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.Zombie $2.99

Paperback: 183 pages. They Die. They Walk. They Kill... For them the grave is only the beginning. Brains! By Peter Tremayne,1981.



.Exorcism $2.50

Paperback: 190 pages. Look at this crap. Wicked Awesome! By ETH NATAS (did you catch that?),1972.



.Modern Masters of Horror $2.99

Paperback: 286 pages. Featuring CLAY by George A. Romero. Fifteen tales including authors King (The Monkey), McCammon, Bloch, Laymon, Campbell, Wilson. Used, 1981.



.Supernatural $2.50

Paperback: 192 pages. Seven haunting stories of Gothic Terror. From the BBC-tv series of the same name. Edited by Robert Muller,1977.



.We Have Always Lived in the Castle $1.99

Paperback: 173 pages. By Shirley Jackson, author of The Haunting of Hill House. 1962.



..Suffer a Witch To Die $1.99

Paperback: 205 pages. A macabe spell by a coven of witches, a nightmare world... By Elizabeth Davis. 1969.


.The Supernatural $1.99

Paperback: 240 pages (with cool pictures). The first objecive investigation of psychic phenomena and those who have long practiced occult powers. 1965.




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