. Spooky Night .
One dark and scary night, I woke up to a very strange noise. So I went through the dark hallway. I ran because I was scared. There was a flash of white light. The sound was louder than ever and as I got closer I could figure out what it was. The noise was terrifying to hear! I heard a knife sharpening. When I got downstairs, nothing was there. I went to see if my parents were there. They were gone. All of a sudden, I heard a scream. I ran toward it, but I didn't know which way it was coming from. Finally, I heard it again. It was coming from the closet. Once I got there, the scream turned to howls. I was really scared. I opened the closet When I opened it, there was red glowing eyes. The wind was whistling and there was a little girl singing lalalalalaaaaaa.

If you think that was scary, listen to this.

A werewolf was in the background and he was running toward me with a zombie following him! I shut the door in terror. I ran down to check my mom and dad's room to see if they were in there. Luckily, they were there and I told them about it. At first they didn't believe me...until I showed them the closet.

Story and Art by Brianna Hamilton

That morning, I read about our house and it turned out that our house was built on a graveyard. The graveyard had vanished over two million years ago and a door that leads to the other world opens on HALLOWEEN.


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