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A Tale of Two Sisters


by Rene A. Moncivais 5/17/05


Let me start off by saying that I had no idea that this film was going to be as good as it was. This little Korean horror film actually scared me quite a few times. Two sisters, Su-Mi and Su-Yeon, return home from a mental institution. Su-Mi seems to be quite agitated with everyone except for her sister Su-Yeon. Her father keeps to himself and her Stepmother is mean to her and her sister. Strange things begin to happen. Both Su-Mi and Su-Yeon are awakened by strange noises and some really creepy imagery ensues.

This movie is great. It really gets the "slow burn" mechanic right. There is a lot of mystery here and there is a lot of creepiness. I had a hard time getting to sleep the night I watched it. I could not keep some of the imagery out of my head. The acting is top notch and the cinematography is amazing. I was really surprised by this film. I knew it was probably going to be good but I had no idea it was going to be this good. I would recommend watching this on a Surround Sound stereo with DTS because the sound mix is what also made this thing so great. I jumped a couple of times just because of some of the sound design. In the end I will most likely buy this film. I can't believe how this little film got so unnoticed by a lot of people. It looks like Korean films are starting to make a big impact with this, Oldboy and Tae Guk Gi. I highly recommend this film.


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