Messiah of Evil

by Shrub 10/31/05

Here we have a fairly straightforward zombie plot made into a film that’s done really well. We meet the main female character traveling alone to find her father after receiving a series of bizarre letters from him. The first sign something is afoot is when she stops for gas and an albino man with a pickup bed full of bodies stops at the same station. She does not realize her close call at the time, but the station attendant is not so lucky.

She arrives at her father’s residence to find it deserted. She has to break in and upon exploring, discovers his journal. Reading, she learns that Pops is haunted by visions of animals and faces. She stays at his home and sets out to investigate the mystery of his disappearance.

As she searches for him, she comes upon a wild scene in a hotel room where a man and two women are listening to a bum who is rambling about the “blood moon.” Later outside of the room, it appears that the bum knows her dad... but he has a startling message for her when he says she must kill her father and burn his remains.

Turns out the man in the hotel room is a “collector” pursuing the same mystery as our heroine only he is drawn to the eerie aspects. They join forces and he and his two lady friends move into the father’s house while they are in town. These three don’t turn out to be as freaky as initially expected, but Mr. Collector does put the moves on the daughter causing one of his companions to flee out of jealousy. On foot, she is picked up by our favorite pickup truck driven by one rat-chomping albino. This sets off the zombie mayhem and the 2 central characters must find away to survive if they are to continue with their budding romance.

Messiah of Evil is actually quite stylishly done and is a notch above most of the no-budget gore fests of the time. The father’s house is ornate with creepy lighting and one scene involving zombies and skylights really stands out visually. It’s certainly a bargain at the $3.99 retail price it carries as a double feature with “The Devil’s Nightmare”.


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