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8/10/22 - New T-Shirt "The Vidiot" added to the shop today..

8/8/22 - New Screen printed back patches added to the shop today.

7/15/22 - *** VACATION ALERT *** Order shipping is temporarily on hold until July 25, 2022 - THANK YOU!

7/14/22 - New big The Slaughtered Lamb full color back patch added to the shop today.

7/6/22 - Added a variety of new patches today including a giant Tales from the Crypt back patch..

6/30/22 - Wave 15 Hammer Monsters from Mego (& the boxed Spike from Killer Klowns) in stock and shipping now

6/28/22 - Wave 15 Hammer Monsters from Mego (& the boxed Spike from Killer Klowns) will be here any day now. Went ahead and made them available for order. Will add photos as soon as we get em.

6/23/22 - New Pumpkinhead Caps added to the shop today..

- Six new TOHO/Godzilla ReAction figures added to the shop today. They'll ship early next week.

6/13/22 - New "Gabba Gabba" T-Shirts added to the shop today..

6/10/22 - Canvas patch restock today.

6/8/22 - New Metaluna Mutant Model Kit added to the shop today.

6/6/22 - New Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon T-Shirts added to the shop today.

5/31/22 - A couple new Patches added to the shop. Jack-o-lantern & Troll 2!

5/29/22 - A Disney Haunted Mansion puzzle added to the shop today.

5/28/22 - New Ed Roth Mr. Gasser Model Kit added to the shop today.

5/24/22 - To kick off the celebration of our 20th year we've put together a big batch of commemorative merchandise and we're offering it to you Mega Cheap! Take a look. Flat $5.00 shipping no matter how much of it you buy.

5/13/22 - *** VACATION ALERT *** Order shipping is temporarily on hold until May 23, 2022 - THANK YOU!

5/12/22 - Some new Magnets added to the shop today.

5/11/22 - Mezco Designer Series Leatherface in stock now.

5/10/22 - Five more T-Shirts added to the shop today (They Live, Killer Klowns & a couple of Hammer).

5/8/22 - New Surfink Model Kit added to the shop today.

5/7/22 - Stocked up on some new Band Patches in the shop.

5/5/22 - Three new T-Shirts added to the shop today (Godzilla & Texas Chainsaw).

5/2/22 - New Phantom of the Opera Model Kit added to the shop today.

4/28/22 - NECA Evil Dead 40th Anniversary Ultimate Ash and Part 3 Leatherface in stock now.

4/25/22 - Four vintage Halloween Masks and one Vintage Halloween Clown costume added the shop today.

- NECA Black and White WOLF MAN figure in stock now.

4/22/22 - NECA Elvira 8" figure in stock now.

4/14/22 - "CONSUME" Coffee Mugs added the shop today.

4/12/22 - New Marusan Godzilla ReAction figure added the shop today.

4/6/22 - New giant woven Cthulhu back patches added to the shop today.

3/25/22 - New Forgotten Prisoner Model Kit added to the shop today.

3/17/22 - New Lost Boys / David ReAction figures have been added the shop today.

3/16/22 - Big woven Captain Howdy back patches added to the shop today.

3/11/22 - A few new types of Halloween/horror wall decor added to the shop today.

2/23/22 - NECA Victor Crowley (Hatchet) 8" figure in stock now.

2/18/22 - NECA Captain Blake from The Fog 8" figure in stock now.

2/16/22 - New Toshio & Kayako (Ju-On The Grudge) T-shirts available in the shop.

2/14/22 - NECA The Thing Ultimate MacReady (Outpost 31) back in stock in the shop.

2/11/22 - Two more NECA figures added the shop today. Ultimate Mummy and The New Blood Jason.

2/9/22 - House of 1000 Corpses Captain Spaulding Action figure added the shop today.

2/7/22 - Two new NECA figures added the shop today. Ultimate Wolf Man and The Miner from My Bloody Valentine.

1/28/22 - FIVE New Mego monsters added to the shop today.

1/20/22 - NECA Ultimate Nightmare Demons (An American Werewolf in London) added the shop today.

1/14/22 - New Patches and a Sticker added to the shop today including a giant 10 inch Tall Man patch!

1/7/22 - Two new Horror Koozies added to the shop today.

1/5/22 - Amazing new Bela Lugosi Masks and Gill Creep Mini Monster from Retro a Go-Go available now.

1/3/22 - We are back in town and shipping oders now. Thank you for your patience and Happy New Year!

12/24/21 - *** VACATION ALERT *** Order shipping is temporarily on hold until January 3, 2022 - THANK YOU!

12/23/21 - A small number of Series 6 Toony Terrors are available for order now.

12/16/21 - New Mego Hammer Frankenstein available now.

12/9/21 - NECA 30th Anniv. Ultimate Freddy Krueger added the shop today.

12/6/21 -The new wave of ReAction Universal Monster figures have been added the shop today.

12/5/21 - New Horror Fan Club Patches added to the shop today.

12/2/21 - New Mego Killer Klowns from Outer Space "Jumbo" available now.

11/19/21 - NECA Ultimate Leatherface added the shop today.

11/16/21 - New ReAction figures added the shop today, including Shogun Godzilla, Regan (The Exorcist) and two different Pennywise.

11/13/21 - New Jada Toys Creature from the Black Lagoon 6 inch action figure now available in the shop.

11/2/21 - New Pumpkinhead Sticker available now.

10/15/21 - NECA The Thing Ultimate MacReady (v.2 Station Survival) now available in the shop.

10/11/21 - NECA Ultimate Frankenstein (black and white version) now available in the shop.

10/8/21 - The Exorcist playing cards have been added the shop today.

10/5/21 - More new Patches added to the shop today. Here and Here.

9/18/21 - NECA Ultimate Ash (Evil Dead 2) and Toony Terrors Jaws & Quint figures have been added the shop today.

9/15/21 - Two new Patches added to the shop today. Pumpkinhead & Halloween III.

9/13/21 - NECA 8-inch retro cloth Michael Myers (H2) figure has been added the shop today.

9/9/21 - New Mego Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) available now.

8/31/21 - New Mego The Reptile and The Mummy figures in stock and ready to ship now.

8/30/21 - NECA's Halloween III set has been re-stocked in the shop today. This thing is amazing.

8/20/21 - VACATION ALERT - shipping is on hold until August 30th. THANK YOU.

8/15/21 - NECA's Ultimate MacReady (John Carpenter's The Thing) figure has been added the shop today.

8/9/21 - The Mego 14 inch Creature from the Black Lagoon is in stock and ready to ship now.

7/23/21 - Ed Roth Angel Fink Model Kits added to the shop today.

- Toony Terrors Regan figure added the shop.

7/16/21 - Four different Kaiju trucker caps added the shop today.

7/15/21 - Gremlins playing cards have been added the shop today.

'6/28/21 - Four new Patches added to the shop today. Chopping Mall, Dead Alive, Rasputin the Mad Monk and Battle Royale.

6/8/21 - Mego Creature and Candyman added to the shop today.

6/4/21 - Toony Terrors Michael Myers figure has been added the shop today.

6/3/21 - Three new stickers added to the shop today.

'6/1/21 - Added three new Patches to the shop today including a must see Giant Metaluna Mutant patch.

5/27/21 - Slaughtered Lamb Koozie added to the shop today.

- Two new Haunted Manor Model Kits available in the shop.

'5/26/21 - Added four new Patches to the shop today.

5/24/21 - NECA Ghost Face has been added the shop today.

5/14/21 - VACATION ALERT shipping is on hold until May 24th. THANK YOU.

5/13/21 - Toony Terrors Jason now in stock. Also re-stocked some Back Patches.

5/11/21 - NECA Candyman has been added the shop today.

5/6/21 - NECA Laurie Strode & Dr. Loomis 2-pack added the shop today.

5/5/21 - Four new stickers added to the shop today.

4/30/21 - New ReAction figures added the shop today, including The Munsters. Available for shipping now.

4/25/21 - NECA Corpse Pamela Voorhees has been added the shop today.

4/16/21 - Check out our new selection of Monster Model Kits in the shop. More to be added soon.

4/6/21 - Two excellent new Koozies added to the shop today.

'4/5/21 - Four new Patches and an excellent TallMan keychain added to the shop today.

3/31/21 - New Mego Wolf Man and Son of Frankenstein added to the shop.

3/26/21 - Three new stickers added to the shop today.

'3/16/21 - New CHUD and Fright Night Patches added to the shop today.

3/2/21 - New Mego Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein added to the shop today.

3/1/21 - Added a nice batch of NECA items to the shop today.

2/24/21 - Added some new retro style vacuform masks to the shop today. Freddy, Stripe (Gremlins) and Addams Family.

2/22/21 - Added the Misfits Fiend Retro clothed 2 pack to the shop.

2/18/21 - Re-stocked Patches in the shop.

- Re-stocked some Back Patches in the shop. Will be re-stocking others next week.

2/17/21 - Added the new Silver Screen boxed Creature from the Black Lagoon ReAction figure to the shop.

2/5/21 - Two new Mego figures added to the shop today. Hammer Dracula and Chucky.

2/4/21 - Added the new "Monster Glow" Nosferatu Remco style ReAction figure to the shop.

'1/17/21 - Added six new Patches to the shop today.

1/11/21 - Added six new stickers to the shop today.

1/2/21 - Added a great Michael Myers model kit to the shop.

12/15/20 - Added four new ReAction Figures to the shop. Disney's Hitchiking Ghosts and The Creature Walks AMong Us.

12/14/20 - More new Patches in the shop today.

12/13/20 - Added the new ReAction Michael Myers to the shop.

12/8/20 - New "Holiday Horrors" ornaments added to the shop today. Universal Monsters and Misfits.

11/17/20 - Added some new toys to the shop today. Two different ReAction Chuckys and a couple of NECA ultimates (Pinhead & Jason).

11/17/20 - New Patches in the shop today.

10/15/20 - More decor added to the shop,

10/7/20 - Added more masks to the shop today.

9/29/20 - Added a batch of vintage Halloween masks to the shop today. .

9/24/20 - Check out the great new 3 Halloween Trick or Treaters T-Shirt available now..

9/16/20 - Some new Patches in the shop today.

9/15/20 - More decor added to the shop, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Ghostbusters.

- New in the shop today a hanging Jason Voorhees and a deluxe Freddy Glove.

9/12/20 - Mego Leatherface added to the shop today.

Ben Cooper Darth Vader and C-3PO Masks also added to the shop today.

9/9/20 - Two new Mego figures added to the shop today. Regan (The Exorcist) and The Fly. Leatherface and Mr. Hyde also coming soon.

Three new inexpensive Halloween Masks added to the shop today. Bride of Frankenstein, Creature and Jason.

8/19/20 - The NECA 8-inch Clothed Decker (from Nightbreed) added to the shop today.

8/14/20 - A couple new ReAction figures added to the shop today. Misfits & Phantom.

8/11/20 - Friday the 13th playing cards added to the shop today.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre die cast trucks re-stocked as well.

7/23/20 - More new Patches in the shop today.

7/17/20 - NECA Halloween II, Ultimate Michael Myers added to the shop today.

7/13/20 - New BEER Shark koozie added to the shop. An original design you have to see.

7/2/20 - Two new Stickers added to the shop.

7/1/20 - A couple of new Patches in the shop today.

6/26/20 - Five new Stickers added to the shop.

6/22/20 -Three different NECA Jason's added to the shop today. Part 2, 4 and 5.

6/17/20 - 7 New ReAction figures added to the shop today. Anthrax and Army of Darkness.

6/5/20 - Some great new patches & stickers in the shop today.

5/14/20 - A handful of new stickers in the shop today.

5/13/20 - Some new Patches in the shop today.

4/28/20 - New Jason Voorhees Mondoid available in the shop.

4/21/20 - New Freaks Sticker available in the shop.

4/8/20 - Six new Woven PATCHES have been added to the shop.

4/1/20 -BACK PATCHES have been re-stocked in the shop.

3/23/20 - Regan / The Exorcist Living Dead Doll now available in the shop.

3/7/20 - Jack Torrance / The Shining Living Dead Doll now available in the shop.

3/6/20 - Glow in the Dark Mego Nosferatu now available in the shop.

2/25/20 - Seven more ReAction Figures added to the shop including the amazing RoboCop 2 pack.

2/4/20 - Creature from the Black Lagoon added to our large selection of ReAction figures in the shop.

1/15/20 - VACATION ALERT shipping is on hold until January 27th. THANK YOU.

1/7/20 - New Horror Koozies added to the shop today.

12/19/19 - VACATION ALERT shipping is on hold until December 30th. THANK YOU.

12/6/19 - Keshi Surprise Universal Monster Figs have been added to the shop.

12/5/19 - New NECA King Kong vs Godzilla figure added to the shop.

12/3/19 - New They Live and Megadeth ReAction figures added to the shop.

11/26/19 - The new Pennywise and Chucky Madballs have been added to the shop.

11/22/19 - Re-stocked a bunch of canvas patches that have been sold out for a while.

11/20/19 - Check out the new Monsters in our new Wall Decor section of the shop.

11/8/19 - VACATION ALERT shipping is on hold until Novenber 18th. THANK YOU.

- 9 new woven patches added to the shop.

11/5/19 - 6 new Super7 ReAction figures added to the shop, All Universal Monsters.

11/4/19 - Two new Mechani-Kong stickers are available in the shop.

11/3/19 - New selection of CAPS in the shop.

10/28/19 - Seven new Horror Art Toys in the shop. Freddy, Michael, Jason, Leatherface and more.

10/22/19 - New FREAKS Back Patch in the shop. Re-stocked some of the other back patches too.

10/9/19 - 18 new Super7 ReAction figures added to the shop, monsters and music.

10/7/19 - New Misfits, Ghost (band) and Pinhead Halloween Masks added to the shop..

9/26/19 - The new Wave 7 Mego Horror figures are now available in the shop along with some other new horror figures in the TOYS section. We have more toys to be added as soon as possible.

9/12/19 - New Halloween Masks added to the shop. Michael Myers, The Strangers, Saw and more

8/15/19 - VACATION ALERT shipping is on hold until August 22nd. THANK YOU.

7/19/19 - A new CD, Haunted Horror / Terror on Tape available in the shop. Also re-stocked the Cereal Horror Stories CD..

7/1/19 - New "Casper's Friends" (All My Friends Are Dead) T-Shirts available now. Come with a Free Casper's Friends sticker..

6/25/19 - A variety of new Horror Stickers have been added to the shop. Free shipping on stickers.

6/19/19 - New Horror Ornaments (Leatherface, Micheal Myers, Sam from Trick R Treat) available in the shop now.

- Also added to the shop a couple new Texas Chainsaw items and the new Mezco stylized Michael Myers.

6/10/19 - Amazing new hand made Screen Printed posters available in the shop now.

6/7/19 - Freddy and Leatherface Madballs now available in the shop.

5/17/19 - VACATION ALERT shipping is on hold until May 28th. THANK YOU.

5/6/19 - New GOBLINHAUS "Orbuculum" T-Shirt design available now.

4/23/19 - New prop of Sam's Lollipop from Trick 'r Treat available now.

- New Michael Myers and Leatherface keychains added to the shop.

4/19/19 - New Lego style Horror Minifigures added to the shop.

4/18/19 - New stickers added to the shop.

Back Patches re-stocked.

3/15/19 - VACATION ALERT shipping is on hold until March 26th. THANK YOU.

2/5/19 - We've got the new Demon Seeds record available in the shop.

2/1/19 - New stickers and patches added to the shop.

1/22/19 - Five new Embroidered patches added to the shop.

- Eight new Enamel Pins added to the shop.

1/11/19 - A variety of things added to the shop today. Six new wind-up monsters, switchblade combs, a Misfits flag a laughing witch figure and some cool witch charms.

12/29/18 - Six newadded to the shop.

12/14/18 - VACATION ALERT shipping is on hold until December 26th. THANK YOU.

12/9/18 - Four new woven horror patches added to the shop. Black Cat, Witch, Jack Torrance and Leatherface.

12/1/18 - The new Monster A Go-Go! CD is available for order now

11/13/18 - VACATION ALERT starting tomorrow, shipping will be on hold through Sunday November 25th. THANK YOU.

- New 15 song Monster A Go-Go! CD coming sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas (hopefully).

11/9/18 - Seven new Horror Keychains added to the shop.

11/5/18 - Must see new "Bright Lights, Big Titties!" T-Shirt & Raglan available now in the shop.

9/23/18 - Six different vintage Halloween masks added to the shop.

9/21/18 - Seven new woven patches added to the shop including authorized band patches for Toe Tag / The Accused A.D.!

9/13/18 -Check out the two new "They Live" inspired koozies in the shop.

9/4/18 - Back Patches are re-stocked for fall.

8/30/18 - New and re-stocked patches and koozies in the shop

8/7/18 - Great new woven & embroidered patches added to the shop

7/13/18 - NOTICE: We are on vacation and will resume shipping orders on 7/23/18. THANK YOU.

7/10/18 - VACATION ALERT - Order shipping will be on hold between 7/13/18 - 7/23/18. Still time to get orders in and shipped this week.

6/23/18 - Heading out to Days of the Dead in Indianapolis this weekend. We'll be back and shipping orders on Monday..

6/1/18 - Twelve new Horror Keychains added to the shop.

5/24/18 - Seven new Horror Keychains added to the shop. Adding more soon!

5/16/18 - We'll be in Charlotte to vending at Days of the Dead this weekend.

5/15/18 - Four new woven & embroidered patches added to the shop

3/28/18 - Three new color patches added to the shop

- Three new woven & embroidered patches added to the shop

3/2/18 - NOTICE: We are on vacation and will resume shipping orders on 3/12/18. THANK YOU.

2/15/18 - We're heading to Charlotte to vend at Mad Monster Party this weekend. Shipping will resume Tuesday 2/20/18.

2/7/18 - GOBLINHAUS records 6th release, "SVRF CVLT" by Genki Genki Panic, is shipping NOW. More Details here. Release show is this Saturday (2/10/18) in Chattanooga TN.

2/1/18 - We're heading to Atlanta to vend at Days of the Dead this weekend. Shipping will resume Tuesday 2/6/18.

1/30/18 - GOBLINHAUS records 6th release, a 3 song flexi disc record "SVRF CVLT" by Genki Genki Panic, is avalable for pre-order now. More details on this release to come

1/25/18 - Four new color patches added to the shop

- Six new woven patches added to the shop

12/15/17 - NOTICE: We are on vacation and will resume shipping orders on 12/27/17. THANK YOU.

12/8/17 - New enamel Horror Pin added to the shop. Halloween "Ghost Killer".

- Three new stickers added to the shop (Exorcist, Chucky, Tales from the Crypt).

12//717 - ***CHRISTMAS DEADLINE FOR ORDERS IS THURSDAY 12/14/17*** Shop will be in "Vacation mode" for travel between 12/15/17 and 12/26/17. Thank you!

- Five new woven patches added to the shop

- Some new & re-stocked Color patches added to the shop

11/12/17 - Five new Wind-up Monsters added to the shop..

11/4/17 - New and re-stocked CDs and vinyl in the shop..

10/30/17 - Seven new woven patches added to the shop including The Lost Boys, Teenage Frankenstein and more..

10/4/17 - A couple new vintage Halloween masks added to the shop.

9/30/17 - Finished re-stocking Back Patches and also some of the small patches in the shop.

9/29/17 - Re-stocked some Back Patches in the shop. More to come shortly.

9/28/17 - We have a few copies of the Mummula LP available in the shop. It's a limited release of 150.

9/12/17 - Three new woven patches added to the shop, including a couple vintage Halloween style.

8/14/17 - Six great new woven patches added to the shop.

8/10/17 - Five more vintage masks added to the shop.

8/8/17 - Six vintage masks added to the shop.

8/6/17 - A couple of new and re-stocked Embroidered Patches added to the shop.

8/3/17 - Three new costumes added to the shop. Pirate, Ghost, Kitten.

8/1/17 - Added a Ben Cooper Spiderman costume to the shop. We have a lot of costumes in stock and will do our best to get a bunch of them listed ahead of Halloween.

7/27/17 - Added a couple of new patches and one new sticker to the shop.

7/11/17 - Three new Back Patches added to the shop. Evil Dead, Captain Harlock and Nosferatu.

6/28/17 - A couple of new Masks added to the shop.

6/16/17 - Two new woven patches added to the shop. A Nightmare on Elm St 3 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

6/15/17 - A couple of new stickers added to the shop.

- Re-stocked some of the color patches.

6/12/17 - GOBLINHAUS "Witch Mask" T-Shirts are now on sale for only $5.00 while they last! Get one HERE.

5/6/17 - Six new woven patches in the shop. A couple of Frankensteins, Wolfman, Creature, Salem's lot and Three on a Meathook!

4/23/17 - Re-stocked a bunch of Color Patches in the shop..

4/7/17 - New Abominable Dr. Phibes T-Shirt available in the shop.

3/31/17 - New GOBLINHAUS T-Shirt designs now available in the shop.

- New "Cereal Horror Stories" CD now available in the shop.

3/12/17 - GOBLINHAUS will be vending at Mad Monster Party, March 24-26 in Rock Hill SC.

3/10/17 -Six new woven patches added to the shop. These things are beauties!.

- Nightbreed and Dead Alive stickers added to the shop..

3/6/17 - Back from vacation and shipping orders today, thank you everyone for the patience.

2/24/17 - VACATION ALERT - We're on vacation and order shipping is on hold until 3/6/17 - Thanks a lot!

1/25/17 - Small Patches re-stocked in the shop.

1/24/17 - Re-stocked a lot of BACK Patches in the shop.

1/13/17 - New & re-stocked color patches added to the shop. Some others on the way too.

1/11/17 - Embroidered Leatherface patch has been re-stocked..

12/30/16 - New color patches added to the shop.

12/24/16 - An awesome new woven Texas Chainsaw Massacre Patch added to the shop.

12/23/16 - Four new drink Koozies added to the shop.

12/20/16 - A couple of new stickers added to the shop

11/16/16 - Vacation alert - Order shipping on hold until 11/28/16. You can still place orders, we'll just ship them when we get back in town. Thanks!

11/13/16 - More masks added to the shop including some Universal Monsters.

11/11/16 - Three Addams Family masks added to the shop.

11/3/16 - The new issue of Fang of Joy magazine (#4, an all Fulci issue), now available in the shop.

10/26/16 - Added some new & re-stocked patches to the shop.

10/14/16 - Brand new Gremlin and Mogwai anatomy patches now available in the shop.

10/8/16 - Re-stocked Michael Myers and Evil Dead 2 koozies in the shop.

10/3/16 - New low price WOVEN GOBLINHAUS Graverobber patch available in the shop.

9/28/16 - NEW Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween themed shirt available for pre-orders now. Gotta see this thing!

9/15/16 - Added a handful of new Full Color Patches to the shop.

9/13/16 - Added a cool new embroidered Jack-o-Lantern patch to the shop.

8/16/16 - Three new stickers have been added to the shop. The Munsters, Dawn of the Dead and Baphomet..

8/14/16 - Found 4 of the old GOBLINHAUS "Hag" shirts in size XXL. Added to the shop if anyone needs/wants one.

8/2/16 - Added a couple of new patches to the shop.

8/1/16 - A couple of new stickers have been added to the shop. Creepshow and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

7/22/16 - Added 12 new color patches to the shop.

7/15/16 - Added over 20 new patches to the shop.

7/14/16 - Added 10 vintage Halloween costumes to the shop.

7/11/16 - New exclusive design embroidered patch available in the shop. "Jammin' Freddy!"

6/29/16 - New wind-up Jesus available in the shop.

6/25/16 - Three new STICKERS added to the shop including our pinstripe monster designs.

6/24/16 - Added a few more new PATCHES to the shop.

6/22/16 - If you are here looking for costumes we got a couple of very large orders this week so the inventory is pretty low. I'll work on getting it re-stocked ASAP.

6/16/16 - New and re-stocked PATCHES in the shop.

6/14/16 - New and re-stocked BACK PATCHES in the shop.

6/1/16 - New EVIL DEAD T-Shirt available in the shop.

5/12/16 - Joining the pinstripe monster shirts is the new GOBLINHAUS pinstriped Witch shirt- New in the shop.

4/24/16 - Four new canvas patches added to the shop.

4/23/16 - Two new great embroidered patches available in the shop. The Crypt Keeper and a vintage Witch Halloween Mask.

4/19/16 - Eurohorror & Giallo zine, Fang of Joy, Issue #3 now available in the shop.

4/11/16 - Brand new T-Shirt designs added to the shop: PINSTRIPE MONSTERS (The Creature and Frankenstein),

3/12/16 - New embroidered LEATHERFACE patch added to the shop, should be shipping middle of this coming week..

3/3/16 - New embroidered Slayer "Live Undead" patch added to the shop.

2/13/16 - Brand new die-cut embroidered Lemmy (Motorhead) patch added to the shop.

1/9/16 - Seven new patches added to the shop.

1/6/16 - Added 2 new Stickers to the shop, Frankenstein and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

12/20/15 - Restocked some patches in the shop.

12/16/15 - New Glow in the Dark Frankenstein t-shirt added to the shop.

12/6/15 - New adult witch costume added to the shop.

- New monster toys added to the shop.

12/2/15 - Four new Patches and a Sticker added to the shop.

11/29/15 - New and re-stocked vinyl records in the shop.

11/22/15 - Vintage Collegeville Freddy Krueger costume available in the shop!

- Added some new CD selections to the shop.

11/1/15 - Added 5 new embroidered Halloween patches to the shop.

10/27/15 - Convents and Catacombs by Whip-Bats availavle now Order HERE.

- Also available, Into the Voodoo vinyl compilation LP.

10/10/15 - Now taking pre-orders on the new GOBLINHAUS Records release,Convents and Catacombs by Whip-Bats. This is a limited edition CD EP and comes with stickers and an exclusive embroidered patch. We only have 25 available. CDs should be shipping in approximately one week. Full details / Order HERE.

10/2/15 - We've started a new facebook group if you'd like to join.

9/29/15 - Four more vintage Halloween costumes added to the shop.

9/26/15 - New selection of full color Horror Patches added to the shop. These are awesome! Give em a look.

9/24/15 - Next GOBLINHAUS Records release should be coming in October. Convents and Catacombs a limited edition CD EP by Whip-Bats. More information coming soon..

9/11/15 - Three new Back Patches added to the shop.

9/1/15 - Five more vintage Halloween costumes added to the shop.

8/24/15 - Three more vintage Halloween costumes added to the shop. Two skeletons and a Boss Hogg.

- ReAction Ghost Face figure now available the shop.

8/20/15 - Three more vintage Halloween costumes added to the shop. Ghostbusters, Pirate, Clown.

8/16/15 - Seven vintage Halloween costumes added to the shop.

8/14/15 - Two new Dawn of the Dead stickers added to the shop - Roger and Flyboy!

8/10/15 - Two different spooky story cassette sets added to the shop.

8/2/15 - A bunch of new & re-stocked Patches added to the shop.

7/31/15 - Added new Back Patch designs to the shop,

7/29/15 - Re-stocked some Back Patches,

7/2815 - Added a GOBLINHAUS Koozie to the shop.

7/18/15 - Added 2 New Wind-up Monsters to the shop.

7/12/15 - Eight New Patches added to the shop.

7/5/15 - New Monster Bash embriodered Patchadded to the shop. $3.00

6/22/15 - Ten New Patches added to the shop

6/18/15 - Twelve New Patches added to the shop

6/15/15 - Seven new Horror Stickers added to the shop

5/30/15 - New item in the shop, HORROR STICKERS

5/23/15 - Horror Koozies in the shop, now with FREE SHIPPING

5/5/15 - Check out our current ebay auctions.

4/25/15 - New embroidered Trick or Treater patch added to the shop.

4/19/15 - New embroidered Bride of Frankenstein patch added to the shop.

4/5/15 - Added some cool old embroidered Halloween patches to the shop.

3/30/15 - Re-stocked some patches that we were sold out of.

3/15/15 - Midnight Nerve magazine now available in the shop.

3/3/15 - Still here and shipping orders. Been spending time updating the convention calendar..

2/9/15 - A batch of Finger Zombie toys added to the shop.

1/1/15 - Happy 2015! Re-stocked some Wind-Up Monsters in the shop.

12/16/14 - Last day to order before Christmas is 12/18/14 (Last shipping date 12/19/14) -Thanks!

11/30/14 - A variety of toys added to the shop including a 9-inch Remco Mummy.

11/29/14 - Re-stocked some Horror Patches in the shop.

11/28/14 - Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday SALE on all GOBLINHAUS Records releases through Monday. $4.99 CDs!

11/26/14 - Added a Marx Phantom and some Skull Charms to the shop.

11/18/14 - Two new costumes added to the shop.

11/16/14 - Three new costumes and an Imagineering Scar Stuf added to the shop.

11/15/14 - Seven new wind up monster toys added to the shop.

11/2/14 - Two more costumes added to the shop. Bozo the Clown & Goldilocks.

11/2/14 - Four new costumes added to the shop..

10/26/14 - Issue #2 of the Eurohorror & Giallo zine, Fang of Joy, now available in the shop..

10/24/14 - Check out the FAUXRROR preview video just added to the CD page. The CD is out and shipping now! This CD is only $4.99 for twenty-five songs, AND comes with another free digital album.

10/20/14 - Added 9 New Masks to the shop.

10/19/14 - Added a cool "Boney" the Skeleton costume to the shop.

Added Frankenstein and Wolf Man Bend-Em toys to the shop.

10/16/14 - Our new music release makes great Halloween listening and is available to order now! 25 songs for only $4.99 FAUXRROR "Sountracks to Horror Films that Never Were."

10/9/14 - October 21st is the release date for the next title on GOBLINHAUS Records. FAUXRROR "Sountracks to Horror Films that Never Were."

10/7/14 - Added Four issues of Bloodfeast, Inc. zine to the shop,

10/6/14 - Keep an eye out for the next GOBLINHAUS Records release this month.

9/28/14 - Added Six New Costumes to the shop,

9/26/14 - A couple of new costumes added to the shop,

9/19/14 - Ten new masks added to the shop.

9/18/14 - Two different Glow in the Dark Monster toys added to the shop,

9/16/14 - Three new patches added to the shop, including the GOBLINHAUS Graverobber design.

9/7/14 - Added five new costumes to the shop, including a Skeletor and She-Ra.

9/4/14 - Seven more patches added to the shop, some great ones!

9/3/14 - Eleven new patches added to the shop.

8/29/14 - New stuff in the shop: King Kong and Mary Poppins costumes, Freddy Krueger 14 inch plush figure and Imperial King Kong.

8/26/14 - Two new Remco Mini Monsters added to the shop, The Wolfman and The Mummy.

8/3/14 - Got a Bride of Frankenstein Jiggler in the shop

8/2/14 - added some Werewolf Teeth to the shop

- Added two different vintage Freddy Krueger figures to the shop.

7/30/14 - re-stocked and added some more new Patches to the shop.

7/7/14 - re-stocked and added some new Patches to the shop.

7/6/14 - Added about 15 new Back Patches to the shop.

7/5/14 - The debut issue of EvilSpeak Magazine, now avalable in the shop.

- First issues of Claw Media's Horror/comedy comics Whorehouse of Horror and Dr. Jekyll Gynecologist are now avalable in the shop.

5/28/14 - Order shipping is on hold until Monday 6/9/14, You can still place orders, they just won't be shipped until that time. Sorry for the delay and thank you.

5/21/14 - Shock Monster koozie re-stocked in the shop.

5/11/14 - Captain Harlock/Misfits koozie re-stocked in the shop.

5/4/14 - Two new interesting costumes added to the shop. Marie Osmond and Battlestar Galactica Cylon.

- Re-stocked the three Monster A Go-Go! 7" eps in the shop. $5.99 each.

4/28/14 - The Plane! Tatoo/Fantasy Island costume added to the shop.

4/27/14 - Six different custom painted Marx style monsters added to the shop.These guys are COOL.

4/26/14 - Two different ALUCARD T-Shirts added to the shop. Limited quantities & sizes, these are the last of them.

- Ten new Masks added to the shop.

4/8/14 - Eight new Back Patches added to the shop.

4/5/14 - Six Iron-On designs restocked in the shop.

4/1/14 - Added a couple of new patches to the shop.

3/29/14 - Brand new GOBLINHAUS Witch Mask T-Shirt available in the shop. Buy one now and get a FREE Koozie with order!

3/8/14 - Our 3rd release on GOBLINHAUS Records, "Hell Night Holocaust" by La Basura Del Diablo is out today! Release show in Knoxville TN tonight at The Well.

3/5/14 - New Gates of Hell koozie in the shop.

3/4/14 - Restocked some patches in the shop.

3/2/14 - The 3rd release on GOBLINHAUS Records, "Hell Night Holocaust" by La Basura Del Diablo is now available for Pre-order. There is also a limited package deal which includes a t-shirt and more.

3/1/14 - New CD in the shop, "The True Sound of Horror" by Wolfman Chuck and the Spookalele of Doom.

2/15/14 - Check out a song from our next music release, "Hell Night Holocaust" by La Basura Del Diablo. Pre-order coming soon.

2/5/14 - Added a new button on the Horror koozie page to save on shipping if you want to buy only koozies.

1/25/14 - Next release on GOBLINHAUS Records coming March 8th.

1/5/14 - Vampire Bat Mask back in the shop.

1/4/14 - "Do The Ghost Stomp” by Ghosts Run Wild (from their GOBLINHAUS Records release) made it on to 6'+ Six Foot Plus "Best of the Rest of 2013" show. Listen HERE.

12/9/13 - Re-stocked some patches in the shop

- Cool vintage hardback, Horror & Fantasy in the Movies added to the shop

12/8/13 - We got on Twitter if you want to follow, thanks.

- Added a vintage Dracula's Bank to the shop.

12/6/13 - New GOBLINHAUS patch available in the shop. Just $1.50 shipped.

12/6/13 - New vinyl in the shop, including The Evil Streaks, The Crimson Ghosts, & The Sinisters. Also re-stocked a couple of CDs.

11/30/13 - Three new Costumes added to the shop. Devil, Alf, and Skateboard Bart (Simpson).

11/1813 - Six new Masks added to the shop. Devil, Skull, creepy old people & more.

11/17/13 - Escape From Frankenstein board game added to the shop.

- Four new Costumes added to the shop. Yoda, Darth Vader, Princess & Pirate.

11/11/13 - Added a Popeye costume to the shop

11/10/13 - New item in the shop, BACK PATCHES. $5.99 each, 17 different to choose from.

- Michael Myers Movie Maniac and Wolf Man model kit to the shop. Just 1 of each in stock.

11/4/13 - Added more Patches to the shop, 15 different new designs available.

11/2/13 - Added 3 costumes to the shop. A Clown, a Fairy and Batman Forever.

11/1/13 - Added 5 new Masks to the shop. Witch, Clown, Magilla Gorilla, Troll and others.

- Added a Wolf Man Telco motionette figure and a Fun Stuf Dracula to the shop.

10/28/13 - Two skeleton costumes added to the shop

10/25/13 - Added three Universal Monster Head Crushers to the shop. Dracula, Wolf Man and Frankenstein

10/24/13 - More Imperial toys added to the shop, three different Classic Movie Monster Mashers, Frankenstein, Wolf Man and Mummy.

10/23/13 - Imperial DRACULA figure in the packaging added to the shop

10/21/13 - Six new Masks added to the shop. Vampire Lady, Frankenstein, 2 Witches, Clown & Hobo.

10/15/13 - Imperial King Kong, Godzilla & Wolf Man figures added to the shop.

10/14/13 - Added 5 new costumes to the shop. Witch, Monster, Bozo, Kitten & Blue Fairy.

10/1/13 - Both GOBLINHAUS Records releases are on sale for the month of October, $6.66 each.

9/30/13 - The 2013 Halloween section is now live. Check back for frequent updates throughout the month.

9/29/13 - Added Popeye & Olive Oil masks to the shop.

9/11/13 - Heading to Mad Monster Party Gras in New Orleans this weekend. Hope to see some of you there!

9/2/13 - Eight new Masks added to the shop.

9/1/13 - New Eurohorror and Giallo Zine from the mind behind Doomed Moviethon, Fang of Joy, now available in the shop. Watch this video promo to see what you are in for.

8/18/13 - We now carry a selection of the UK Horror Magazine, Shock Horror.

- Three new costumes added to the shop, a Witch and Road Runner and a Devil.

8/17/13 - 4 inch Remco Frankenstein back in stock.

8/11/13 - Six new Halloween Masks added to the shop.

8/10/13 - Added some new toys to the shop. A Cousin Itt Finger Puppet and 4 new Wind Up monsters. Two Glow Skeletons, a Glow Mummy and Monster Teeth & Feet.

7/23/13 - New page of CLEARANCE Halloween Costumes in the shop.

7/22/13 - The Ghosts Run Wild CD (the latest from GOBLINHAUS Records) is shipping now, including a very limited "Ghost Pack" that includes a T-shirt for only $16.99.

- Two CDs by The Lurking Corpses added to the shop.

6/30/13 - The second release on GOBLINHAUS Records, Ghosts Run Wild - "Black Sails on a Sea of Blood", is available for pre-order now. The release date is July 10th. Full Details and preview video HERE. We also have a limited offer "Ghost Pack" with a CD plus T-Shirt. We'll be giving away 3 random Ghosts Run Wild 7" singles to people who order the Ghost Packs.

6/28/13 - New Michael Myers Koozie added to the shop.

- This weekend is your final chance to grab a Ghoul Pack! The deal ENDS 6/30/13.

6/18/13 - The Horror Happens Radio show tonight has been moved UP an hour so it begins at 8:00pm EST and we'll be talking GOBLINHAUS at 10:30 pm. Listen HERE

6/16/13 - Tune in to the Horror Happens Radio show this Tuesday night, I (Shrub) will be on there talking about the website, conventions, and of course, Horror. Listen HERE starting at 9:00 pm EST, Tuesday June 18th. I'm scheduled to go on at 11:30.

6/12/13 - Making our preparations for Days of the Dead Indianapolis, July 5-7. Hope to see some of you there!

6/10/13 - The Ghoul Pack deal ENDS 6/30/13, so if you've been thinking about getting one, now's the time.

6/9/13 - Evil Dead 2 Koozies are back in stock.

6/2/13 - Added Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Empire Strikes Back costumes to the shop.

6/1/13 - Shock Horror Magazine gave our first music release, "Transylvania Mania" by Monster A Go-Go!, a 5 star review. READ IT

5/19/13 - The next release on GOBLINHAUS RECORDS will be a CD, "Black Sails on a Sea of Blood" by Ghosts Run Wild. Shooting for an early July release.

5/15/13 - Six new Monster Iron Ons added to the shop. The Creature, The Bride, Frankenstein and more.

5/4/13 - Next GOBLINHAUS Records release should be coming in June!

- Added a Mummy figure (the 2004 reproduction of the Mego Mad Monster series) to the shop.

5/3/13 - BRAND NEW GOBLINHAUS "GRAVEROBBER" SHIRT in the shop now. Designed by Terry Callen of Screaming Brain Studio! These will ship approx May 10th.

4/29/13 - Got a new Imperial Frankenstein (1986) in the shop.

4/28/13 - Added some kooky Zombie masks to the shop

4/27/13 - Added an 8-inch Sideshow Phantom of the Opera to the shop.

4/25/13 - Added a Frankenstein BendEm figure to the shop

4/23/13 - Added a 1987 Frankenstein Magnetic Disguise Kit to the shop.

4/22/13 - Added a 1973 Ben Cooper Devil Costume to the shop

4/21/13 - The Invisible Man's Revenge T-shirt added to the shop. Only $10.00

4/20/13 - Three more Monster Jigglers added to the shop (Wolfman, Dracula and Bride of Frankenstein).

- Dracula Puzzle added to the shop.

- Four new Wind Up Monsters added to the shop. A Witch, Frankenstein, Grim Reaper and Vampire.

4/19/13 - Two more masks added to the shop, "Vampire Bat" and "Reaper".

4/17/13 - Mummy Jiggler added to the shop (just one).

4/16/13 - Added a 2 pack of Monster Spitballs to the shop, Dracula & Frankenstein

4/15/13 - Four new masks and one costume added to the shop,

4/14/13 - New in the Shop, the GHOUL PACK which includes: a Monster A Go-Go! CD, GOBLINHAUS T-Shirt, Horror Mask, Button, Sticker and spooky surprise! - All this for only $20! -

- Listen for the GOBLINHAUS / GOBLINHAUS Records ad on the new episode of 6ft. Plus. They're also playing the latest and greatest in Horror Rock including one off the brand new La Basura Del Diablo CD that we have available in the shop.

4/8/13 - Two new magazines now available in the shop: Lunchmeat #7 and Mad Monster #3

4/7/13 - Four masks added to the shop

- Imperial Mummy figure back in the shop

- Six pack of Monster Pins added to the shop.

- Added 3 Monster Keychains to the shop

4/1/13 - Alucard and Goddamn Zombie CDs now available in the shop. Rock and more rock.

3/21/13 - Heading to Mad Monster Party in Charlotte tomorrow. Hope to see some of you there!

3/12/13 - The new La Basura Del Diablo CD, "Trash from the Crypt", is available for pre-order now. A full length album for only $5. Release date is March 30th.

3/7/13 - Just two weeks until Mad Monster Party in Charlotte. We'll be there with goblin shop stuff, Monster A Go-Go CDs, and a couple of new things up our sleeve.

3/4/13 - Pre-order the new La Basura Del Diablo CD: "Trash from the Crypt", coming soon.

3/3/13 - Eight new Vintage Halloween Costumes added to the shop.

2/18/13 - Added 3 new wind-up monster toys to the shop - Devil, Bat and Jack-o-Lantern.

2/12/13 - Added both different versions of the One Man Bands, Hillbillys and Monsters compilation to the music section of the shop. 10 one man bands on one seven inch record.

2/11/13 - New un-opened 1980 Remco (glow) Dracula mini monster added to the shop.

2/10/13 - Added a big batch of Necro-Tone records to the shop. CDs by Gein & the Graverobbers, The Evil Streaks, Crimson Ghosts and a lot more.

- Finally got some more Big shirts in stock. 2XL and 3XL T-Shirts available now in the "Hag" design, $12 each.

2/4/13 - The brand new Whip Bats CD, "Demon Castle Dracula" is available in the shop now.

1/30/13 - Come see us at Days of the Dead in Atlanta this weekend! Listen to the Monster A Go-Go CD and check out these two package deals we're bringing: One for $10 and one for $20.

1/26/12 - Check out the new episode of 6ftplus, chock full of creepy tunes including "Dracula's Daughter" by Monster A Go-Go, off our CD release "Transylvania Mania"

1/19/13 - Remco Frankenstein action figure added to the shop.

1/18/13 - Got Imperial Dracula and Wolfman back in the shop. Only one of each right now.

1/16/13 - Re-stocked the shop with some wind up monsters, Frankenstein, Witch, Vampire.

12/16/12 - Added 2 new 9-inch Remco monsters to the shop. A loose Dracula and a Mummy in the box.

12/12/12 - Check out this outstanding Lunchmeat interview with Vincent October of Monster A Go-Go! Obscure VHS and GOBLINHAUS Records collide!

12/10/12 - Posted some photos from the Halloween in December show on the GOBLINHAUS facebook page.

12/9/12 - Another strong review of the Monster A Go-Go CD we've put out over at Raz's Midnight Macabre.

12/2/12 - Check out the new DeathRat Fanzine for a writeup on GOBLINHAUS and a review of the Monster A Go-Go! CD that we released.

- Continuing to expand our music selection. Added CDs and Records by Phantom Maximus, The Von Dooms and Ghosts Run Wild.

11/24/12 - GOBLINHAUS is presenting a Halloween Party / Horror Rock show in Knoxville TN on 12/7/12 and you are all invited!

- Added a handful of magazine back issues to the shop. Scary Monsters, etc.

11/22/12 - Four new costumes in the shop, Hairy & Scary Vampire, Cat, Witch and Monster/Phantom of the Opera.

- Added a pair of Wolfman & Frankenstein die cast stock cars to the shop.

11/17/12 - New toys added to the shop including an un-opened 1980 Remco Creature from the Black Lagoon mini monster.

- New hand-made GOBLINHAUS WITCH Ornaments, made by SkullClown, added to the store. Cool!

11/4/12 - Three new Masks added to the shop. Witch, Skull, Monster.

- Added five new 7-inch records to the music section in the shop. Limited edition La Basura Del Diablo releases and more.

10/31/12 - Happy Halloween to all of our Spook Fiends!
Today is a HUGE day for GOBLINHAUS as it marks 10 full years of spookin’. We officially launched the website on Halloween of 2002 and what a decade it has been! It’s led us to meet and speak w ith so many great folks along the way, make tons of new friends, attend incredible events, and on and on. The site has gone through an amazing evolution since 2002 and I know it will continue to do so into the future. Thank you all sincerely for hanging out with us. Spook On!!

10/23/12 - The Monster A Go-Go CDs are IN STOCK and Shipping now.

10/18/12 - Don't forget FREE Poster & Button with first 50 orders of the new Monster A Go-Go! CD, exclusively from GOBLINHAUS

10/15/12 - Added a song/video to the Monster A Go-Go! order page. Check it out and then pick up our very first music release!

10/7/12 - "Transylvania Mania" , The Monster A Go-Go! CD released by GOBLINHAUS is available for pre-order now. Hope to have a video clip posted soon in case you want to hear them first. This is our big new thing and hope a lot of you will be into it so we can keep putting out music and more!

9/22/12 - Full length CD by ghoul rockers Monster A Go-Go!, coming soon from GOBLINHAUS Records.

9/16/12 - Shhhhhh.... coming soon

9/9/12 - Added five new costumes to the shop. A great devil, a witch a creepy Red Riding Hood and more.

9/3/12 - Added some new monsters to the shop. Imperial Frankenstein and Mummy and a Dracula Bend 'em. All three are unopened on their cards.

- The 2012 Halloween Page and Haunt Links are up now. Check back for lots more stuff to be posted all the way through October. Here we go!

8/17/12 - Something totally new in the works right now. Not really sure how to tease it without giving it away, but it's an entirely new direction for us and hopefully you will like it a lot. Should be ready this October, but we'll announce it sooner than that. Very excited.

8/6/12 - New Clown costume added to the shop.

8/5/12 - Added 4 new Star Wars costumes and masks to the shop.

7/29/12 - Added new packs of A Nightmare on Elm Street stickers and sticker album from 1984 to the shop.

7/25/12 - New Return of the Living Dead koozie in the shop.

7/22/12 - Unopened packs of Fright Flicks Horror trading cards from the 80's back in stock.

- Now carrying Mad Monster Magazine. Issues #1 & #2 available in the shop.

7/1/12 - Getting ready for Days of the Dead next weekend in Indianapolis. We're bringing some band new stuff.

6/24/12 - A couple more new costumes in the shop, Peter Pan & Casper.

6/21/12 - Four new costumes added to the shop, The Bat, Demon Devil, Superman, and Road Runner.

6/17/12 - 2 different GOBLINHAUS Koozies available.

6/16/12 - New GOBLINHAUS Bat T-Shirt design available in the shop for only $10 each.

6/13/12 - Two new Koozies added to the shop. The old Famous Monster/Topstone Frankenstein and Mummy designs. Also gives us a Topstone 4 pack you can order.

- We're kicking around ideas to make this thing more interactive. If you care to, stop by our facebook page and let us know what you think. Thanks a lot.

6/11/12 - Great New Shock Monster T-Shirt added to the shop!

5/22/12 - Back from Paris and back on the grid after a little over a week. Order shipping is resuming, responding to emails and whatnot. Then it's gonna be time to start ramping things up for our next convention, Days of the Dead Indianapolis in early July.

5/6/12 -

4/25/12 - New Horror Koozie added to the shop, a Topstone Girl Vampire (a nice companion to the Shock Monster koozie).

4/15/12 - Added eight new Costumes to the shop. Scooby Doo, Smurf, 2 Go-Bots, Alf, Mr. Spock, and more.

4/14/12 - Added four new Horror Koozies to the shop. Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead 2, Shock Monster, Capt. Harlock

4/9/12 - Added eight new Masks to the shop.

4/3/12 - Added 3 new limited edition 7-inch vinyl EPs by the horror rock band MONSTER A GO-GO! to the shop. Hopefully this will go well and we'll start selling more music.

4/2/12 - Added a Heckle and Jeckle costume to the shop.

4/1/12 - Three new costumes in the shop: Ghost, Lizard Lady and Tweety Bird.

3/29/12 - Well the Mad Monster Party was outstanding. Great time and met some great people. Check out these great vendor friends from the show: Skull Clown, The Myers House, CreepyCult, Fix the Chapel, Creepy Classics.

3/19/12 - Here's what we've been putting together for the last couple of months, the launch of the new GOBLINHAUS Spook Club!

3/16/12 -

3/13/12 - Almost done with all the prep for Mad Monster Party next weekend in Charlotte, lots of new stuff to unleash. More details to come.

2/26/12 - Added a Placo products Frankenstein to the shop to go with the Wolfman and Mummy we have.

2/23/12 - We've added a new printable version of our convention calendar.

2/8/12 - If you're wondering where all the action is, we've been doing a lot of behind the scenes work getting ready for the convention season to kick off big in March. We will be set up at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, March 23-25. Wold be great to see some of you there! For the show we're trying to put together a GOBLINHAUS deal that will be way too good to pass up.

1/11/12 - New Universal Monster "Flicker Stickers" and Valentines (just in time) added to the shop.

1/1/12 - New Frankenstein and Mummy watches from '95 added to the shop.

- Two new 15 inch Munsters stuffed dolls added to the shop, Eddie and Grandpa.

12/31/11 - Happy New Year. Four new Wind Up Monsters added to the shop.

12/29/11 - Eight new Horror Patches added to the shop.

12/18/11 - Re-stocked some Monster Jigglers and added some new Monster Jiggler Keychains to the shop.

12/16/11 - The new issue of Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine (#6) is now available in the shop.

12/7/11 - Cool story: today we sold a Planet of the Apes costume to the Mansfield Memorial Museum. Bet you didn't know that you could get priceless museum pieces from us for right around $20. COSTUMES

12/5/11 - Seven new Horror Patches added to the shop tonight. Black Sunday, Return of the Living Dead, Eraserhead, Basket Case, etc

12/3/11 - New Dinosaur and Annie costumes added to the shop.

11/27/11 - New Dracula watch from '95 added to the shop.

- Four new Dracula toys in the shop. Monster Ball, Keyring, Face Lite and Slide Puzzle.

- Added a new plastic 10-inch Frankenstein figure from 1991 to the shop.

11/7/11 - Added a little 5-inch Freddy Krueger to the shop for only $4.99.

11/5/11 - Added some monster toys to the shop. A couple of the "Bela Lugosi as Dracula" by Figures Toy Co. and some Imperial Universal Monster "Slammer Whammers".


Added some new Monster Flashlight Keychains (1995) to the store. Frankenstein back in stock and now Bride and Mummy too.



p.s. - GOBLINHAUS is 9 years old today.


Exclusive report from Horror on the Boulevard by guest writer, Sam from Monsters are good.


Added FOUR new Skeleton Costumes to the shop, three Collegeville costumes and 1 Ben Cooper (on costume pages 1 & 3).


RAMBO Costume.


Three new 1985 Creepy Creatures costumes in the store: A Witch, Dracula and Skeleton. Love these things!


Read our new interview with Knoxville Horror Film Fest organizer William Mahaffey.


Five New Masks in the store: A Witch, 2 Devils, Vampire Lady and a Moose.


Three New Masks in the store: Witch, Devil and Pirate.


NEW GOBLINHAUS T-SHIRT , Designed by Monsters Are Good, now available.... $2.00 OFF through Halloween, 10/31/11!


Three new Costumes added to the shop, Scarecrow, Hairy & Scary Witch and Baboon Man. Also a Pilot mask.


Two new Placo products Universal monster figures added to the shop, Wolfman and Mummy.


New stuff in the shop include a very cool 1980 Ben Cooper Ghoul mask, four different Universal Monster jiggler keychains and three different Universal Monster Bend'Ems.


We're looking for stuff to cover in our 2011 HALLOWEEN section, so if you want to get the word out on something, and it ties into Halloween this year, Contact Us.


Stocking the shop with more Monster Toys including Grandpa Munster, Grow Monsters and more.


New set of Universal Monster Jigglers added to the shop.


New All Things Spook column posted with stuff on Troll Hunter, a new Horror Weekend coming in October and an amazing 35mm triple feature in Syracuse in August 16th.


Two parts of our Horror Convention coverage of Days of the Dead in Indianapolis are posted now.


Heads up Videovores! We're carrying a new magazine in the shop: LUNCHMEAT VHS Fanzine. "Celebrating the Obscure and Esoteric", Re-Animate your VCR!!


New All Things Spook column including Hobo with a Shotgun


New set of Mani-Yack style throw back design T-Shirt iron on transfers in the shop.


New All things Spook column posted with a chance to win some Free Horror Pins from Monsters are Good, plus a Troma 50 cent DVD sale and a big, free Texas Chainsaw Massacre event this weekend.


New Monster Toys added to the shop. Three of the Burger King Universal Monsters from 1997 and a couple of really excellent old finger puppets.


Two new Monster costumes added to the shop.


We're happy to have an exclusive interview with Days Of the Dead horror convention. They are even giving us some breaking some news about their show!


New column posted with Splatter Matters & more


Finally got all the old All Things Spook columns posted here at the site, check out the list. Now we're overdue for some new ones.


Re-working the home page. We're gonna start posting the GOBLINHAUS "All Things Spook" column here at GOBLINHAUS (crazy huh?) as soon as we can get that worked out. Time, time you know? For know we're still posting it at FrightPlace every week or two and you can read it there.


FrightPlace.com is hosting a GOBLINHAUS forum and we're contributing a regular column over there. Newest one posted tonight with convention, mask and spring break news! - Sign up and read here - come help us get some discussion going there!


Added two great new Masks the shop. A Ben Cooper Hairy & Scary Witch from 1980 and a hilarious Knight.


Evan gave us an extensive review of The Landlord, complete with tech perspective. Also, as a great bonus, director Emil Hyde with a video message (and drinking game) for GOBLINHAUS readers.


New Glow in the Dark Universal Monster masks from 1990 in the shop. We've got all 6 of them but only one of each.


The Classifieds page is up. As you can see we've got space for more ads and we'll see how it goes. Text ads are FREE and if you are doing your own thing, that's what we're looking for. Websites, stores, events, artists, whatever. Just has to be at least casually related to the spook thing we do here. EMAIL US if you want in: goblinhaus @ yahoo.com


Remco Phantom of the Opera toy (1980) added to the shop.


Happy New Year!

NEW CLASSIFIED ADS coming soon. Do you have something to advertise on GOBLINHAUS? We’re putting together a classified section, and to kick it off we’re taking FREE ads for the first month or two (and very cheap after that).
EMAIL your submissions and/or questions. There’s no obligation to buy an ad if you get a free one now. It's up to you if you want to keep an ad up for like $1 a line or whatever we end up doing. Free is free!


Added some new toys to the shop. A few of the very popular Imperial Monster Jigglers are back in stock, four different ones, only ONE of each. Also 4 different Universal Monster Flashlight Keychains, one each of these also.


We listed a bunch of vintage HORROR VHS tapes on eBay today starting at only 99 cents. LISTINGS HERE


We've now got the full lineup of the 1986 8-inch Imperial Universal Monsters in the shop.

Also added four new Wind-Up Monsters to the shop (a Frank, a Drac, and more).


Added another 6 costumes to the shop. If you like cartoons, this bunch is for you.


New Dead Man's Farm and Haunted Hayride of Horror videos in the Halloween 2010 section, on GOBLINHAUS TV.


Added 6 more costumes to the shop. Bigfoot (!), 2 Skeletons, and more.

We've shipped off a box of our vintage costumes to ABC's "The View" for use in their Halloween episode. Tune in next Friday, 10/29/10, to see if they make it on the air. Wild.


New videos showing on GOBLINHAUS TV from Zombie Manor and Doomed Moviethon. Great stuff.


New video we shot at Trail of Doom in the Halloween section, GOBLINHAUS TV.

Eight new masks added to the shop.


New FrightWorks Haunted House coverage (to go with our video) added today.


Brand spankin' fresh clean and new FrightWorks commercial for 2010. Now playing on GOBLINHAUS TV in the Halloween section.


We kick off our 2010 Halloween Articles with coverage of Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern in Chattanooga TN including Kara's cool Video review (with monster!).


The Halloween 2010 News page is up.

The Underground Horror Fest II (March 5, 2011) is on board as a sponsor for GOBLINHAUS TV this Halloween. Check them out!

Five new costumes added to the shop. A couple of Frankenstein monsters and even a Troll.


New for Halloween 2010, GHTV - Go watch now. 2010 shows coming soon.


Our contest for FREE Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell DVDs is now open for entries. Check the Halloween Section for details!


Texas and Tennessee, Haunts start opening as early as September 17th. Check out our 2010 Haunt Links to start planning.


New DVD review for Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell. We have some of these to give away too, so keep checking back with us!


Shhhh... Halloween 2010 is here!


New Ben Cooper Clown and Ben Cooper Spook Town Witch costumes added to the shop.


Coming REAL Soon - Our annual Halloween spook-tac-u-lar. If you want coverage for your Haunt, Event, Halloween related product, etc... NOW is the time to get in touch. Invite your friends over for a haunting. It's coming!


Finally updated the Features page, check it for some things you might have missed.


Got a new sticker design in. They're free as always.

Trying to get all the new cons listed in the Convention Calendar so we can get to work on HALLOWEEN 2010!


A handful of new masks have been added to the shop.


A lot of new Costumes available. We've just added a whole new page to the costume section of the shop which is now 33% bigger! Check them out.


Been overhauling the shop this weekend. Some items have been put on sale and the shipping on Horror Patches is now only 25 cents per patch so you can stock up. GOBLINHAUS patches are only 99 cents and those ship for free.


We hate this, but after close to 8 years, we're finally forced to raise our shipping prices. Read the announcement.

Wolfman and Dracula Puzzles are back in stock.


New in the Horror Patches section of the shop is our own GOBLINHAUS patch, just 99 cents.


Evan stayed up half the night to bring you a review of the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. On top of that, he's watched and written about FIVE more movies in the past two nights at the film festival portion of the Texas Frightmare Weekend. The guy's a machine!


We've got a handful of GOBLINHAUS CAPS for sale in the shop.


We've got some packs of Topps Fright Flicks trading cards (from the mid-80's) for sale in the shop.


Added some old magazines to the shop. Killing Moon, Demonique, Chiller Theatre, etc.


Added some Dracula toys to the shop today. Still in the package Bend-Em figure, head crusher, tray puzzle and also some Universal monster "Whammer Slammers".


New in the shop, Horror Mask (it's "Scarry"), Disguise set, Werewolf Fangs and Vampire blood!! Right Here.


Added six new Horror Patches to the shop, and some great ones. That will be it on the new designs for a while, now we'll see if anyone wants them.


Been forever since we've put a movie review up 'round here! Here's one for the big budget cannibal flick Ravenous and the Cushing/Lee/Terrence Fisher Medusa inspired movie, The Gorgon.


We've got some new Universal Monster toys in the shop. The old Wolfman Pencil Sharpener from the 1960s and three different Glow in the Dark Marx Monsters (re-issues from the 1990s).


Three new Horror Patches.


These are cool! Four different Universal Monster Puzzles added to the shop. Frank, Drac, Creature, & Wolfman, just $10.00 each. We've go some more goodies comin' soon.

We also just added a Remco Dracula from 1980 for whoever wants it.


Check out the new Goblin Shop section, Horror Patches, only $1.99 each. About 20 different designs with hopefully more to come.


Added four new costumes to the shop. A new clown, Woody Woodpecker and a couple more.

Added or updated eight convention listings in the last 2 days. The Convention Calendar is now looking pretty good for 2010. More to come as they are announced.


Since Halloween most of our work has been on fleshing out the Convention Calendar for next year. Check it out if interested.


Read our new interview with Alex Lohmann, the driving force behind one of our all time favorite haunts, 13th Street Morgue.


It's no longer an urban legend. New article on the "Money Back Haunt", Frightmare Manor in Talbott, Tennessee.


Video clip from Zombie Armageddon, a zombie walk in Knoxville yesterday, is in the Halloween section. We posted a couple more on YouTube as well.


Exclusive video interview from Dead Man's Farm, east Tennessee's newest Haunted attraction.


New movie review up for Hack Movies' CockHammer.


New in the Halloween Section is a video from FrightWorks Haunted House inviting all GOBLINHAUS readers out to their haunt.


Make sure to check out the Halloween Section for the new exclusive video clip of Dead Man's Farm hollerin' at GOBLINHAUS!


Added some video clips from horror celebrity panels to The ScareFest coverage.


Our ScareFest coverage is up.


Added some links to Atlanta haunts in the Halloween section. If there's time we hope to expand listings to include more NC and KY haunted attractions. It's almost time to start hittin' the Haunts!


The Halloween Haunt News roundup has begun. Lots to read about there already, especially on Middle & East Tennessee haunts.


Here we go... The Halloween 2009 section is live! Some parts are still to come but it will grow with exclusive coverage from here on out. Check back frequently for articles, news, interviews, pictures, etc.

Added some Haunt Links for the 2009 season, Texas and NC. If we don't get derailed we'll hopefully get the Halloween News page started this week.


We're working hard on the HALLOWEEN 2009 section over here. We've got the HAUNT LINKS page up now in case you want to start planning your trips. Next up is the NEWS section. Lots of stuff going on this year, seems like the haunts are coming back stronger this season after the recession hit fall of 2008.


Added a movie review for The Body Snatcher (1945). An RKO grave robber flick with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.


Realized a bunch of the "add to cart" buttons in the shop weren't working correctly. BLAH. So went through and fixed them all. You should be able to buy anything in there now.


Costume customers, added seven more costumes to the shop today. More on the way.


Added a movie review for Mad Monster Party.


Cool Vintage Monster Rings, 25 cents. And these won't get stuck in the vending machine when you put your quarter in.


Some new monster toys added to the shop. 2 Draculas, etc. Three by Imperial (I love these things).


We've started adding Horror/Monster Magazine back issues to the shop.

Also added some cool Witch and Mummy flags and a Rob Zombie's Halloween promotional Michael Mask.


Added six new costumes to the shop today. They're on pages 1 & 2 of the costume section.


Two new movie reviews added today, Razorback and House on Haunted Hill.


We first told you about the movie Intrusion about a year and a half ago HERE. Now it's available to buy on DVD and here's our REVIEW.

Evan's movie review for the Guitar Wolf starring rock n' roll cult flick (with zombies) Wild Zero added.


A lot of work done on the convention section today. Make sure and check the Convention News Page.


Our Transworld Haunt Show coverage is complete. We added a couple of pages of photos and videos of the products from the showroom floor. Some crazy stuff!


We've begun our Transworld coverage HERE. Hope to have the rest up soon, perhaps by tomorrow.


We're back from St. Louis and the Transworld Haunt show which was a lot of fun. We'll start posting pics and junk from that once we figure out how we want to tackle it. In the meantime, here's a movie review from Evan for Behind the Mask.


We're getting our ducks in a row for the Transworld Haunt trade show next weekend in St. Louis. Check back then for coverage.


Two new movie reviews by Evan: Argento's Mother of Tears and Deadgirl.


Added movie review for Trailer Park of Terror.


Read our reviews of Eden Lake and the latest sick-fest from Hack Movies, Stiff Jobs.


Back with more movie reviews from Evan. Return to Sleepaway Camp, Rogue, and the other day we put up Dr. Renault's Secret.


Movie review posted for Alien Raiders.


Added some film fest listings & info to the con calendar. Check that news page if interested.


Read Evan's review of Fido. Also make sure and check the Convention Calendar section for recent additions.


Movie reviews posted for the new Friday the 13th and Quarantine which was released on DVD today.


Evan's back with a positive impression of the new vampire film Let the Right One In.


The movie review lives at GOBLINHAUS thanks to new reviewer (our pal from the Rahr brewery and fellow MDC fan) Evan! To mark this week of Friday the 13th, which leads up to the opening of the new F13 film this weekend, he starts us off with reviews of the original Friday the 13th as well as the influential Bay of Blood.


The focus right now is on the Convention Calendar which we're adding to and polishing as we go. We've got a convention specific news page over there so check it to see the additions as we go along. We're putting a lot of work into the calendar so please check it out. We have high hopes for it to be an exhaustive, one stop guide for horror fans.


OK, we've put it out there for you to see. We'll still be doing some more spiffin' up on it for the next little while but, here's presenting The GOBLINHAUS Horror and Haunted Attraction Convention Calendar. This will be the place to come to check for upcoming conventions and events of interest to us spook fans, as well as news and even some on-site convention coverage like we've done in the past. If you're reading this and have convention news to be included, we want to hear from you. EMAIL


It may seem quiet around here but we're workin' hard! You may have noticed the tease on the main page... and it's almost ready for ya. Come back soon.


If you've been waiting around for that Phantasm III Wall Clock to come along, look no further.

Also added 2 great new Collegeville costumes from 1984, a Witch and a Devil.


We've got an old Haunted House Atari cartridge for sale in the store along with 2 new latex Halloween masks (The Wolf Man + Frankenstein's monster).


OK we're back...

Check the shop for six new classic horror T-shirt designs. Army of Darkness, Hellraiser, Dawn of the Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Friday the 13th.


Housekeeping is goin' on behind the scenes. Some hardware upgrades are desperately needed... struggling over here. So we're working on that and it's slowing us down a bit content wise so that sucks.

But, don't worry hosers, we've got new stuff up our sleeves that we're already working on. There's one new section that we've started on that I think will be real handy for horror & haunt fans as I've looked around the internets myself and haven't really been able to find something like we need. Check back and we'll keep you posted.

While you're here, come over and be friends with us on Myspace, we've posted some pictures there from Halloween 2008 (including the undead versions of ourselves from our trip to Zombie Manor in Texas).


We're back from Zombie Manor in Texas (the place is awesome), the store's back open, back to post-Halloween business. We're not going anywhere, make sure and check back.


Check out Kara's VIDEO Review of the strange but fun Haunted Hollow, in Cookeville TN.


Halloween article added about FrightWorks Haunted House in Knoxville, Tennessee.


The two newest haunted attraction articles are on Forest of Fear in Chattanooga and The Haunted Cave in Knoxville.


New T-Shirt designs are now in stock. 20% off for the early birds. On sale for $8.00 through Halloween. (regular price $9.99)


Added 5 new costumes so far today including two unique Ben Cooper poncho costumes.


Next up is an article on the fun Trail Of Doom Haunted Corn Maze near Knoxville TN.


Latest article is on the large home haunt in Murfreesboro TN, House of Hell.


We're giving away some haunt tickets to Tayman Graveyard in Texas. If you live in that area, check the Halloween Section for details.

We've ordered some new design T-Shirts that we're excited about. Look for those about mid-month.

Off to Trail of Doom tonight. Articles on them and House of Hell in Murfreesboro TN coming soon.


We've scored some EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS from inside brand new Texas haunt, Zombie Manor!


We got a behind the scenes tour of Death Row, Sanitarium of Slaughter in Nashville while we were there last weekend (of course we went back at night to see it in action too). Read about it here.


And our first haunted house review of the year is Kara's writeup of Demons' Den in Nashville, Tennessee.

A couple more Nashville articles are forthcoming, check back this week.


Our first Halloween article of the year is a preview of Arlington Texas' newest attraction, Zombie Manor.


Well the framework for the Halloween section is finally finished. Now it's going to be all about bringing the content. We've got the beginnings of a couple of articles already and are off to visit our first haunts THIS weekend. Keep checking back!


Six more costumes added to the shop today.

Added the News section for Halloween '08. If you've got news to add, let us know.


The 2008 Halloween section is unveiled. Under construction, keep checking back!


Coming soon, the the 2008 Halloween section. We're getting a late jump on it, but we're working furiously now, so start looking for multiple updates each week.

We're looking for subjects for articles, interviews, reviews, etc., so if you've got something spook related to promote, NOW'S the time to hit us up. Let us know you're out there. EMAIL GOBLINHAUS HERE (goblinhaus@yahoo.com).


Six more costumes added to the shop including four cool Star Wars ones.

Sorry things have been slow around here. We just have a lot of (good) stuff going on in the real world right now. The site should really be cranking back up after Labor Day as we dive head first into the Halloween season!


The costume section of the store has gotten a bit thin. Added four more costumes. More to come.


Ever wonder just what exactly happens at one of those Full Moon Horror Road Shows? Read our first hand report.


New movie review for Stump The Band. Available on DVD 6/3/08.


Eight new masks added to the shop.


Have we got a treat for you Halloween freaks! A batch of 10 different amazing vintage latex full-head masks from the 70's in brand new condition. Only a limited supply on hand... who wants first crack at 'em?


Throw convention out the window. The mind-melting new horror story, "Mime", by Mr. Danny Nicholas.
Up from the human flesh built pyramid may the bird rise! Rise, Satan's pet! Rise and fly!


Fear House is a new independent haunted house movie coming to DVD Tuesday 4/1/08. Read our advance review.


Did you like that crazy story End of Life by Canadian horror nut, Danny Nicholas? Well, now he's sent us a bloody little poem called "Vermin."


New stuff for the shop: Chucky Jigglers and a big bunch o' masks (monsters, super heroes and even ordinary people). Look 'em up.


New short fiction added. "End of Life" by Danny Nicholas.


We will always support underground, independent, DIY filmmaking. The gang over at Hack Movies are really taking it on. Read our review of the newly released Hack Movies gag-fest, Colonel Kill Motherfuckers.


Slowly but surely adding more costumes to the shop.


Happy new year. Year six for us.

Check out those kooky Creepy Creatures kiddie costumes added to the shop.


Heard of these Hack Movies nuts? They've got a DVD coming out next month. We've got the details including trailer and teaser scene.


We've got some news on an indie flick called Intrusion.


Some classic "Spooky Spook" costumes by Collegeville have been added to the store (Mummy, Skeleton, Vampire Lady, Lizard Lady), along with a new witch, devil and Cinderella.


Check out our feature on "FAUXRROR: A Collection of Soundtracks for Horror Films That Never Were," then download the album.



GOBLINHAUS is 5 years old.

Today is the last day to enter to win a Free T-shirt.

If you are thinking about hitting Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern tonight, read our writeup and print the coupon.


I hope you read our cool Haunted Cave interview. We went out there on Opening night. Pictures and info posted here.


Quit waffling on ordering that GOBLINHAUS T-Shirt! Just enter our contest and win one!!!


Part Three of our Nashville Haunt Series is finally posted. Monster Mountain and Death Valley Haunted Woods.


Kara writes on the Trail Of Doom Haunted Corn Maze north of Knoxville.

Added a couple more costumes to the shop.

Working on Part 3 of the Nashville haunt series. Also more East TN haunt writeups coming soon.


Part two of the Nashville haunt series - Devil's Dungeon and Slaughterhouse.

Last call to enter the haunted house ticket contest - ends in 5 days!!


Read the first of our articles about the trip over to Nashville to see some Haunted Houses. This one by Wally, who accompanied us to The Demon's Den and Death Row.

Four more Nashville haunts to come. Also we've started hitting the east TN haunts, so watch for those.


Ongoing Halloween coverage... Read our exclusive interview with Knoxville's Haunted Cave!

Attention KENTUCKY Haunt fans... New haunt in Bowling Green, Pottersfield Asylum is giving away VIP tickets in our contest. Enter Now.


We've got an advance review for Plasterhead which will be released on DVD tomorrow, October 2. Don't forget to enter to win a copy.

Check out our visit to the Old Gray Cemetery Lantern and Carriage tour in Knoxville.

And coming soon... read about our big weekend in Nashville where we hit SIX haunts. We were even accompanied by our bud Wally for a couple of 'em.


Here's a contest for everyone - enter to win an advance copy of PLASTERHEAD on DVD.


Added some new Halloween costumes to the shop including a couple of creepy clowns. Everyone loves creepy clowns. Also 5 different un-worn Batman costumes from the 90's.


Our House of Shock article is up in the Halloween section. The place is just amazing.

New in the shop, get your very own animated Monster Head Radio!


In case you've missed it, the Halloween contest for Free Haunted House Tickets is underway. We've only got tickets for Dallas/Fort Worth people but might end up with a different contest for everyone else if things work out.

Remember to check the news page in the Halloween section too for Halloween specific news.


The Halloween Section is in full swing with our first article on Tayman Graveyard. We are doing the ticket giveaway again with 3 haunts on board so far. Check back for details and instructions to enter (basically email us your name & address if you want to get an early jump on it).


Got the Halloween 2007 news section going. Articles should be next. Stay tuned. We're working about every day on something new for Halloween!!


We're frantically working on this year's Halloween section. Take a sneak peak here.


Here goes... see for yourself, Edwin Neal's wedding ceremony. We were in attendance and are now bringing the pictures to you. Well actually, Kara did a little more than that.


We begin our exclusive coverage of Louisville's Fright Night Film Fest.


September will see the launch of our 2007 Halloween section, which you can’t miss! We’ll have coverage of a gob of new haunts and Halloween events, spreading beyond just the Dallas/Fort Worth area this year.ts


Big time interview with Unkle Pigors, creator of Toxic Toons, is now available for your perusal.


Read about our Halloween in July at Ripley's Carnival of Screams in Gatlinburg.


2 different Man with the Screaming Brain T-Shirts now available for purchase.


Some new masks added to the shop.


We're here. I'm sure you've noticed from the front page - GOBLINHAUS has moved to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Look for ramped up activity now. There are a lot of things we've been wanting to do but putting off until after the move. A lot more stuff to add to the shop too. We've added 3 new costumes today so far (heads up all you guys looking for a little princess outfit).


We're moving,,, again. This time it's a big one. New city, new state. More news on this towards the end of May and a re-launch of sorts in our new locale.


Been a while since we've had storytime for you kiddies... but we've got a scary new treat for you, IP SKULLHEAD, by Philip Wallace. GOBLINHAUS exclusive fiction.


Added 3 more mini posters for your consumption. Hills 2, Wrong Turn 2 and The Reaping.


New T-Shirt designs.


New, exclusive interview with Ethan Dettenmaier writer and director of the upcoming Horror flick Sin-Jin Smyth. Featuring photos from the set!


First movie review in a long while. The 2004 indie Malevolence.

Buy that Malevolence DVD too if you want.


A new heapin' helpin' of cheap VHS if you want some.


OK, really kicking of the VHS sale now. Will be listing a bunch of VHS tapes over the next few days, lots of them for $0.99. So if you have an interest in this, make sure and keep an eye on the shop and get 'em while they last. And remember (also while they last) we'll send you random movies of our choice for only 99 cents each plus shipping.


Adding some books and movies to the shop. Doing a little house cleaning in there, taking out some sold stuff, adding some new stuff.

Also check out the sale prices on the VHS, lowered most every title in the new section.


Added some good used DVDs to the shop.


More toys added to the shop. A dozen Creepy Classic monster figurines and freaky fighters.

A couple more VHS added to the sale

Six different sets of playing cards with famous monsters.


Still adding some new stuff to the store. Today, some great toys... Universal Monster Jigglers!! Six different characters: Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frank, Wolfman, The Creature and Mummy.


Witches are cool. Want a puppet? New (old) one in the store.


Three new wind-up monsters added.


For any Roger Corman fans we've added an affordable copy of his "Unathorized Life" book.

Also new, the Werewolves on Wheels DVD ("If you're hairy you belong on a motorbike!")


Added some new costumes to the shop.


We've set up a page for the Haunted House ticket winners. Send your pics in!

Oh and Halloween is over but we ain't goin' nowhere. We've already got some new stuff in the works... keep checking back.


Well Halloween has come and gone... in a BLUR... we're wrapping up our haunt reviews and announcing our favorite. Once again ladies and gents... 13th Street Morgue.

2 more reviews to come shortly.


New Haunt reviews added for Hangman's House of Horrors and Nightmare at the Wax Museum.


Still hitting the haunts hard. The latest review is for Dungeon of Doom in Arlington.

Added a quick story about The Mythical Monster Museum and Trail of Terror.


Carrying a new magazine in the shop: City Slab issue #9


2 More haunt reviews added, Mead Manor and Dallas Scaregrounds. Much more to come.


Added the first haunted house reviews for 2006 with Nightmare in the House of Wax at Phantasms Halloween Screampark, and Slaughterhouse downtown Dallas.


Clay Stewart, manager of Ripley's Nightmare at the Wax Museum has taken the time to grant us a new exclusive interview. Read about some new stuff for '06.


Check out our new movie review for "LovecraCked! The Movie."


Add the classic Dungeon of Doom in downtown Arlington to the list of haunted house tickets that you can win!

Added more old masks to the shop.


The newest Halloween article is about a pre-opening visit to Chaos Haunted House.

Even MORE free haunted house tickets have been offered to you great readers. Thank you Ripley's Nightmare at the Wax Museum. There's going to be tons of winners!


We've had some more contributions for our big Halloween contest. Chaos Haunted House is giving away 5 pairs of free tickets and some posters. 13th Street Morgue will also be giving away pairs of tickets.What are you waiting for? Enter to win now!


Added a couple of neat promotional items from Eli Roth movies to the add-ons section of the shop.


Check out the great stuff from Patrick Matthews of Nightmare Studios and Nightmare in the House of Wax in this exclusive interview.

Also, we've launched a Halloween mega contest where you can win tickets to Haunted Houses and hoping for even more prizes to come.


You'll notice some changes in the Halloween section today. It's continuing to grow. Some exciting stuff coming up.


We have officially launched the 2006 Halloween special section with news headlines, event listings, and articles. Check back frequently for updates and of course our unique haunted house reviews. External contributions are welcomed.


The Halloween section is days away. In the meantime, here's an appetizer, a GOBLINHAUS visit to the haunted 13th Street Morgue.


Halloween is just around the bend. Currently working on developing the Halloween section, hope to have some good coverage for you this year.


Caught The Descent sneak peak presented by Fangoria. Review here.


First movie review in a while. Raymond Burr and Lon Chaney, Jr. star in Bride of the Gorilla.


A new batch of vintage kids halloween costumes is available in the shop.


Added more cheapo VHS movies. More to come.


Kicking off the big VHS sale. New titles and lowering the prices on mostly used, and some new.


Ever wanted your own little Gruesome Ghoul? Check out the new fear-tured item in the shop.


Kara has just completed a new piece which is now on display in the art section. It's a portrait of Digger.


Added a batch of new POSTERS to the shop.


I'm really not believing that this movie was likened to Eraserhead and Suspiria! That said, here's Kara's take on Silent Hill.


Too bad it didn't stick around very long, Tony loved Slither. Read his new review.


OK, I guess we weren't done with Texas Frightmare Weekend just yet... Here are a couple of pages of photos from the weekend.


Tony has offered up his 3rd annual top 15 movies of the year which looks at movies of all genres from 2005.


We FINALLY wrap up our Texas Frightmare Weekend coverage with Kara'a story on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 panel which was moderated by Joe Bob Briggs.


We'll be off for a little R n' R time, lots planned for the future though. Look for fast and furious updates beginning mid-April.


The final two fan interviews from Texas Frightmare Weekend.


One more page of Frightmare weekend interviews up, one more to go.


Justin Powers, writer/director of Pot Zombies takes Kara's Horrorble Quiz.


Finally. The Texas Frightmare Weekend interviews begin.


OK the move's all done except for the unpacking. So look for more action around here. Thanks for hangin' in there.


Bear with us on the updates for a bit, we're in the middle of a move and things may be slow until the end of the month. So... the Frightmare Weekend coverage isn't getting done as fast as we'd hoped, but there is more to come real soon including fan interviews and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 20th anniversary reunion.


Continuing on with the Frightmare Weekend. We look at the lifetime achievement award ceremony for the one and only Herschell Gordon Lewis!


Beginning our coverage of Texas Frightmare Weekend, we look at some Film Screenings, including a full review of Pot Zombies which made its premiere there.


Just in time for opening day, a look at Final Destination 3.


Our Texas Frightmare Weekend coverage is now underway. It should unfold for a few days and be completed over the next couple of weeks.


Wolf Creek review, Wolf Creek review... do do do do do do do do.


An exciting new section has been added to the shop... Wind-up Monsters!


A new Dracula T-Shirt is available in the shop.


A movie review for 1939's Jamaican voodoo tale, The Devil’s Daughter.

Two new Lost in Space models now available in the shop.


Tony offers up a review of Three Extremes for us.


Heeere's Gwangi !


Some Paul Naschy available now in the DVD section. Curse of the Devil.


Brand, SPANKIN' new... The Goblinhaus FEATURES section.


A couple of new videos were added today, including Bubba Ho-tep. Keep an eye on the shop for the next little bit. A bunch of new stuff coming.


We're baack. After a short vacation, you'll begin to see regular updates again and the shop is ready to ship your orders. Alot of new merchandise and new areas of coverage to come.

Dark of Night issue #2 is now available.


We have a new magazine available in the shop. Film Fannadict issue one.

FYI - The shop will not be able to ship new orders before 11/29/05. At that point we will resume business as usual (which means next day shipping in most cases).


We wrap up our Halloween 2005 coverage with a piece on the major event known as "The Pirates of Landrun Isle"


Wasted some time on The Fog remake. Review here.


Added a movie review for Hammer's Night Creatures. Part of the new Hammer Horror series 8 movie DVD set.


Happy Halloween from GOBLINHAUS! For those of you that have just discovered the site during the Halloween season, remember that we are here year round when you need your spooky fix. All kinds of good stuff is still to come. Of course there are movie reviews year round. A features section will be popping up shortly. There's alot of new merchandise headed for the shop including more vintage costumes, magazines and more. We're glad you made it here, please check back often!

Movie review added for Messiah of Evil.


Haunt review added for Reindeer Manor.


Haunt review added for 13th Street Morgue.


Haunt review added for Nightmare at the Wax Museum.


Haunt review added for Screams.


Haunt reviews added for Hangman's House of Horrors and Dungeon of Doom.


Haunt review added for Cutting Edge.


Now available, the U.K.'s own Horror-zine Dark Of Night.


The first haunt review of the season is up. Mead Manor.


Added an article about a visit to Reindeer Manor in the Halloween Section.

Also a review for Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.


The Goblinhaus Halloween 2005 Section has gone live. Check back throughout the season for the most current articles, events and haunted house reviews.


Added a half dozen cool old Mexican lobby cards to the Poster page.


Some new things for the Goblin Shop:

Added some new DVDs, including an out of print Bruce Campbell oddity, "Running Time."

We now have 99 cent suprise books! Add one on to your next order.

Opened up a small poster section with more stuff on the way.

August was moving month (again) so updates were slow, but we're starting to gear up for Halloween now, so check back for lots of activity over the next 2 months.


Added a whole passel of quick blasts through spooky lands from young Brianna Hamilton including my new favorite, "The Excuse."


Kara and I steal Tony's movie review concept and do a dual review for Bruce Campbell's Man With the Screaming Brain.


Added a tag team review of the highly anticipated Land of the Dead.

Also, the movie section keeps growing so a re-do of the layout and navigation was in order.


The moment we've all been waiting for... the DRAGULA CD crawls from the tomb and into the light of day.


Added a whole new batch of kooky costumes to the shop.


The Hauntcon coverage is finally complete with Kara's story of celebrity row.

Latest movie review: "I Walked With a Zombie"


Added a little more to the Hauntcon section. The celebrity encounters are coming next and then the Hauntcon coverage will be complete.


Continuing with the Hauntcon 2005 coverage, the tradeshow floor is the next section highlighted.


2 more movie reviews. A Tale of Two Sisters by Tony and Ringu 2.


A new review added of Lamberto Bava's sick flick Macabre.


Posted the pics from the Hauntcon Costume Party.


The Hearse Rally section of the Hauntcon coverage is complete.


The Hauntcon coverage has started seeing the light.

A bunch of new (old) halloween costumes for the store soon.


Back from HauntCon! Dang, it's over already? Met a bunch of cool people and had a ton of fun. I've got over 100 pics, notes, materials, etc to weed through but don't worry, we'll share real soon.


Have started on a second page of toys in the shop, including some wicked awesome new wind-up monsters.

New stickers are here too. Will have a picture soon.



Busy with preparations for HauntCon.

Added links to movie sites for three upcoming flicks: Unholy, Undead, and Night Watch on the main page.



Added some new stuff to the shop including a Ringu DVD and a whole new page of one of my favorite sections, pocket books (no, not purses).



I did get to see Ring Two this weekend. It's horrible.



Working on the shop some. Added some VHS, Books and a Mr.T costume!



Added a review for Fulci's The Black Cat.



Tony's annual movie list is here. His best of 2004.



Beggining a redesign of the movie reviews section. Both to make it easer to navigate and also to try and make it less blah.



Voodoo and swingin' Sixties atmosphere in Blood of the Zombie.



Death Curse of Tartu!



Added some more old costumes to the shop. I love these things!



Watched another Karloff flick: Die, Monster, Die!



New movie write-ups added for a couple of interesting flicks. The Sorcerers and Billy the Kid vs Dracula.



It's done. The Goblin Shop has been re-vamped and the shopping cart system is in full effect.



Here it is... the freakin' HUGE-MONGUS NEWS (as far as I'm concerned anyway) about the Goblin Shop. With the help of the ultra-handy Paypal, we are implementing a shopping cart system! It's going to be a gradual process that will take a few days, but it's happening as you read this.

One change in effect with the new system due to the limtations of Paypal's setup (or my limited understanding of it, one or the other), is a change in the shipping costs, which I have tried to keep fair. It is a sliding scale based on the total amount of your purchase. The max you will pay for shipping is $5.00 per order.



Working currently on a re-vamp of the Goblin Shop in an attempt to simplify its navigation. Watch it happen. Hopefully real big news on that soon.



Tony saws up Saw in the movie section.



We've now got a section dead-icated to the late great garage band DRAGULA.



Monster Model Kits! The newest section of the Goblin Shop. More models coming soon.



A handful of Kung Fu DVDs added to the shop.



A new artist page has been added. Carol Lawrence.



Wally's entire 8-part ode to Halloween,"Haunted Houses, Halloween, It’s A Scream!," is up and is a real blast of a read! A HUGE THANK YOU to the Tennessee Dragulator. Be sure and drop him a line (Have a question on backroads or local legend? Wally's your guy.) or even snag him something from his wish list.




Back after some hardware issues. The reviews of DFW haunts for the Halloween section are underway.



Just in time for Halloween, new Goblinhaus.com T-Shirts.



Shaun of the Dead write-up added.



Did a revamp of the homepage layout. More tweaks likely to follow.



Wally's series celebrating all that is Halloween, "Haunted Houses, Halloween, It’s A Scream!', comes HIGHLY recommended. "...and I saw an old crone moving behind the wire. She would tear through it and eat me alive."



The Halloween 2004 section is up and running but not near complete. Look for updates to span the season.



Ju-On The Grudge.



Kara did a write-up on the new Exorcist.



Preparations are underway for the Halloween season. A special section is coming very soon.



Even more new videos and some books added to the shop. Got some cool goods to add soon.



A handful of new videos available in the shop and a Dawn of the Dead DVD if anyone wants it.



Kara's latest bloody good painting. For her sister.



Check out the Brainstorm for some thoughts on Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11.



Kara's latest added. What a clown.



The update's should be starting back up now after an inadvertent hiatus due to a virus. The hazards of lo-tech web work. Durn wurm.

Tony's review of Hellboy kicks it off.



Tony's review of the Dawn of the Dead remake.

For anyone interested in the director's cut of the original, I was able to get my hands on a few copies of the out of print Anchor Bay VHS. Available in the shop.



Added a new wing to the Goblin Shop: Pocket Books.



... and along came a dream spider.



Wally offers up some political commentary goblinhaus style.



Film buff Tony has offered his 2003 wrap up including a top ten list.



Beefed up the new video selection in the Goblin shop.



Finally got around to checking out Argento's return to form. "Sleepless".



Wally's taking us for a ride.



Kara has made "hell" come alive for us.



The Goblinhaus interview with artist Don Marquez. Pay close attention to the Peter Cushing painting as that is a personal (prized) possession.



Goblinhaus has chosen it's favorite DFW area haunted attraction for 2003.



Saw Bubba Ho-Tep last week and the review is up.



Goblinhaus turns 1- year - old and another Halloween has come and gone.



Tony's got the word on the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre.



My write-up of Screams. I hope they get a chance to see it.



Mo movies, mo movies.



Kara's done it again.

New books added should appeal to the fan of Eurohorror.



Stickers are here. They're free with orders or for HALLOWEEN!



Wally dug something up for us.



I'm trying to grow the store (I really am).



The coutdown to Halloween has begun with a section dedicated to haunted attractions.



Kara's completed a ridiculously good new painting.



New write-ups on The Eye and House of 1000 Corpses.



Great new ghost story from Wally!

Tony is on board, check out his first review for "Versus".



Been talking to independent filmmaker/rocker (and friend) Rene "Tony" Moncivais about contributing some movie write-ups for the site. So... hopefully coming soon.



We've got the rare Ash & Pit Witch movie maniac figure available in the shop. Don't forget, goblinhaus also buys and trades spookness.



We're up and running with a new host so with luck, things hould hum along now.




Sorry about the down time and site inactivity. Having web-host issues. Should be resolved in the next week or so. Keep yer fingers crossed.




New art added from Kara "Unplug It" (for sale), and Shrub "Frankenstein".



Head - lines added to the main page.



Film Talk is up and running.



New story by Philip Wallace! Monkey Woman Bridge. It's a good'n.



Added Add-Ons!



Added to links and more new vhs in the shop (two pages now woo!).



Added to books, DVD and vhs in the shop.



Added some new vhs to the shop.



Added a pic of Kara's latest item.

Rounded out page 2 of the Collection.



At times I suppose I'm going to go on about something or another, site related or not. So... here's the Brainstorm. We'll see if it lasts.



Added a picture of Kara's sculpture "hell" (which does not do it justice).

Started page 2 to the Collection.



Rounded out page 1 of the Collection.

Added Wally's page (with photos!)

..brainstorming... in the future: columns, minute fiction, contests, gallery...




We're baack! The move is complete, so you can expect weekly updates again.



Experiencing a little downtime due to a move, but still alive and will be back full steam no later than first part of February.



The Goblin Shop is now open for business. Trade offers welcome.



Actually gave the site a facelift.



Gave the site a facelift.

Jumpstarted the collection... more to come.



Expanded the Kara gallery.

Goblinhaus collection coming soon.




Added a story by Wally.

Kara is working on a new painting, stay tuned.

The store has some teasers....




Offical launch date of Goblinhaus.com








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