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Horror & Fantasy in the Movies $12.99 (buy)

Beautiful vintage hardback with dustjacket: 156 pages. Chock full of pictures. By Tom Hutchinson with a forward by Vincent Price. (add another $0.50 shipping, heavy book).


A Taste Of Blood: The Films of H.G. Lewis $9.99 (buy)

Oversized paperback: 252 pages. Chronicles Lewis' career as the master of exploitation and contains interviews, commentary, extremely rare photographs, production stills, posters, and a thorough synopsis of each of Lewis' three dozen influential films. Also included is a stunning 8-page colour section of graphic screen gore. "Like new", cover price $22.95. (add another $0.50 shipping, heavy book).


Screams and Nightmares $6.99 (buy)

Hardback book 191 pages. Covers Wes Craven flicks from Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes to Scream. Oh and some Nightmare movie too. Pictures on every page. Used, cover price $27.95. (add another $0.50 shipping, heavy book).


Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In $6.99 (buy)

Iron Joe Bob $5.99 (buy)

The Cosmic Wisdom of Joe Bob Briggs $6.99 (buy)

Three different choices, chock full of timeless wisdom, insight, and hilarity. By the world's first, only, and best drive-in movie critic. Used books. "Cosmic" is hardback.


If Chins Could Kill $7.99 (buy)

Trade paperback: 344 pages. Bruce Campbell's autobiography. 'Nuff said.. "Like new."


Spaghetti Nightmares $10.99 (buy)

Amazing oversized paperback: 192 pages. Discussions with about every Italian horror figure you can imagine. Fulci, Argento, L. Bava, Soavi, Deodato, Lenzi and many more. Tons of color and black and white pictures. Used, cover price $25.95.


Lucio Fulci: Beyond the Gates $5.99 (buy)

Paperback: 80 pages. Overview of "The Maestro's" films with a ton of pictures. Used, cover price $12.95.


Ingrid Pitt Bedside Companion for Vampire Lovers $7.99 (buy)

Oversized paperback: 192 pages. Pitt uncovers the fascinating relationship between the cinema vampire and its origins, and suggests her own reasons for the undying popularity of vampires on and off screen. Used.


Guilty Pleasures of the Horror Film $6.99 (buy)

Trade paperback: 256 pages, Midnight Marquee Press. Movies covered include: Maniac, Sh! The Octopus, Voodoo Man, Unknown Island, Scared Stiff, Indestructible Man, Rodan, The Tingler, Flesh Eaters, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, King Kong (1976) and Dune. Used, cover price $20.00.



The Thrill of Fear: 250 Years of Scary Entertainment $4.99 (buy)

Trade paperback: 292 pages, Kendrick (English, Fordham U.) traces our tastes and expectations of the horror tale in literature and the performing arts. Used, cover price $12.95.


Beyond Belief : Bizarre Facts & Incredible Legends from All over the World $2.99 (buy)

Paperback: 1993. Cover price $12.00.



David Cronenberg: A Delicate Balance (Canadian Biography Series) $2.99 (buy)

Paperback: 155 pages. An introduction to the work of David Cronenberg (director of Rabid, The Brood, eXistenZ), follows his career up until Naked Lunch. Cover price $9.95.



The Ultimate Ghosts sticker book $2.99 (buy)

Over 60 stickers. 2001. Cover price $6.95.



The Ultimate Haunted House sticker book $2.99 (buy)

Over 60 stickers. 2002. Cover price $6.95.


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