buy)

Vincent Price is Matthew Hopkins: Witchfinder General, who tours the English countryside torturing hapless victims and putting innocent people to death in the name of purifying souls. Contains original theatricl trailer. Color, 1 hr 27 min, 1968.

Not Rated.


Creepshow $3.99 (buy)

George Romero (director) and Stephen King (screenplay) team up for 5 comic horror yarns in the ghouls-n-gags style of classic 50's comics. 120 min. 1982.

Rated R.



Dawn of the Dead: Director's Cut $9.99 (buy)

The Out-of-print, very collectible, release of the un-rated Director's Cut. Anchor Bay anniversary edition, 1999. 139 min. Includes Monroeville Mall commercial.


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