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Wrong Turn

by Shrub 6/12/03


Now this one has something. Not perfect, but I really admire the spirit. Shameless horror. A bit of a throwback, this flick was definitely inspired by the 70s classics such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In fact, I noticed details lifted almost directly from TCM in the mountain men’s cabin (generator, freezer).

The scares were there, and a few moments of good atmosphere. My favorite moment was when the gang, exploring the cabin, finally realizes bad things are afoot, they look through the window of the cabin and we get our first glimpse of the fellas. The rumbling old tow truck with their cars attached. Hulking, monstrous men perched on the outside. It lets you know right there, what they’re (you’re) in for. We’ve got the giant, powerful truck resembling a beast dragging prey back to its lair. You see just enough of the cabin’s inhabitants to know they ain’t right (not to mention the previously uncovered gore in the fridge).

The killer’s characters are a little bit underdeveloped. I probably would’ve liked to have seen/known a little more of them, but the “fear of the unknown” approach is always safe I suppose. I guess the audience is kind of left to imagine what they will, just like the group of 'hunted' have to.



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