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by Rene A. Moncivais 8/12/03

Hello, everyone. This is the first movie review I have ever written so if it sucks don't send complaints. I am here to tell you about a little movie called Versus. I watched this little gem a couple nights ago. It's about a couple of escaped convicts who happen to be running through a forest and happen to run into some type of mob or gang of some sort. Apparently one of the prisoners had a contact for this gang to help them out. This gang apparently had kidnapped a girl, the reason for the kidnapping is told later. I don't want to give away too much. Well, the gang starts messing with the girl and one of the prisoners gets mad and kills one of the gang members. Low and behold he becomes a zombie. Apparently the forest has some magic powers in it, not really evil powers but some ancient foretelling or...I don't know, all you really have to know is that there are zombies and samurais and a bunch of over the top kung-fu fights. This movie was actually pretty good I was expecting a little more but I enjoyed it. If you liked "The Story of Ricky" you might enjoy this. This movie has a lot of pretty bad acting, and I had to watch the R-rated version, the R-rated version is poorly edited, so I would imagine the unrated version is better. Check this movie out if you can. There is a double disc edition of this movie coming out I might try and check that out. I don't have a system of rating movies just yet so you have to just go by me saying it was good not great and better than terrible. Hopefully I will have a review of Jason vs. Freddy coming soon. I have to go see it by myself, no one else wants to go with me.


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