by Shrub 4/26/09

(2008) Directed by Dru Pfeiffer. Written by Craig Everett Earl. Starring Kate Stanley, Teresa Lawrence and Lee Haycraft.

Intrusion is an independently produced horror/thriller film out of Kentucky that is newly available on DVD. The movie begins with a girl (Holly, played by Kate Stanley) browsing through a photo album and looking at a ring on a string in a melancholy sorta way. We’re left to guess what this means before things get rolling quick in the next scene where we move over to an anonymous man (played by Lee Haycraft) who doesn’t know it yet but is about to have the worst day of his life.

On his way home he picks up some flowers for his girl who he then walks in on in an unpleasant (for him) situation. This causes him to snap and to seek out a sharp revenge tool from the kitchen. Needless to say, he is in no kind of mood for jokes when he gets a prank call from Holly and her friend Kali.

Caller I.D. = Bad news for Holly as he decides he’s not done taking his revenge and this presents him with a convenient new target for his rage. Now with her address, he visits her house one day while she is at work and snags her address book. This allows him to work his way through a list of her friends on his way to his ultimate target.

This string of kills plays out surrounded by back stories with a lot of relationship talk and guy/girl drama involving Holly and Kali and their friends, romantic rivals, almost fiancés, etc. This is how we learn the story behind the original scene involving the photo album and ring on a string. This may sound horrible to some horror fans, but it serves to make the characters feel like real people. One scene involves a party and by this point you know these people and their situations as it moves between the different groups.

Intrusion works like a fairly typical, killer stalks girl while leaving trail of bloody victims, type of movie until we reach the climactic scene, which is really superb. I feel that this one scene really makes this movie. Up until this point (except for the first few minutes before he goes nuts) the killer has been a ruthless monster. At the end though, through flashbacks and dramatic music, the filmmakers really connect you with this guy. Everything flips. You start to actually feel sympathetic towards him. This is such a well done scene. Thrilling actually, causing me to sit up straight. It’s done with real feeling and intensity that gives Intrusion that little something extra over a run of the mill, small budget, knife-wielding killer flick.

I could quibble with some technical details about the film, but why? It’s an entertaining movie and word is that many of those involved have been moving on to even bigger things. So if Intrusion serves as a jumping off point for the actors and filmmakers to continue to contribute to our genre, what’s to criticize about that?


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