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Rod Serling's Devils and Demons $1.99 (buy)

Paperback: 212 pages. Fourteen tales of gripping terror collected by the man who wrote "Stories from the Twilight Zone." Used, 1967.



50 True Tales of Terror $2.50 (buy)

Paperback: 495 pages. "A compelling collection of harrowing horrors, dreadful dangers, and soul-staggering incidents." Edited by John Canning,1972.

50 Great Horror Stories $2.99 (buy)

Paperback: 499 pages. Witches, weirds, vengeful spirits, sudden victims, and endless parade of scarifying things. First edition,1971.



Dracula $1.99 & Dracula (unabridged) $2.50 (buy)

"Dracula," Bram Stoker (black cover). 416 pages. 1972 printing.

"Dracula," Bram Stoker, unabridged (red cover). 508 pages. 1979 printing.



Frankenstein $1.99 ea. (buy)

"Frankenstein," Mary Shelley (left). 190 pages. Unknown printing date.

"Frankenstein," Mary Shelley, unabridged (right). 223 pages. 1963 printing.



The Brotherhood of Satan $3.99 (buy)

by L.Q. Jones, Paperback, 155 pages. Based on the motion picture. 1980 printing (c 1971).



The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Tales $1.99 (buy)

by Edgar Allan Poe, Paperback, 383 pages. Fourteen Tales of Terror. 1960 printing.



Irish Ghost Story 2-pack $3.99 (buy)

"The Lively Ghosts of Ireland," Hans Holzer. Paperback: 191 pages. 1967.

"Ghosts in Irish Houses," James Reynolds. Paperback: 287 pages. 1968 printing (c 1947).



False Idols $1.99 (buy)

by Betty Ferm, 175 pages. Tale of demonic possession in a peaceful Jewish community(!). 1975.



Dracula's Gold $1.99 (buy)

by Robert Lory, 182 pages. A spine-tingling treasure hunt through the wolf-haunted tunnels of Dracula Mountain. #4 in a series. 1973.



The World's Most Famous Ghosts $1.99 (buy)

by Daniel Cohen, 99 pages with pictures. 1985 printing (c 1978).


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