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The Fog

by Shrub 11/06/05

Apparently I should not have waited a day before writing this review because now I’m struggling with it. To put it plainly, the movie is almost entirely forgettable. There are a few images that border on interesting but the movie does not even approach scary. Is this supposed to be a horror movie? I thought it was but beyond the fact that there are ghosts, and people that run and get killed; it doesn’t offer anything for horror fans.

I’ve got nothing against cheese, mind you, but this one is just blah. Cheese can at least be ridiculously entertaining, The Fog is just rote. The characters are one-dimensional and you do not care about them at all. There’s not really a plot, just a concept and then a bunch of too convenient circumstances where the characters figure out what’s going on. For example, the heroine happens to be in a boathouse, where she happens to fall in the water, where she happens to grab a rock on the wall to pull her self out which happens to break off, and happens to uncover an old journal right under the spot she grabbed. Wow, wasn’t that convenient? And there’s no reason given for her to be in that boathouse to begin with.

Anyway, like I was saying, this movie is completely forgettable and not worth your time or money. I wouldn’t even bother with a rental on this one. Unfortunate.


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