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by Rene A. Moncivais 5/4/06

IIf you see one horror movie this year, let it be Slither. This is such a great movie, it's more than just a horror film it's a great comedy as well. I wasn't expecting this film to be so good. It has some of the bet one liners in a horror movie that I have seen in a while. It's go great acting and some really good gore as well.

Slither starts off almost exactly like John Carpenters The Thing. The audience sees a meteor flying through space. No one even notices the meteor hit the ground not even the 2 cops sitting there waiting for speeders. A small gooey creature lurks inside of this meteor, it appears later when Grant Grant is out trying to get it on with the local white trash whore. Needless to say the gooey creature shoots a small spiney thorn into Grant Grant's throat.

Now I should add at this point Grant Grant and his wife just had a huge fight before because she would not as Grant puts it, "give him any." Grant Garnt is played by Michael Rooker. Rooker is great as the host for the gooey alien. He creates a whole new character after the alien enters him. He has sex with his wife after he gets back
from being infected and she later tells a co-worker that he was like a young boy discovering her body for the first time.

After the sex, Grant begins acting strange and he gets back with the local white trash whore. He impregnates her with hundreds of slithery little worms. He does this by using 2 tentacles that pop out of his chest and inserts them into her belly. She balloons into, well a balloon. The local cops find her and she explodes and the worms reak havoc and get into the mouths of some of the locals. The worms go straight to their brains and are controlled by Grant who has now become a hideous slug like creature. It's gross.

James Gunn wrote and directed this little masterpiece. He uses great little jokes in it like playing the Predator theme while local cops grab their guns out of their lockers. This film has great direction and some really good writing. It also has a really cool part when one of the little worms tries to infect someone and the person sees what the slug does to other worlds. It also has great acting by Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks and Gregg Henry.

There is so much going on in this film. It's more than just a horror comedy it's got a little romance in it as well. It's such a great film. I would reccommend everyone go see it.


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