by Shrub 09/30/07


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See if this sounds familiar. Four college students in a car, on their way south to Miami for winter break, decide to take a detour off the highway due to traffic, and run into bloody trouble. Plasterhead (releasing to DVD on October 2) doesn’t even try to break new ground, sticking instead to tried and true horror conventions. As soon as you see the set up, you know exactly where it’s going, but hey, slashers will be slashers eh? And we keep coming back for more.

Let's lay the groundwork here. We start out with a girl, who we later realize is a reporter, walking off into a field where she gets caught in a gruesome trap. This leads to our first and only real good look at the mangled face of Plasterhead, setting the stage for what we are dealing with. A mangled killer who wraps his face in a plaster cast, who as it turns out, is out for revenge.

Anyway, reporter girl gets hers as expected. Cut to the college kids on the road, who find her bag during a whizz break. There is a large (unexplained) wad of cash inside the bag and the travelers argue over keeping it or trying to return it to the rightful owner. After their consciences prevail, they stop in a diner to ask questions where they get a chilly reception and then run in to a kook at a dry gas station for one of the more wacky scenes. They wind up in one of the most pristine abandoned farm houses I’ve ever seen where a sheriff with a confusing accent knocks on the door and warns them to be wary of the jackals in the area. Hah hah hah… great.

Well from here the kids continue their investigation, but you know they are really just awaiting their inevitable fates. As I said, Plasterhead won’t give you anything you haven’t seen before, and there are parts (true to slasher form) that are downright illogical. It’s been done and done again, but I’m not going to complain. It’s great to see new, young filmmakers entering the genre to keep gore films alive. If anything, I wish it would be even MORE over the top and ridiculous. The drive in is all but dead but DVDs like this one will continue to give us the late night, lights out, couch sittin’ fun.



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