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Wolf Creek

by Kara 1/12/06

Wolfcreek is an Australian movie with Australian actors. All the characters in the movie have fairly strong accents and I couldn't understand every single word when they were speaking quickly. But
don't despair, you won't miss anything if you can't grasp every last word.

The movie was okay. It had a verrrry sllllow beginning. The three of us that went to see the movie together were getting antsy waiting for the bloodshed. I was able to pee 3 times before anything interesting started happening. The beginning of the movie could be an ad for the department of tourism for Australia. Gorgeous beaches, gorgeous 20 year olds, booze, parties, crushes - I wanted to go on vacation. Sleep on the beach. Wake up and go for a morning swim. Alas - slowly, but surely, the tides change. The youngsters head out on their roadtrip and unbeknownst to them, are in for a whole lotta hurt.

Parts of the movie that were designed to fool you into thinking everything was going to be hunky dory for the threesome, were very obvious attempts to disguise the carnage that was about to ensue. The movie does get a bit disturbing at times, but it never really rattles you like a good horror flick can. In fact, the only thing that makes this movie kinda scary is the disclaimer "based on true events". Since the movie claims that two of the bodies were never found, it's possible that it could be very loosely based on true events. I dunno. Haven't done the research. Wasn't that inspired.

You might learn some funny catch phrases such as "head on a stick", but that's really about all you'll take from this movie. It was mildly entertaining. Almost lost interest more than a few times. In the end I wasn't mad I had shelled out $4 to see it, but I was glad we had gone to the matinee. It was just sort of eh...



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