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WHIP-BATS - "Convents & Catacombs" 7 song Compact Disc. GOBLINHAUS RECORDS #5 - (FULL DETAILS) $7.50 with FREE EMBROIDERED PATCH


GHOSTS RUN WILD - "Black Sails on a Sea of Blood" 18 song Compact Disc. GOBLINHAUS RECORDS #2 - (FULL DETAILS) $7.99 with FREE POSTER & PIN



MONSTER A GO-GO! - "Haunted Castle" 6 song 7" ep. Limited edition of 500, Colored vinyl - $5.99

1. Haunted Castle
2. Into the Nite
3. Dark Red Lips
4. One Mysterious Nite
5. Strange Door
6. It's So Ghoulish



MONSTER A GO-GO! - "Screem and Screem" 6 song 7" ep. Limited edition of 500, Colored vinyl - $5.99

1. Terror in the Haunted House
2. Just Around Midnite
3. Torture Chamber
4. Step Into My Grave
5. Haunt Your Dreams
6. Cast A Dark Shadow



MONSTER A GO-GO! - "Shiver & Shake" 7" ep. 4 songs inspired by Vincent Price. Limited edition of 500, Black vinyl - $5.99

1. House on Haunted Hill
2. Shock
3. Tomb of Ligeia
4. The Tingler



GHOULS NIGHT OUT - "The Mourning After" 8 song CD - "If the Misfits spent the night with The Trashwomen, you d get Ghouls Night Out!" - $8.00



THE SINISTERS - "Four Haunted Hits" 7" ep - 4 songs of Spooky instrumental surf - $7.00



LA BASURA DEL DIABLO - "Trash from the Crypt" 14 Song Compact Disc. Lo-Fi Horror Trash Rock. - $5.00


WHIP BATS - "The Heart Of The Universe Pumps Only Death" 9 song CD. More Eurotrash /Deathrock from the Whip-Bats! The subject this time is DEMONS! You will die screaming for mercy on the altar of the Ancient Gods of Time, Space and Death! Astral project your shattered soul from the darkest reaches of outer space to the deepest pits of Hell!. - $9.00


WHIP BATS - "Demon Mask" 5-inch record. The single from the Whip-Bats CD "The Heart of the Universe Pumps Only Death". One sided square shaped 5" picture disk. Don't get cut when you put on the Demon Mask! - $6.99

WHIP BATS - "Demon Castle Dracula" 15 song CD. A concept album inspired by early Castlevania video games and vampire tales. Influenced by Goblin, Samhain, Alien Sex Fiend, New Math & horror movie soundtracks, one of the most spooky albums you'll hear anytime soon. - $9.00





WOLFMAN CHUCK & THE SPOOKALELE OF DOOM - "The True Sound of Horror" 20 song CD. Haunting Lo-Fi love songs oozing with shocking taboo visceral imagery of death, monsters, and things perhaps long since expired from this mortal coil. All this sweetly crooned with a splash of morbid humor by one man with an epic beard and his ukulele. This is the wonderfully eerie world of Wolfman Chuck and the Spookalele of Doom! - $5.00

THE LURKING CORPSES - "23 Tales Of Terror" 23 song CD. Their debut release. Music reflecting their love of classic horror punk anthemic qualities as well as death and thrash metal elements - $10.00 SOLD OUT

THE LURKING CORPSES - "Smells Like The Dead" 12 song CD. The songs on this release represent the Lurking Corpses tradition ranging from horror pop punk, to thrash, and everything in between. - $10.00

ONE MAN BANDS, HILLBILLYS AND MONSTERS - 7-inch vinyl Record.. The title says it all. 10 garage rock, punk, lo-fi, surf, rockabilly and one man bands from all over the world (USA, Sweden, Canada, UK, and France) who all share a love of garbage, monsters and rock n roll! - $6.99


HAUNTED HORROR "Terror on Tape", on CD- Re-issue of classic old Halloween cassette. Enter the bone-shilling, blood-curdling depths of audio madness. 60 minutes of spine tingling chills. - $5.00


GENKI GENKI PANIC - "SVRF CVLT" - 3 song 7 inch flexi disc record, includes download code. GOBLINHAUS RECORDS #6 - (FULL DETAILS) - $4.99

MONSTER A GO-GO! - "Transylvania Mania" 13 song Compact Disc. GOBLINHAUS RECORDS #1 - (FULL DETAILS) $8.99 with FREE PIN

GENKI GENKI PANIC / JAGALOONS - split 7" - Four tracks on clear translucent / green splatter vinyl - $9.99.

GENKI GENKI PANIC - "SPOOKY FINGERS" - 10 inch vinyl EP, $16.99

ORDER OF THE FLY - "Hollow Voices of a Dead Generation" 12 inch LP, 13 songs. Limited Edition of 200 - $16.99

INTO THE VOODOO - 12" LP, Red vinyl compilation featuring Creepersin, The Jim Parsons Project and Bad Whoremoans. Limited Edition of 500 - $14.00

GODLESS AMERICA MIXTAPE -International Cassette Store Day 2015 Release C-45 Clear Cassette with Hand-Made Labels and Full Color J-Card, Includes ex-Dead Boys bassist Frank Secich's band The Deadbeat Poets, Roomfull of Strangers, Me Chinese and more. Limited ed.- $5.00


JIM VANCE - "Legacy of Lo-Fidelity" 9 song Compact Disc. From the man who bought you Ghosts Run Wild, Whip-Bats, Von Dooms and Phantom Maximus. A few brutal metal songs, a couple of surf tunes, some garage punk and even a country song. Total Rock n Roll Madness! - $8.00



PHANTOM MAXIMUS - "Die for Demonicus" 15 song Compact Disc. More Lo-Fi Haunt Rock Madness! Their 2nd album of stripped down and raw horror music - $10.00


PHANTOM MAXIMUS - "S.P.E.C.T.R.E." Compact Disc. 16 tracks of Lo-Fi Haunt Rock Madness! The best of "Rex Deus Spiritus", "Destroy All Chords" and "I Am Your Grave" plus 5 new tunes - $10.00

PHANTOM MAXIMUS - "Rex Deus Spiritus" 8 song 7" ep Punk Rock & Roll, Historical Horror Madness on a one sided record. Black vinyl - $5.99

PHANTOM MAXIMUS - "Destroy All Chords" 16 song 7" LP. This is a full 16 song album on a 7”! It comes with 4 different silk screened and stenciled covers, each numbered and limited to 25 copies. Which version will you get? Almost every song is about a ghost! Garage-punk at its bloody lo-fi finest! Black vinyl - $7.50


VON DOOMS - "Intensely Cold, Shockingly Old" 35 song Compact Disc. Primitive Horror Rock and Roll with songs about Monsters, Bad Girls, Ghosts and lots of Lovecraftian Nonsense. - $9.00


GHOSTS RUN WILD - "If You Want Evil" 8 song Compact Disc. Horror tunes that will take you from the depths of the basement to the furthest reaches of outer space. - $7.00


KILSLUG - "God's Funeral", 7" vinyl single. Early noise sludge pioneers return with their first studio recordings since 1985. Limited edition of 330 - $5.00

MONSTER A GO-GO! - self titled 15 song Compact Disc. GOBLINHAUS RECORDS #7 - NEW! (FULL DETAILS) - $6.99


FAUXRROR - "Soundtracks to Horror Films that Never Were" 25 song Compact Disc. GOBLINHAUS RECORDS #4 - (FULL DETAILS) $4.99 with FREE "Terror" Download


LA BASURA DEL DIABLO - "Hell Night Holocaust" 8 song Compact Disc. GOBLINHAUS RECORDS #3 - (FULL DETAILS) $7.99 with FREE POSTER


THE DEMON SEEDS - "Exercise your Demons" 12" LP. Only available on vinyl, a conceptĀ  record that tells the story between good and evil from biker fuzz and reverb instrumentals to snotty garage punk and samples in between. The record plays backwards from the label to the outer groove. There's also a surprise multi groove that needs to be spun backwards by hand to be heard. Gatefold sleeve. Only 350 pressed. - $18.99

THE EVIL STREAKS - self titled. New for 2017 full length CD. Female fronted garage punk The Cramps meet the Sonics. - $8.00


THE EVIL STREAKS/VOODUO - "Ghouls in the Garage" Split 12" LP. Evil Steaks deliver spooky surf and garage tunes and The Vooduo deliver the garage punk gems. - $13.99




GHOSTS RUN WILD / INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE - Split 7-inch vinyl Record.. Two trashy Horror obsessed bands on one 7 inch. Ghosts Run Wild plays horror garage/punk/echo-blast/??? Rock and Roll. Invisible Man's Revenge is a One Man Band that plays horrific lo-fi Exploitation Rock and Roll. Only 300 copies pressed on special clear vinyl. - $6.99




CRIMSON GHOSTS - "Some Kinda Hits" 12" LP. 14 of your favorite Misfits /Samhain songs played as surf instrumentals. Front cover by Eerie Von. Only 300 copies pressed. - $13.00



ALUCARD - "Rock N’ Roll Death Machine" Compact Disc. 10 Relentless Horror rock rippers from this vampirific band of blood brothers - $8.00 SOLD OUT



CRIMSON GHOSTS - "Earth E.P." Nine Danzig era Misfits songs played as surf instrumentals. - $7.00


THE EVIL STREAKS - "Talk to the Dead". 13song CD. Female fronted garage punk The Cramps meet the Sonics. - $8.00


THE EVIL STREAKS - "Go Go to Hell". Four song 7" ep. Female fronted garage punk The Cramps meet the Sonics. Limited to 300 copies - $5.99

GEIN & THE GRAVEROBBERS - "Gruesome Twesome". Double CD. All horror themed, instrumental surf. Dick Dale meets Iron Maiden - $8.00


V/A PLEDGE YOUR ALLEGIANCE TO SATAN - 15 horror themed bands ranging in styles from straight up punk rock to instrumental surf. Eerie Von, Ghastly Ones, Young Werewolves and more - $6.00



THE DEMON SEEDS- "Have a Date with Death" 13 song CD. Snotty Horror garage punk mayhem with creepy organ - $8.00


CEREAL HORROR STORIES - 10 track Compact Disc - Actual recordings taken from the original cardboard records that you could cut out from the back of cereal boxes, - $5.00




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